Chapter 28: Grooming

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The man’s face tightened with displeasure as he heard Fang Lin’s quip. “All of you are trash in front of me, Long Cheng!” He then rode his flying sword as he rushed straight towards Fang Lin’s group.

“Hands Across The Void!” With he performed a clawing gesture with his right hand. Fang Lin then felt that he was grabbed by something and was dragging him towards the Long Cheng. He pushed both of his feet towards the ground to slow himself down.

“Don’t think you can spout bullshit in front of us!” Tang Ya rushed to Long Cheng with her broadsword.

“Heaven-Cleaving Slash!” A domineering strike from her broadsword produced a blade of wind that pulsed with the power to strike down anything that blocks its path. Long Cheng just sneered, then with his left hand, he made a chopping motion.

Backed by his higher cultivation, Long Cheng weakened Tang Ya’s attack. The remaining strength of her attack however, managed to reach him and make a tear on his clothes.

“Hmmm?” Long Cheng looked down at his ruined robes. “I did not expect that you can do that! Maybe you were better than I thought!”

Fang Lin, who was being ignored at that time, got really pissed with Long Cheng’s attitude.

“Stomp!” Fang Lin let out a mighty step which propelled him towards Long Cheng. He then punched out with his left hand that had stored power.

“Ehh?” Long Cheng saw Fang Lin coming. Upon knowing that he is still at the Body Refinement Stage, he simply raised his foot to kick him away.

“Bang!” The collision of Fang Lin’s left arm and Long Cheng’s right foot cracked the ground beneath their feet. Fang Lin was thrown back by 10 meters, with blood spurting out of his mouth. Long Cheng on the other hand,

“Arrgghhh! I’ll kill you brat!” Because of his negligence, Long Cheng barely covered his foot with qi, expecting Fang Lin to die with one attack. What he did not know was that Fang Lin’s physical prowess is at an absurd level. Not only that, it has also been augmented by the Mountain-Bashing Boar Essence.

This made it such that a punch of his easily destroyed Long Cheng’s bones on his right foot and leg! If Long Cheng had covered his foot with qi earlier, the most damage Fang Lin could do was a stubbed toe.

(Author’s Note: But a stubbed toe freaking hurts!!!!)

Long Cheng tried to attack Fang Lin once more but then, a shadow flitted in front of him. The figure raised its hand that has a knife and slashed right towards his throat! Long Cheng maneuvered his body, rotating it while sending another flying sword to intercept the knife.

“Clang!” The flying sword and the figure both separated from each other after the impact. The figure then retreated, knowing its chance of sneak attacking Long Cheng is now nil. But before it disappeared, the figure threw a cloud of white-colored powder into the air.

Tang Ya, upon seeing this, rushed in, smashing her broadsword towards Long Cheng’s body. Long Cheng tried to strengthen his body with qi, but then he realized that he could not circulate it properly! He then observed his surroundings once more. He noticed that all of his attackers wore face masks. This meant there is something on the air that disrupted his qi flow. He remembered the white-colored powdered thrown away earlier. “Ah crap...” But he had no time to ruminate on this facts as Tang Ya’s attack reached him.

“Void Shattering Slash!”

Without the protection of the qi, the shockwaves of Tang Ya’s attack easily broke most of the bones in Long Cheng’s torso. This is the marvel of Tang Ya’s sword arts. It allowed her to produce stronger attacks with the proper weapon. Long Cheng dropped on the ground while breathing heavily.

“Huff, huff, we did it TangYa!” Fang Lin slowly approached Long Cheng who was near to fainting already. “If we get his card and leave him here, someone will get him out right?”

“Yes, someone will.” Boner said while approaching them. “The guards knew when a card has been removed and consumed by the enemy. Once knowing that, they will immediately dispatch some guards to get those poor people out of the forest.”

“Haaah, haah, haaah!” Long Cheng looked at them with a fierce glare. “You may have won against us now, but when boss Rougue hears of all this, you are all dead!”

“You mean Zhou Rougue?” Boner asked with a trepidation visible on his features.

“Yes, its Brother Zhou Rougue!” Long Cheng smiled amidst the pain. “He was slated to participate in the selection last year, but due to some alchemist poisoning him, he had to take the test this time around. He’s at the peak of First Stage now! The first place is guaranteed for him!”

Venomshade just went near Long Cheng and threw more powder on his face. Long Cheng then fell unconscious.

“Hehehehe!” Fang Lin rubbed his hands excitedly.”Who cares about that guy? I bet he still can’t even ‘comfort’ himself right now!” Boner laughed uncomfortably upon hearing this. “As for now, lets get all their stuff and cards! Then we leave. Let’s just count our riches in our cave!”

They started getting all of their things including the cards. They stripped them clean of all their clothes while only leaving all of them in their underwears. After this, they immediately bolted back to Fang Lin’s cave.

While Fang Lin had been busy with his battles, Fang Yu had her own fair share of experiences too. She had Ling’er start her first day as a personal maid in her personal quarters. Ling’er with her prim, white clothes, stood there awkwardly, not knowing what to do. Upon seeing her innocent expression, Fang Yu tried her best to stop her perverted expression from showing up. “She’s so damn cute! I really want to pet her right now!”

Fang Yu looked towards Ling’er and said “As my personal maid, you are to attend to my needs. You keep my quarters clean, prepare my food and provide me with good entertainment.” Upon hearing this, Ling’er rapidly nodded. “But as my personal maid, you also need to have a good cultivation. You haven’t cultivated yet right?”

“Nooo...” Ling’er looked down sadly as she answered. “But I will do my best for Big Sister!”

“Actually,” At this point, Fang Yu let out a smile comparable to wolf stalking its poor prey. “I have a set of massage techniques that can help you get stronger faster! Just lie down on the bed and let me do the massage.”

Upon experiencing the power of Xiao Ya’s massaging prowess, Fang Yu had asked her master to teach this technique to her. Xiao Ya agreed, but with the condition that Fang Yu will also do this massage to Xiao Ya whenever she wanted.

Now, Fang Yu unleashed her expert hands on Ling’er.

“Ahhhhh.... Big Sister!!!!!!!!” Ling’er’s body turned rigid as she convulsed from the pleasure rampaging inside her. She then fainted with drool coming out of her mouth. Not only that, but Fang Yu noticed that Ling’er had wet the entire bed.

“Hmmphh, Ling’er still needs some more ‘petting sessions’ in the future.”

“Oh, so this is what the Big Sister of the sect does at her free time. She plays with innocent girls!” Fang Yu glared exasperatedly at the source of the voice which is obviously Xiao Ya.

“Master this technique can help her cultivation. Besides you did that to me too.”

“Yes, yes, yes. Haven’t you promised to give me one too?” Xiao Ya then looked to Fang Yu teasingly. “Let’s see what you got.”

“Yes, that’s the stuff!” Xiao Ya let out cries of pleasure as Fang Yu used both of her hands on her toned legs. Once Fang Yu reached her butt, she never let go. She kneaded and squashed it vigorously. She also did the classic slapping.

“I understand.” Xiao Ya replied to the person who sent the message. She saw Fang Yu looking inquisitively towards her.

“I just received a news from the Sect Grand Elder.” Xiao Ya sat down on her bed as she continued. “The Grand Elder received a prophecy that might concern you!”

“What is the prophecy?” Fang Yu could only follow up with that question.

“The prophecy is just basically like this. It said that you will be a prominent figure here in the Immortal God Sect. But that’s where the problem lies.”

“It seems like you got ‘really close’ to the Grand Elder’s daughter in the future. Of course the Grand Elder is not happy about this. Do you want to know why.”

Fang Yu sighed in exasparation. “Why???”

“Its because his daughter is still a baby right now!”

“Crap! Did I really stoop that low in the future?”

“But that’s not all!” Xiao Ya then let out her wicked smile. “Because of that prophecy, the Grand Elder will announce your engagement to his ONE YEAR OLD DAUGHTER later night!”