Chapter 46: Extra Reward

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Chapter 46: Extra Reward

The Battle Arena was the Immortal God Sect’s venue for all battle activities. All the duels, martial training and even sparring can be done in the Battle Arena.

The Battle Arena was built like a coliseum. Its shaped like an oval, with tall spectator stands bordering all its sides. At one end of the arena, there was a variety of seats that was obviously preserved for the very important spectators.

As Fang Lin’s group arrived, they saw nine other groups standing in the middle of the arena. They are obviously the other nine groups who passed the selection stage in the Spirit Zoo. Fang Lin steeled his nerves and joined the assembly.

With the arrival of Fang Lin’s group, all the participating groups in the Battle Stage have arrived. After their arrival, the spectator stands began to fill up with countless curious disciples. Each one of them scrutinized all ten groups, with some even appearing to be completely intimidating.

10 minutes have just passed and the spectator stands have already filled. Now, the only persons needed to arrive are the VIP’s.

The first one to arrive is the Grand Elder Li Daozi. Behind him, all the 10 Elders of the Immortal God Sect followed.

The two disciples charged with selling food inside the arena talked exicitedly with each other.

“Its Grand Elder Li Daozi! and the 10 Elders! I wonder if they will choose some apprentice this year, nobody got chosen last year.”

“You think nobody will be chosen this year? Just look at Fang Xiushan, I bet many Elders will fight for him!”

“That’s a high possibility, hey! Its Sect Head Tang Luo!”

Tang Luo then arrived next, showing his usual overbearing aura that did not fail to scare some of the disciples.

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“What if Tang Luo wants to apprentice Fang Xiushan too? Do you think the Elders can disagree with him?”

“Of course not, but you know, maybe Sect Head Tang Luo might choose that bastard daughter of the Elder from the Tang Clan. From what I heard, that Elder is Sect Head’s brother, making the bastard daughter his niece.”

“But I am sure Sect Head will only do that if that girl has some talent. Clans do not matter in the Immortal God Sect, its your talent that is important here!”

“I agree, Senior Brother. Wait, there are still two seats in the VIP Section, I wonder who will still come?”

“Wait, I can see two people coming. Damn! Its Sect Head Xiao Ya and her Successor Disciple Fang Yu!”

“Damn! Both of them are smoking hot!”

Xiao Ya and Fang Yu arrived the last, effectively catching the attention of everyone inside the Battle Arena. Xiao Ya is now wearing her Sect Head clothes, which was a snow-white robe with the character 神(deity) written on her back. Her mature beauty had been magnified by her mischievous smile.

Fang Yu on the other hand, wore something a little, revealing.

She wore a blue dress that was made to fit her body. Her tight and full butt, slender legs, slim waist and perky breasts were all perfectly emphasized. The top of her dress has a plunging neckline that completely showed her tantalizing cleavage. The lower half of her dress has a slit on the side, showing her creamy-white thighs that flexed amorously with each step she took.

Her beautiful face showed only an uncaring expression that emphasized her beauty more. But deep in her mind, she was cursing Xiao Ya nonstop.

“This is so embarassing! I should have not listened to Master!”

Fang Yu of course did not have the courage to even think of wearing this clothes. It was Xiao Ya who wanted Fang Yu to wear this clothes. Fang Yu naturally declined vehemently. But Xiao Ya at that time pouted sadly and said

“But seeing you in that dress turns me on...”

Fang Yu immedaitely wore that dress after hearing that in Xiao Ya’s seductive voice. But she totally regrets it now.

All the males in the Battle Arena except for Fang Lin, who looks really pissed, was staring at Fang Yu with their mouths wide open. Some of the females in the arena were also checking out Fang Yu’s voluptous body with their glittering eyes.

Xiao Ya and Fang Yu then sat on their designated seat. Once all of the VIP’s were complete, Xiao Ya stood up and greeted the audience.

“As you know, this is the battle stage for this year’s disciple selection. And all of you already know what will be the rewards.” Xiao Ya then paused, while struggling to contain something. She then let out her dazzling smile and said “For this year, there will be an extra reward. The one with the best performance among the top three will have the chance to meet personally with Fang Yu in her room for one hour!”

Everyone in the Battle Arena was immediately in an uproar.

“Oh my God! That is the best extra reward I ever heard of!”

“Why did I not join this year? So unlucky!”

All the male participants in the Battle Stage had their eyes blazing this passion. Never in their life had they wanted to win this much!

Normally, the top three in the battle stage will be given the same treatment, seeing as they do not need to fight each other. But with Xiao Ya’s extra reward, the one who wants to meet Fang Yu must do their best on each match!

Fang Yu, Fang Lin and Wang Hao were both shell-shocked at this revelation. At that moment, Wang Hao whispered out a curse.

“Damn that vixen! By saying that, you, Fang Lin, will be forced to have the best performance in the selection if you want to save Fang Yu from this exploitation!”

“But if I do that Master, won’t I be taking attention for myself? Didn’t Xiao Ya herself warned me to stay low-key?”

“Fang Lin, I think there is something drastic that happened that made Xiao Ya have this decision.”

The master-disciple pair looked towards Xiao Ya, who looked back at them with a distressed expression on her face as is she was saying that Fang Lin has to win the selection, or something bad will happen.

“Don’t listen to that vixen!” Wang Hao angrily said. “I am sure she just wants to mess things up. We will follow my plan! Just act sick!”

Several minutes have passed and the uproar died down . It was then that someone flew down in the arena. It was the exam proctor.

“Greetings everyone,” the man said in his deep voice. “I am Chu Yang, and I will be the referee for the Battle Stage. Now, let me show you the group rankings.” Chu Yang waved his hand, and a stone tablet appeared, engraved with the 10 group names and their specific rank.

It was listed as follows

1. Fang Xiushan’s Group: 25,131 Cards

2. Shi Poyun’s Group: 9,897 Cards

3. Fatty Lin’s Group:

5. Shadowbane’s Group

10. Flamemaster’s Group

Strangely enough, only the number of cards of the top two groups were shown. It was as if the cards collected by the bottom 8 were not worth mentioning.

“Damn! If we were just second place, I do not need to act like this!” Fang Lin wailed miserably to himself.

After showing the rankings, Chu Yang said “We will now start the first group match for the Battle Stage. It will be the Third Ranked Fatty Lin’s Group versus the Tenth Ranked Flamemaster’s Group.

After hearing this, Fang Lin’s group and Flamemaster’s group started to face off each other in the middle of the arena. Fang Lin carefully analyzed the opposing team.

Their opponents were all males, and from the looks of it, all of them were at Peak Mana Circulation Stage with fire mana essence. They all shared this ferocious look on their faces, as if they wanted to lay destruction on everything.

Even though the environment of the Immortal Continent is not amicable for Godly Ascension, there are pills being sold in the continent that were filled with mana. This kind of pill cultivation will only be helpful until the Peak of Mana Circulation Stage. To further advance in the higher stages, the godly ascenders must have the assistance of God Veins. Sadly, only the Immortal God Sect has that God Vein.

The leader of the group, whose name seems to be Flamemaster, smiled towards Fang Lin’s group and said “You three better surrender now! Or we will roast you alive! Hehehehe, I can’t wait to have a feel of that slutty Fang Yu’s tight ass!”

Upon hearing this statement of the lewd man, Fang Lin forgot all the advices of his master to be low-key. Right now, he wanted to smash Flamemaster’s face on the ground.

Fang Lin was about to rush and decimate his opponents when he felt something inside his body. His face turned pale as he clutched his stomach, rolling on the ground in agony. He was feeling a powerful stomachache.

Wang Hao of course, is the one who administered the poison on Fang Lin’s food. He knew that Fang Lin might be rash and try to disobey Wang Hao’s advice. So he made sure that Fang Lin’s sickness will be a legitimate one.

There is one problem though. The poison that Wang Hao put on Fang Lin’s food was actually a powerful laxative.

Wang Hao just made a thumbs-up sign towards the poor Fang Lin on the floor while muttering to himself

“You better not sh*t yourself here!”