Chapter 34: Trashing

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“Stop spouting nonsense!” Zhou Rougue hefted his huge axe as he barreled towards Wang Hao. He then raised it up high and swung it with full power towards Wang Hao’s head.

Zhou Rougue was at the peak Mana Circulation Stage. The affinity of his mana was of Fire. This made his fire mana to be flowing on all of his body. Coupled with his innate brute strength, Zhou Rougue’s attacks will be imbued with explosive power and blistering heat. He smashed the axe down, and he integrated his fire mana with it. The axe started to spout flames that even Boner is feeling the heat even he is not the axe’s target.

Zhou Rougue smiled savagely, expecting Wang Hao’s head to be splattered upon impact.

But what he heard was not an explosive impact that he expected. Instead, what he heard was a dull sound, like a ball dropping on a fluffy bed. He tried to move his axe, but it was being held by a hand.

That hand was of Wang Hao’s.

“You are the one with the highest chances of passing this competition? How can that be if your strike is so weak? Are your attacks as soft as your floppy d**k?”

“How can this be? You are not even affected by the heat!” Zhou Rougue continued to pull his axe away to no avail.

Of course, Wang Hao will not be affected by his attacks. Even with the seal on, Wang Hao can still absorb all kinds of energy, but the one he can use for attacking will have the limit set by the seal. That means he can absorb even the strongest lightning bolt, but he can only release lightning attacks at the level of First Stage as of now. Not only that, because of the seal, he can only absorb energy in contact with his body. This means that he cannot assist other people from powerful energy attacks.

That is the reason why Wang Hao always wanted Fang Lin to get as powerful as possible. Even though Wang Hao can absorb energy, he cannot protect Fang Lin from this kind of attacks. He needs to rely on himself only.

Going back to the fight, Wang Hao nonchalantly absorbed the kinetic and heat energy of Zhou Rougue’s strike. He looked disdainfully at Zhou Rougue and said with a drawl.

Wang Hao clenched his hand and punched Zhou Rougue on his stomach. This casual punch of Wang Hao contained the kinetic energy of the strongest attack for the First Stage! Zhou Rougue immediately catapulted across the air, falling to the ground with an impact.

“Bleargh, ha, ha,” Zhou Rougue spat some blood as he looked at Wang Hao fearfully. “Who the hell are you?”

“Just a damned fatty.” Wang Hao raised his hands and materialized electricity in his hands.

Aside from the energy absorption, Wang Hao’s bloodline allows him to have the highest degree of energy manipulation! The way he shapes and manipulates his energy even surpasses those at the Ninth Stage! Sadly, as of now, only the energy at the strength of First Stage can be manipulated by Wang Hao.

Wang Hao made this electricity integrate with his body. This integration allowed his muscles to ignore the brain signals and just fully move through reflexes. This allowed him to have faster reaction rates and faster movements. He then created twin flame swords for both of his hands. Using the earth mana he absorbed from the Mountain-Bashing Boar, he covered himself in a sturdy earthen armor.

The Wang Hao that Boner could see right now seems to be the incarnation of a war god.

“You know,” Wang Hao said slowly. “I swore to myself to never use my power at this stage. Why? Because I have a lot of enemies that are are looking for me. Once word got out of someone using these abilities, I’m sure they will rush here to torment me. But of course,” Wang Ha then smiled innocently towards his opponents. “Dead men tell no tales!”

He then slashed his flaming sword towards Zhou Rougue. Zhou Rougue then let out a roar and used his axe for his strongest attack.

But Wang Hao, with his advanced speed, easily doged this attack. His flaming sword then cut through Zhou Rougue’s arms, effectively cutting it off.

Wang Hao slowly approached the now crying Zhou Rougue. His appearance now was way more miserable as compared to before. “Please don’t kill me!”

“Hmmmmm..” Wang Hao tilted his head. “If I kill all of you, it might alert those two Sixth Stages, so I will just cripple all of you and wipe your memories!”

Wang Hao then touched Zhou Rougue’s body and he let out a blast of kinetic energy that destroyed all of his mana circulation points. These points are where the concentration of the mana circulates. Once destroyed, all the collected mana will just dissipate into nothingness. This makes the victim effectively a cripple. Not only that, but treating these points requires high-ranking pills that will be expensive. As for the immortal cultivators, once their dantian was destroyed, they will also be a cripple.

After destroying Zhou Rougue’s mana circulation points, he then let out a beam of mental energy that made Zhou Rougue forget about the events of the whole selection. This mental energy is exclusively produced starting from the Fourth Stage only. But Wang Hao had slowly absorbed trickles of it from all the Fifth Stage practitioners that he met.

“I’ll deal with your father once this selection finishes.” He then threw the unconscious Zhou Rougue at the side. “Now then,” Wang Hao looked at the pale faces of the remaning 149 opponents. “Let’s dance, shall we?”

All of the invaders were now unconscious, with their cultivations crippled and their memory lost. Boner just looked at the aftermath with a dazed look on his face. He then saw Wang Hao slowly walking towards him.

“If you can do that, why did you not use that to easily collect more cards?”

“As I said earlier, I will only use this power as of now if its really needed. This situation warrants that need.”

“So what now? Are you going to wipe my memory too?” But before Wang Hao could reply, the quiet Venomshade who did not participate in the fight earlier let out his voice.

“Why don’t we just kill him? It will be better for him to release him from his suffering, and that will also tie our loose ends.”

Wang Hao replied “No, we cannot do that now. There is still that Fatty Zhou and once he learns about what happened to his son, I’m sure he is gonna blame us. We can still use Boner as a way to beat Fatty Zhou in his own game.” Boner looked down, as if he had accepted his fate. Venomshade just nodded.

After this event, they collected all the cards of the opponents. They then left the place with the immobile Tang Ya and the unconscious Fang Lin tow. They stopped in one of the caves they saw and spent the rest of the day and night there. To Wang Hao’s relief, it seems like Fang Lin is starting to recover his consciousness at the start of the second day.

Meanwhile in Xiao Ya’s room.

Xiao Ya already spent the whole day and night looking after Fang Yu and waiting for her recovery. When the next day arrived, Fang Yu groggily opened her eyes.

“Am I in heaven now?” Fang Yu was still confused and dazed from the soul attack. She then looked at Xiao Ya, who was staring back at her. Fang Yu then slowly crawled towards Xiao Ya, with her body seductively swaying side by side.

“Are you the angel who will take my virginity? Come, lets explore the pleasures of forbidden love!”