Chapter 487: Paradise

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Chapter 487: Paradise

After Fang Lin had fixed up the attitude of his fellow inmates, he started to relax as he got another free time in his palms.

“Shoo, shoo, all of you!” Fang Lin shouted as he forced all of the prisoners to leave him alone within the radius of 100 meters.

Because they all have experienced Fang Lin’s wrath, all the prisoners have no choice but to follow what he said.

As for Xiao Long, he could only bemoan his bad luck as he clutched his ruined right arm.

“Yosh, time to look at my Nascent Souls again.” Fang Lin muttered to himself after seeing that he had enough privacy now to do his stuff.

One look at his Nascent Souls made Fang Lin realize that he can actually do something to improve his Male-Female Nascent Soul.

“Hehehehe, this place is a prison, so that type of essence is very abundant here...” Fang Lin muttered as he closed his eyes, as he attempted to sense something around him.

To Fang Lin’s delight, he was actually right.

Fang Lin could sense that the very air that was flowing inside the Azure Tooth Prison was filled with high concentration of the Yang Essence.

That was to be expected as the whole Azure Tooth Prison was filled to the brim with males at the peak of their lives.

Store thousands of them for a very long time, and their Yang Essence will most undoubtedly start to build up in the prison.

If this place was a girl prison, then that girl prison will be filled to the brim with Yin Energy.

When this idea popped into Fang Lin’s mind, his eyes opened as he looked at Xiao Long, who was cowering at the distance.

“Oi Xiao Long, I just noticed something right now.” Fang Lin said as he let out a disappointed sigh. “How come I could not see any girls in here? Where are they located?”

“Oh, Young Master, the girls are also imprisoned here in the Azure Tooth Prison, but they are separated from us.” Xiao Long replied quickly in order to not infuriate Fang Lin.

“There are two chambers here in the Azure Tooth Prison, with one of the chambers containing the males, and the other chamber containing the females.”

“Oh, I see it now.” After confirming this point, Fang Lin started to smile as he started to closed his eyes again.

“If I absorb all the Yang Essence in this chamber all the Yin Essence of the Female Chamber, then I could strengthen my Male-Female Nascent Soul!”

Once he had made this decision, Fang Lin took a deep breath as he activated his Male-Female Nascent Soul.

“Wooosh~” A sucking sound that only Fang Lin could hear suddenly appeared, as all the Yang Essence present in the Male’s Chamber started to go towards Fang Lin’s Male-Female Nascent Soul.

“Yeah, just absorb them all!” Fang Lin thought happily as he felt the concentration of the Yang Essence in the air starting to dissipate.

To Fang Lin’s relief, he found that none of the prisoners nearby were able to notice the decrease in the concentration of the Yang Essence.

“Well, that was to be expected, as the Divine Spirit Cultivation System is something that is not really aligned on sensing the laws. For these prisoners to not detect the Yang Essence is already possible.”

Once he saw that nobody had noticed what he was doing, Fang Lin decided to go all-out as his Male -Female Nascent Soul started to increase its absorption rate.

“This amount of Yang Essence... it really is too much!” Fang Lin exclaimed to himself as he felt pity of these poor prisoners.

Being stuck in this chamber for a very long time with no one to vent your desires to will lead the to the build-up of the Yang Essence inside the chamber. The more of them that are suppressing their desires, the more Yang Essence will be accumulated in the prison.

“I will make full use of your sacrifices, my comrades...” fang Lin swore to himself as he continued on emptying the whole prison.


“Ok, now I have absorbed it all...” Just like what Fang Lin had expected, even if his Male-Female Nascent Soul has absorbed monstrous amounts of Yang Essence, it was still unable to undergo the First and the Second Soul Reformation.

“My Male-Female Nascent Soul will only start to transform once I start absorbing the Yin Essence too...”

At that point, Fang Lin suddenly stood up as he gave another demanding look to Xiao Long.

“Oi Xiao Long, tell me the approximate location of the Female Chamber. I have some important stuff to do there.”

“Young Master, you wish to go to the Female Chamber? You may be strong compared to us, but I think that you will find it impossible to go there!” Xiao Long hurriedly said as he seemed to be dissuading Fang Lin to go now.

“There is an extremely thick wall that was separating that Male and the Female Chamber, ensuring that nobody from both chambers can cross over to the other chamber. Combine that with our strength being suppressed here, and nobody from us, and from the females were able to demolish that wall.” Xiao Long ended his words in a slightly regretful tone.

“Oh, that may be the case for you, but I am quite unique, you know.” Fang Lin boasted as he urged Xiao Long with his glare. “Come on, just lead me to the place.”

“Ah ok...” Seeing that Fang Lin had already been firm in his decision, Xiao Long had no choice but to lead Fang Lin towards the wall.

As for the other prisoners, they followed behind, wanting to see the ongoing spectacle.

“......” Even if Fang Lin could not read minds right now, he was sure that the prisoners were all thinking that Fang Lin will fail miserably on his attempt.

“Well, too bad for you guys that I am no mere Divine Spirit Practitioner...” Fang Lin muttered to himself as he and Xiao Long had reached the wall.

Fang Lin then started to roam his hands all over the wall, trying to feel what is was made up of.

To Fang Lin’s relief, he found that the wall was made up of Grade 3 Steel, meaning that it can resist attacks of those until the Third Stage.

In this case, that kind of toughness was already enough, as nobody in this prison will be able to muster even the power of a First Stage Practitioner.

Too bad for them, Fang Lin is here in this prison.

With this kind of steel, Fang Lin can just use a strike equivalent to a Fourth Stage Practitioner in order for him to destroy the wall.

Fang Lin let out another punch, and this time he covered his hand with the Undead Wolf King Essence, Orange Martial Aura, and the Red Martial Aura.

His Undead Wolf King Essence has the power to quickly corrode things, while his Orange Martial Aura is able to amplify his body. As for the Red Martial Aura, it multiplied the power of his strike and the potency of the Undead Wolf King Essence by 1,000 times.

This resulted in a punch that went through the wall like a knife going through butter.

All the prisoners watched with wide eyes as they saw that a human-sized hole was formed after Fang Lin’s punch hit the wall.

“He, he did it!” The prisoners started to celebrate, as they started to fantasize about visiting the Female Chamber.

“Hahaha, my little brother, it’s time for us to have some fun right now!” One of the prisoners said as he let out tears of happiness.

The other prisoners started to cry too, as if their salvation was just at the other side of the wall.

Even Xiao Long was extremely happy as he muttered to himself,

“Hehehe, I am sure that those females in the Female Chamber are all thirsty for some male action... Hehehe they will surely welcome us with open arms!”

As for Fang Lin, he decided to ignore the embarrassing scene behind him as he noticed something weird with the hole that he made.

“Oh, so this wall is regenerating too...” Fang Lin muttered to himself as he saw that he hole that he made had started to get smaller and smaller.

“So the steel used to make this wall also has the property of regeneration... Too bad for this steel, my Undead Wolf King Essence is slowing down its regeneration.” Fang Lin thought smugly to himself as he went through the hole.

At the instant that he entered the Female chamber, he dispelled the Undead Wolf King Essence that was in the hole.

With this Essence gone, the hole in the wall regained its speedy regeneration, which closed the hole in the blink of an eye.

“No!!!” All the prisoners let out shouts of despair as they saw that the wall is intact once more.

They pounded on the wall desperately, as if they were wishing to make another hole again.

But all their pleas went unnoticed as the wall just stood there blocking them as usual.

“Oh, that was one quick regeneration.” Fang Lin muttered to himself as he observed his surroundings.

“So, this is the female chamber...”

No matter which way Fang Lin looked at it, he could not believe that this place is a prison for females!

Instead of a barren and cold chamber, what Fang Lin could see were countless bamboo houses adorned with rare plants.

The floor was paved with beautiful tiles, comparable the ones found in expensive inns.

The smell was also different, with this place being extremely fragrant, while the Male Chamber smelling extremely repugnant.

Fang Lin then sniffed himself, as if he was trying to see if be brought with him some stench from the Male Chamber.

He then decided to use his Undead Wolf King Essence to corrode any bad smell with him, just to make sure that he smells good.

“The hell, this place seems like a paradise rather than a prison!” Fang Lin muttered to himself as he decided to approach one of the bamboo houses.

Because Fang Lin had expertly used his power to make a hole in the wall, there was no sound that was produced. That resulted in the residents of the Female Chamber not hearing what Fang Lin just did.

This in turn allowed Fang Lin the freedom to roam the Female Chamber.

Fang Lin suddenly paused in his tracks as he heard a melodious moan coming out from the nearest bamboo house.

“Wait...” Fang Lin shook his head, as if he could not believe what he just heard.

Fang Lin then closed his eyes as he tried to listen for more.

The moans coming out from the bamboo house just continued on getting stronger and stronger, until the one moaning let out a moan that was comparable to a high-pitched singer.

“Oh yes...” After hearing his sounds, Fang Lin started to smile as he realized that this place really is a paradise!

“Sorry Wang Hao, it seems like I have stay on this chamber for a little longer...”