Chapter 59: Corpsemancer

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Chapter 59: Corpsemancer

After Fang Xiushan heard this devastating news, a whole day had passed by. Now is the day for the Top Practitioners to be chosen. Fang Lin and Tang Ya suited themselves up for the incoming battle. Before leaving, Fang Lin looked towards Venomshade’s urn.

He smiled and said to it “Do not worry you lolicon, we are going to be in the Top 3!” Tang Ya vigorously nodded beside him. “After this, we promise to look after your sister.”

After saying this, Fang Lin and Tang Ya strode towards the battle arena to finally finish their endeavor.

When they arrived at the arena, Fang Lin could not help but wince when he saw Fang Xiushan’s team. Fang Xiushan looked very disgruntled, clearly remembering the disastrous happenings yesterday.

Xu’er had her head lowered down. She still has not mentally recovered form what Rou’er did to her yesterday. Of course, what Rou’er did to her has been privy only to select people, and Fang Lin was not one of them.

Rou’er on the other hand, just stood at the side skulkily. It seemed like she had to keep some distance from the other two. Fang Lin also agrees on keeping distance away from her. Rou’er clearly made an impression to Fang Lin yesterday when she tried to assault Fang Yu.

When Ling’er went back after an errand, she brought Rou’er with her. Once Rou’er saw Fang Yu, Rou’er’s body suddenly emitted intense amounts of heat. Low, growling sounds came out of her throat as she leaped towards Fang Yu.

“What’s the deal with her?” Fang Yu could not help but ask. Rou’er seemed like a fine person to her, albeit the fact that she tried to assault Fang Yu.

“She was an unlucky person...” That was all Xiao Ya could say. “If I were you, I will raise my strength so that I can protect myself from these kind of situations. Now, go train!”

Even though Fang Lin was the one seeing Rou’er right now, he still could not help but shiver as he remembered her crazed expression.

“Good thing I am fighting the ‘Floppy Prince’...” Tang Ya heard his whisper and shoved him with her elbow.

“Keep quiet! Besides, aside form Fang Xiushan’s team we also need to observe the other team.” Upon hearing this, Fang Lin observed Shi Poyun’s group.

The group was composed of only two people. One was a 13-year old child. He was naked waist up. He gave of the feeling of a mischievous trickster, that reminded Fang Lin of Wang Hao. He was munching an apple with his left hand.

While he ate, he left some mess on the floor. The other person with him personally cleaned the child’s mess. The person was robed tightly that Fang Lin could not identify the gender.

“That child is Shi Poyun. Just like you, he seemed to have lived some time in the forest too. The other one is an unknown entity. But we are clearly sure on one thing. That robed person is clearly loyal to Shi Poyun.”

“What happened to to the other one? Aren’t they supposed to be three?’

Tang Ya nervously replied. “It seems like the missing person tried to kill Shi Poyun yesterday. But after the failed attempt, that person disappeared. Nobody knows what happened to that person.

“They sure are ruthless....”

Even though Fang Lin also lived in the forest, he also spent some time as a clan member of the Fang Clan. This instilled some manners and knowledge into him that he never forgot to use even after his exile.

But this Shi Poyun clearly lived In the forest for the entirety of his life. He has the demeanor of a wolf forced to act like a dog. You treat the wolf well, and it will treat you like a dog loving its master. But once you anger it, it will lash out as a hunter that it was supposed to be.

As for the other person, Fang Lin did not pay attention to it. He knew that the one with sword-type cards were him, Shi Poyun and Fang Xiushan.

For the bow types, it was Tang Ya and Rou’er

For the special types, it was Xu’er and the mysterious person.

The death of two participants made the battle for the bow and special type weapons have less participants.

While he thought of the cards, Fang Lin looked at his card. His sword in the card clearly has better look than Shi Poyun’s and Fang Xiushan’s. It was because he had consumed all the other swords except for the other two.

But what made Fang Lin excited was that the eggs of Shi Poyun and Fang Xiushan has the same color as his!(I swear this is about the eggs in the card)

Fang Lin suspects that if he successfully consumed the egg and the sword, they could become real spirit weapon and spirit egg!

“Hahaha! Just you wait Fang Xiushan! Once I beat you, I will give you a cauldronful of ‘Imperial Hardener’ as a consolation gift!” Fang Lin merrily shouted to Fang Xiushan.

“Shut your trap Fatty Lin! We shall see who has the last laugh here!”

While Fang Lin and Fang XIushan were about to trade blows, Chu Yang appeared and said irritatedly, “The battle for top 3 has begun. For the special weapon type, it will be Xu’er of Fang Xiushan’s team versus Corpsemancer of Shi Poyun’s team.”

“Corpsemancer? Whew..... that sound really ominous.”

Tang Ya nodded gravely. “If his name was any indicator, he could have been manipulating dead bodies to do his bidding.”

“Well, I’m excited to see what he can do too.”

Xu’er and Corpsemancer then faced each other at the middle of the arena. Xu’er clasped her hands as she said “Let’s have a good fight!”

Corpsemancer just nodded without saying a word.

Xu’er sneered when she saw this. The lower hem of her robes fluttered as she twirled around, brandishing a thin, white rapier. She held the rapier with her right hand. She then assumed a fencing stance while pointing the end of her rapier towards Corpsemancer.

“Today your name will be just Corpseman!”

Xu’er then accelerated forward, assuming a normal piercing attack towards Corpsemancer. Her increase in speed was brought by her focusing her qi on her legs. Even though she has a yin body, she realized that she will just use her yin body to find her own ‘Dao’ of the Yin. For her, using the Godly Path to be a peak paractitioner was just too convenient wit her yin body. She wanted to affirm her own power.

The addition of the qi in her legs propelled her forward. She then injected qi on her rapier, greatly increasing its penetration power. Corpsemancer just stayed in place, not bothering to dodge the attack.

Xu’er smiled, clearly imagining Corpsemancer kneeling, with her rapier stuck on his skull. But what happened was the contrary.

A slimy hand appeared from the inside of Corpsemancer’s robes. This slimy hands just grasped Xu’er’s rapier easily. Not even the added qi did any damage to it.

Once she realized that her rapier had been blocked, Xu’er tried to draw her sword out. But it did not budge. Xu’er then panicked, desperately trying to pull her sword. After a few more pulls, she realized that her rapier was effectively stuck.

So Xu’er jumped away, thinking of other ways to damage her opponent. But then she found out that she could not move her legs. She looked down, and what she saw made her scream in fear.

Two similarly slimy arms sprouted from the part of the robe around Corpsemancer’s foot. They held on tightly, not allowing it to budge. Xu’er tried to expel it with her qi, but the slime on the arms just withstood it.

Even though she was disgusted, Xu’er decided to use her arms to pull the slimy arms away from her body. But before she could do this, two more slimy arms sprouted around Corpsemancer’s torso area. These arms held onto Xu’er’s arms.

Now Xu’er was trapped, with her hands and legs bound. She struggled to move, but all her efforts was futile.

“Surrender or be humiliated.” Suddenly, a raspy voice emanated from Corpsemancer. “I actually want to add you on my corpse collection, but it seems like the sect does not want anyone who fights at Top 3 to die. Consider yourself lucky.”

“Now then,” Corpsemancer continued talking. “Surrender or be humiliated!”

“F**k you!” Xu’er spat towards Corpsemancer.

“It’s your choice then.” An array of slimy tentacles went out of Corpsemancer’s robes. Their green, pulsating colors and putrid slimy texture was the very definition of disgusting.

The tentacles coiled around the panicked Xu’er who the started whimpering.

“ are you doing?”

“Ah no.... not there...” All the tentacles swarmed around Xu’er. They groped her body, clearly leaving some slimy marks on her body. The slime melted her clothes, providing her no defense for the next assault.

Some of the slimy tentacles wantonly grabbed and caressed Xu’er’s sensitive zones. This disgusting but arousing sight brought mixed feelings to the audience. If Wang Hao was here, he was sure to feel only the latter one.

A few minutes passed, and Xu’er said in a trembling voice.

“I..... Ah!!!!”

Once she uttered this words, all the slimy arms and tentacles removed themselves and retreated back into Corpsemancer’s robes. Xu’er lay on the floor panting, with her eyes unfocused and her mouth leaking some drool.

“Hehehe...” Corpsemancer seemed to be jeering as he looked towards the wasted Xu’er.

“Do you know that my tentacles are supposed to be similar to an octopus? But they are missing one important thing. They are missing some XUckers.”

Ughh... His puns are just as bad as yours Fang Lin.” Tang Ya muttered silently.