Chapter 29: Don’t do Drugs, it’s bad for you

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Chapter 29: Don’t do Drugs, it’s bad for you

“Are you excited now Fang Yu? You did nothing, yet you already scored a wife in the future!”

Fang Yu stood up while glaring at Xiao Ya. “Even if its a prophecy, engaging a one year old child is still not right. Why don’t we talk to the Grand Elder to smooth things out first?”

“Hehehe, then come with me.” Xiao Ya waved her hand and brought Fang Yu out. They then flew out the room and went straight to the Grand Elder’s quarters.

“You know what a Grand Elder is right?”

“Of course! He is the leader of all the Sect Elders. The requirement to be a sect elder is that you must have at least be at the Fifth Stage. Then they choose who among them will be fit to lead. That person will be the grand elder.”

“Nicely said” Xiao Ya and Fang Yu stopped in front of a golden pagoda. The Pagoda consisted of five floors. It emanated a feeling of myteriousness and superiority. “This is the house of the Grand Elder and his family.” They were about to go in when the pagoda’s doors opened and a middle-aged bald man went out.

He approached them with a smile on his face. “Welcome to my humble abode” He greeted them while giving Xiao Yu a hug. He saw Fang Yu looking at him. “This beautiful lass must be Fang Yu.” The bald man faced Fang Yu and said “I am Li Daozi, your future father-in-law.”

“Father-in-law my ass!” Xiao Ya angrily replied. “Just because of a prophecy, you wanted to engage your daughter already? For God’s sake, she’s still a baby. Besides,” She paused, then gave a wicked smile. “Have you told your wife about this?”

“Hahaha my wife? Eh..... not yet.” Li Daozi laughed uncomfortably. “But I will tell her after I announce the engagement. For now, let’s talk about the details!”

Xiao Ya solemnly replied. “Actually, I told about all of this to your wife while we are going here.”

“Why!” Li Daozi was about to start berating Xiao Ya when he heard someone snort behind him.

She had a long silky hair flowing down her waist. She emanated a mature beauty that even Xiao Ya at this time still did not possess. (She’s the real MILF!) She held a pole in her right hand, and she was twirling it, as if she was itching to hit a certain someone with it.

“Hmmpph, I was just busy fixing up my brother’s mistakes and yet here you are. ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR GODDAMNED MIND? LI’ER IS JUST A BABY FOR GOD’S SAKE! DON’T TELL ME YOU REALLY BELIEVED ALL THOSE ‘PROPHECY’ OF YOURS?” She then proceeded to smack her pole on her poor husband.

“Ah wifey! It’s all for Li’ers sake!”

Xiao Ya whispered to Fang Yu “That woman is the younger sister of Sect Head Tang Luo, Tang Lin.”

Tang Lin withdrew her pole after she seemed to be satisfied. She looked at Fang Yu and Xiao Ya and bowed her head slightly. “I am really sorry for what my husband did. I know this have inconvenienced both of you.”

“Did his prophecy this time came naturally or just induced?” Xiao Ya asked Tang Lin.

“Master what do you mean by that?” Fang Yu could not help but ask.

It was Tang Lin who answered to her. “Li Daozi is a Fifth Stage Immortal Cultivator whose domain is related to numerancy. Because he is not yet at the Ninth Stage, he can only see flashes of the future as of now. There are two ways he can see these flashes, natural and induced. The natural flashes are those that suddenly come to him. These flashes are highly accurate but they rarely come.”

“As for the induced, it’s those flashes that Li Daozi can see through the use of drugs. ”

“Drugs? Those that can give hallucinations?”

“Yes, those drugs.” Tang Lin frowned her head in disgust. “With those drugs, my husband can elevate his consciousness to the ‘HIGHER REALM’, or so he says, ” Xiao Ya snickered at the side. “Which I still highly doubt now. The problem with the induced flashes is that it could be really a vision for the future or it could be just one of my husband’s hallucination trip.”

Tang Lin then smile at the cowering Li Daozi. “You used some drugs for this prophecy right?”

Li Daozi just nodded.

“You really are retarded!” Tang Lin furiously shouted. “You always say you want to prophesize the future of the sect, but you just want to get high! Now you see a future where your daughter gets married to someone, and to a girl of all things! Then you start to engage her!” Tang Lin then slowly said ” THIS. IS. JUST. A. HALLUCINATION. RIGHT? ”

“Yes, my love, just a hallucination!” Li Daozi has no choice but to acquiesce with Tang Lin’s demand.

“There you have it!” Tang Lin faced Fang Yu and Xiao Ya. “Problem solved!” Fang Yu sighed in relief.

“As a way to apologize, I implore both of you to accept my invitation to our house. You can eat with us. I can even show Li’er to both of you.” Fang Yu and Xiao Ya agreed with Tang Lin’s request of course.

They followed the husband and wife pair inside the pagoda.

“Sigh, I did not really expect my husband to do this. Now I have more mess to fix along with my brother’s.”

Xiao Ya then inquired “What did Tang Luo did this time?”

Tang Lin looked at Fang Yu pitifully. “It seems like he had been highly smitten with Fang Yu. She really is beautiful.” Fang Yu shivered in displeasure. “He wanted you to be in his harem, and for that, he even hired a Fifth Stage Alchemist to concoct a potion that will make you fall heads over heels for him.”

“Too bad the one he hired was the Grand Alchemist Meng Chao. If it had been the normal circumstances, he could have agreed. But it seems like he knew who Fang Yu is. So Meng Chao decided to tell all about it to me. That was when I decided to have a proper sibling talk with my brother.” Tang Lin looked at Fang Yu and said “But you must stay vigilant, you never know what might happen next.”

“I thank Sister Tang Lin for this.” Fang Yu bowed her head in appreaciation.

‘You’re welcome.” Tang Lin and Li Daozi stopped in a room in the middle of the fifth floor. The doors of the room was fill with protective talismans and charms. This is Tang Li’er’s room. They went inside and saw a baby floating in the air.

Yes, floating in the air.

Upon seeing Fang Yu’s and Xiao Ya’s confused looks, Tang Lin said “Actually aside from the ethical issues, the is one other reason I do not want Li’er too get engaged.”

She then caught the giggling baby, who started clapping in delight as Tang Lin pinched her cheeks. “Mama!” Tang Lin smiled in delight and then Li’er pointed her hands to Li Daozi and said “Baldy!” Li Daozi could not help but cry upon hearing this.

“Right now, we are keeping her abilities under the wraps. But if my stupid husband decided to continue the engagement, everyone will already discover her bloodline. Countless families will want her for themselves and they will do everything to obtain her.”

Fang Yu then realized why Xiao Ya wanted her to keep her bloodline a secret. If even just a Divine Beast Bloodline will warrant that kind of attention, then what about her bloodline, which is a Godly Divine Beast Bloodline?

It will be a pure chaos.

“The only reason I trusted you two on this secret is because of my husband’s induced prophecy. It might be just a hallucination, but it might also be the truth. If it is the truth, then please take care of my daughter in the future.” Tang Lin solemnly said to Fang Yu.

Fang Yu could only nod her head in agreement. She was about to say something when she felt something damp on her lower part of the clothes. She looked down, and she saw blood trickling out of her lower body. Xiao Ya could only facepalmn herself at this moment.

“It seems like your monthly appointment has arrived.”