Chapter 57: Floppy

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1 Hour after Venomshade’s death.

Fang Lin had been idly playing with Venomshades’s belongings. All of his poisonous herbs, concoction materials and poison vials had been neatly stacked on his room.

“What are we going to do with his things Fang Lin?”

“If Wang Hao was just here, we could make him keep all of this in his space pocket. But with him gone, I can only ask Master Xiao Ya to keep this for me.”

“Will she agree? She only teaches your Yin Body right?”

“Well, as long as the request is simple, Master Xiao Ya can grant it.” Fang Lin and Xiao Ya then stood up and left Venomshade’s room. He left Venomshade’s cremation dust in a vase inside Fang Lin’s room. He plans to give it to Venomshade’s daughter once they saw her.

“Wait, did Venomshade say what the name of his sister was?”

“Oh s*it, he did not.”

“Sigh, this searching is going to be hard.” But no matter how hard it will be, Fang Lin will not ignore the dying wish of his friend and comrade.

As they were walking along the sect grounds, a group of Immortal God Sects blocked their way. All of them bore will intent against Fang Lin, as if they wanted to tear him apart. Fang Lin narrowed his eyes upon seeing them.

“Do you have any problems with me, Senior Brothers?” Even though Fang Lin greeted them cordially, the tone of his voice sounded as if he did not care.

“You’ve got guts, daring to steal Prince Fang Xiushan’s woman! You will see! In the top 3 matches tomorrow, he will slay you easily!”

Fang Lin raised his eyebrows upon hearing that. It seems like Fang Xiushan also had a sword-type weapon in his card. He silently rubbed his hands in glee.

“Hahaha! His woman? Have you even seen him sleep with one? You did not? Maybe he is just impotent!”

Actually, what Fang Lin said was right. When they were young, he overheard Fang Xiushan complaining to his father on how he cannot get his ‘weapon’ to be on its peerless form. His father, Fang Xu, said that he already tried all the medicines he can to help him. He said that nothing helped.

Not only that, but Fang Lin also overheard that Fang Xu invited some concubines to directly seduce Fang Xiushan. Fang Lin, with the pervert he is, managed to find a crack and saw what was happening.

Six scantily dressed females were dancing seductively in front of Fang Xiushan. Their large breasts jiggled on their every movement. Their slim waist and perky buttocks swayed amorously in front of Fang Xiushan.

In no time at all, Fang Lin furiously used his ‘weapon’ to its limits. Just a minute passed, and he felt the bliss that could not be compared with anything.

As he was ruminating on the comfortable sensation, he heard Fang Xiushan’s anguished voice.

“It won’t stand up father!”

Fang Lin then ran away, still hearing the poor Fang Xiushan’s cries of despair.

“How dare you say that! The Prince is not someone comparable to you!” One of the disciples rushed forward, wanting to attack Fang Lin.

Fang Lin cracked his knuckles upon seeing this attack. He held too much anger after what happened to Venomshade. His murderers were nowhere to be found. He also does not have any information on who wanted Venomshade dead.

This resulted in Fang Lin not having a way to release his anger.

“Hahaha! You came at the right time! Fatty Lin needs some good punching bag!” Fang Lin’s arms then doubled in size as he lumbered towards the attacking cultivator.

“Ah wait junior brother....”

“Junior brother my ass! Where is your prince now?”

“Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!” Fang Lin used his meaty paws to slap the disciple all over his body. It won’t bring the same amount of damage compared to punching, but it will bring more pain and more alterations to the face.

After a round of slapping, the poor disciple found himself unable to move, with his face swelling profusely.

“Haaah! That felt good!” Fang Lin delightedly looked towards the group blocking him.

“Who wants to go next?”

All of them stepped backwards, not daring to attack. Fang Lin grinned and was about to attack again when he felt someone staring at him from the distance. He looked towards the source, and what he saw made him utter a name.

Fang Xiushan wore an entirely black robe. There were two swords on both sides of his hips. His short hair combined with his handsome visage made him look like a celestial deity. There was an arrogant look on his face, clearly showing the way of his upbringing.

On his two sides were two beautiful maidens. One has a fiery aura on her. Her tanned skin and voluptuous body showed how seductive she was. She emitted a courageous and heroic demeanor that just emphasized her fierce beauty.

The other maiden was quite the opposite of the fiery woman. She had a thin body with no visible curves. Her beautiful face possessed a cold look that matched with the cold aura she was emitting. This girl definitely had the yin essence.

When Fang Xiushan saw what was happening, he frowned in annoyance toward Fang Lin. This fatty right in front of him dared not only to steal his fiancé, he also dared to beat up one of his followers!

“Have you no shame? Fighting against a weaker guy? Maybe that is the reason why your teammate got killed, you just relied on cheating!” Fang Xiushan’s barbed words plunged itself on Fang Lin’s heart.

If Fang Xiushan just insulted him, he can still ignore it. But when dared to bring up Venomshade, Fang Lin knew that this man has to be brought down a notch.

“Shameless? I think you are the shameless one! You dare to have two gorgeous girls with you, yet you cannot even do those ‘things’ with them! Tsk, tsk, what a waste!”

“You bastard! What do you mean by that!” The fiery woman with Fang Xiushan could not help but looked threateningly towards Fang Lin. “It seems like all the fat in your brain made your speaking skills subpar!”

“He cannot get it up right?”

The fiery woman stiffened upon hearing this one-liner from Fang Lin. Even the ice-cold woman let out a silent gasp at what Fang Lin said.

Fang Lin smiled upon seeing this. “Hahaha! It seems like the ‘prince’ tried to do it with you two, yet he cannot do it! Hahaha!”

Fang Lin and Tang Ya bent over their stomachs, laughing while Fang Xiushan trembled with rage.

“Hahaha! Do you know? I have a medicine here called the ‘Imperial Hardener’. It made someone’s d*ck stay hard for 3 months! If you want, I can give it to you!”

“Really?” Even though Fang Xiushan was incensed, he clearly knew that Fang Lin was not lying. He heard about the information of Venomshade creating this medicine. He planned to acquire is secretly from him. But who could have expected that he will get it now!”

“Yes, you can, but there is one condition. You must call yourself ‘The Floppy Prince’ from now on!”

“Argghh!!! Stop making fun of me!” Fang Xiushan tried to attack Fang Lin, but Chu Yang suddenly appeared, stopping him.

“The rules specify that anyone about to fight in the battle arena must fight there. Doing their fights outside the arena is prohibited. Now, beat it!”

Fang Lin and Tang Ya then left under the gaze of the enraged Fang Xiushan.

“Just you wait.......” He mumbled darkly in his heart. Fang Xiushan was then about to go back on his quarters when he saw the fiery woman and the cold woman rooted at their place.

“Hey Rou’er, Xu’er, what is the matter?”

The fiery woman, who was Rou’er replied, “The matter? Me and Xu’er had kept this under the wraps for the last year, but we cannot take it anymore! You may be the most talented in the Fang Clan, yet that means nothing if you cannot make it stand up!”

Rou’er then continued. “We may be just your attendants, but we also have our own desires. But you, our master, cannot satisfy it for us. So, we are going somewhere.” Rou’er dragged Xu’er as they tried to leave Fang Xiushan.

“Wait, where are you two going?”

“To the brothel, MASTER.”

“Ah Fatty Lin! You are dead!”

Fang Lin smiled as he heard Fang Xiushan’s disconsolate cries through the night.