Chapter 58: Dual Shock

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Chapter 58: Dual Shock

Once Rou’er and Xu’er were far from Fang Xiushan, Rou’er dragged Xu’er off the course and they entered an empty hut.

Once inside, Rou’er pushed Xu’er against the wall and kissed her deeply. Their tongues intertwined and played with each other merrily.

“Wait, Rou’er!” Xu’er frantically pushed Rou’er away. Her cold face was now flushed red as she panted heavily. “I thought we were going through a brothel!”

“A brothel?” Rou’er let out a sneer. “If it was before, we could have gone there. But I think it is better if I do it with you!”

‘But Rou’er.... I do not really feel that way against you.”

“But you just kissed me like you enjoy it!”

“It’s because of your Yang Essence!” Xu’er shouted shrilly against her. “I have a yin body, and that makes me instinctively attracted to you, someone with a yang essence. And that’s not even normal! You are a girl, yet you have yang essence!”

“Xu’er.....” Rou’er tried to reach her hands out, but Xu’er stepped back warily.

“I..... am going to sleep now.” Xu’er then ran away, trying not to look back at the disappointed Rou’er.

“Dammit!” Rou’er kicked a pebble as she went out of the hut. “Do I really need to go to a brothel?”

With Rou’er’s overbearing strength, the pebble made an arc across the air until it landed. But at its descent, the pebble hit an innocent girl in the head.

“Aw!” The poor girl clutched her head as she let out wails of discomfort. She looked like she was about to cry from the pain emanating from her throbbing head.

“Oh my, forgive me young girl!” Rou’er rushed upon the girl when she saw what happened. Rou’er held a guilty expression as he looked towards the girl. “Are you fine?”

“Yes I am fine.” The girl stood up with a determined expression on her face. But she winced when the bruise on her head started to throb again.

“I think you should not move first. Here, lie down on the bed.” Rou’er assisted the girl as they entered the empty hut. Once inside, Rou’er let the girl lay down on the bed.

“You can call me Rou’er, what is your name young girl?”

“Ling’er huh That’s a fine name. Now, let me ask you. What are you doing at this place around this time? From what I can see, you have not even broken through the First Stage. So how could you be here?

The girl did not look offended from Rou’er’s query. She just replied, “Actually, I am a maid of one of the disciples in here.”

“Ehh...” Rou’er was impressed upon hearing this. Those disciples who can hire a maid usually have high status within the sect.

“Care to tell me who the disciple is?”

“Ah, its Big Sis Fang Yu.”

“You mean that Fang Yu? The disciple of Xiao Ya?”

Upon hearing this, Rou’er could not help but feel excited. It was rumored that Fang Yu has the most perfect Yin Body in the whole planet. Dual cultivating with her will bring enormous benefits. Not only that, but her beauty was said to surpass even the Ice Empress.

Rou’er was able to prove that claim when Fang Yu appeared publicly. Rou’er could not help but salivate as she remembered Fang Yu’s voluptuous body. He knew that even straight females will feel an intense attraction to Fang Yu.

And Rou’er, who had a Yang Body, badly wanted to just leap at Fang Yu and dual-cultivate with her to her heart’s content. But she will not be able to do that because of Fang Xiushan.

One of the reasons why Fang Xiushan was sent for the disciple selection was to have a chance of wooing Fang Yu. Fang Xiushan’s cultivation base will experience massive improvement if he can acquire Fang Yu’s yin essence. It might also help on treating Fang Xiushan’s impotence.

But right now, Fang Xiushan was busy on formulating strategies to torment Fatty Lin tomorrow. Xu’er was back in her room, clearly avoiding Rou’er. And Rou’er was with the maid of the number one beauty in the sect.

Isn’t this her chance to meet her?

“Hey Ling’er.” Rou’er’s expectant face drew nearer to Ling’er. “I have long wanted to see the beauty of your master up close. Do you think you can help me see her? I promise that I will grant you one request once you allowed me to see her.”

Ling’er appeared to be hesitant. But upon seeing the eager expression on Rou’er’e face, Ling’er just agreed.

“Fine, but please do not disrespect her ok?”

“Haha of course! Why will I do that?” Rou’er felt a slight heat rising from her body due to excitement. “Let’s see if even my Yang Body will want to devour her!”

Rou’er then followed Ling’er as she went to Fang Yu’s place.

While Rou’er was about to meet with Fang Yu, Fang Lin was facing a problem.

Once he arrived in his quarters, he saw a gray robed man waiting for him. He tensed, sensing the unfathomable feeling of danger coming from this man.

“This person is really strong!” Fang Lin barely stopped himself from stepping back upon sensing the man’s killing intent. Fang Lin then spoke up on his barely trembling voice,

“You are a punisher from the Fang Clan. How the hell were you allowed inside the Immortal God Sect?”

The robed man just chuckled upon hearing Fang Lin’s question.

“Actually, this body you see right here is just my avatar. This body just have the strength of around the Second Stage. Perfect for conversations.” The man then gritted his teeth in anger. “If that Fang Guo did not screw up, he could have been the one talking to you! But because he’s already dead, I have to send my avatar to have a talk with you.”

“What do you want to talk about?” Fang Lin sighed in relief. As long as his true body was outside, Fang Lin will not worry at all.

“Do you know who owns this?” The man then threw an object towards Fang Lin. Once seeing it, Fang Lin’s blood went cold. What he was holding was an erotic book. But the only one who owns this erotic book was his Master Wang Hao!

“What did you do to him!” Fang Lin roared towards the robed man.

“Why should I tell you? Am I obligated?”

“Hahaha! That Wang Hao is an idiot! He just went outside the sect without even caring about any danger! My true body was outside, so I was able to sense Wang Hao coming out. As for what happened next....” The robed man sneered towards Fang Lin. “that depends whether you accept my proposal!”

“Haha. Its just quite easy. Lose the match against Fang Xiushan, and I will tell you about what happened to your Master.”

“As if I will do that!”

“Hehehe, so you care more about your victory than your master? You really are an unfilial brat!”

The robed man stood up. Before he left, he said “This deal still holds until the match. If you do not do what I wanted you to do, who knows what will happen....”

The man cackled as he left the pale-faced Fang Lin, who was tightly gripping Wang Hao’s erotic book.

While Fang Xiushan was marking some things on his paper, he felt the arrival of the gray-robed man.

“How did it go, No.5?”

“Ha! It went quite well. The robed man who was called No.5 merrily replied. “That fatso will now forfeit to you!”

“How did you do that No. 5? Since arriving here, I saw you doing other things. When I ask you, you just say its confidential! What is happening!”

All the matters related to Fang Lin was unknown to Fang Xiushan. He was only here to participate in the sect selection. Any information about the chase of Fang Lin was only known to the higher-ups of the clan. As such, Fang Xiushan could not fathom what No.5 was doing.

“I just blackmailed that fatty.” No 5. looked to what Fang XIushan was drawing. “Are you creating a formation?”

“Yes, this is a formation.” Fang Xiushan said proudly. “This formation is a powerful prison formation. Not only that, but this formation can imprison up to two people inside it and is undetectable! This means once I cast it, the person inside cannot detect it until they hit its boundaries! ”

“Wait, are you going to use this formation on Fang Yu?”

“Of course not! I am going to use this on that Fatty and the other opponent tomorrow. Once those two are inside the formation, I will fill it with aphrodisiac gas!” Fang Xiushan rubbed his hands in anticipation. “He said I was impotent? Then let us see what he will say after he did some real ‘swordfighting’ tomorrow!”

No 5. could not help but feel sorry for Fang Lin. How vicious! But then he said “But you are highly skilled in swords. How could you showcase that skill if you rely on formations and poisons?”

“Do not worry, I have a plan. Once I succeed in it, the title of the Number One will be mine!”

Fang Xiushan and No 5. Laughed as they envisioned Fang Lin’s tragic outcome tomorrow. But before he could adjust his formation, No 5 turned pale.

“What’s the matter No 5?”

“Your retainer Rou’er was arrested by the Disciplinary Division of the Immortal God Sect!”

‘What the hell did she do?”

“Well, it seems like when she went up close to Fang Yu, the disciple of Xiao Ya, her Yang Essence flared up. That put Rou’er in the ‘heat’. You know what happens when she is in ‘heat’...”

No 5. then continued. “There is one more news.”

“What’s that about now? Is that about Xu’er?” No 5. nodded dispiritedly.

“Sigh, just tell it to me quickly.”

“When Xu’er found what happened to Rou’er, she went to visit her. But once they met in the meeting room, her yin body instantly flared up Rou’er into the ‘heat’ mode again. This time, nobody was able to stop her.”

“That means that you have been NTR’ed by both of your attendants. So much for being the Prince. Would you like me to call you “The Floppy Prince” too?”