Chapter 60: No Sword Style

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Chapter 60: No Sword Style

Fang Xiushan’s face was ashen as he saw the unbecoming state of Xu’er. He trembled in anger as he saw Corpsemancer getting Venomshade’s card and Xu’er’s card. He gave a look to Rou’er, who then rushed into the arena, bringing a large towel.

She wrapped the still paralyzed Xu’er in it and she let the medical team look out for her.

“Trash!” She heard Fang Xiushan mutter to himself. Rou’er barely stopped herself from lashing out to Fang Xiushan, knowing that she also made some questionable actions yesterday. So she just kept quiet and prepared herself to fight her opponent.

While Rou’er was psyching herself up, Corpsemancer had successfully consumed the special weapons of Venomancer and Xu’e. Too bad the eggs were of the different color.

Once the consumption was complete, Corpsemancer’s card let out a dazzling light. After a minute of intense light show, the card lost its luster. Then, a token could be seen floating in front of Corpsemancer. On the surface of the token was the image of the special weapon he had.

His body language seemed disappointed, clearly not expecting to see a token. “Is this it? All those efforts just for a trifling token?”

“How dare you question the sect!” Chu Yang bellowed. His oppressive aura forced Corpsemancer’s massive frame to kneel in front of him. “That token in front of you gives you one chance to acquire the lifeblood weapon shown by it!”

A lifeblood weapon, from what Fang Lin knew, was a weapon that can grow with its owner. This means that as the owner gains strength, the weapon can still be used since it grows stronger too. There is only one problem with lifeblood weapons. They instinctively approve their owner.

That means that even you are the best in archery, if the lifeblood weapon in the form of a bow does not feel a connection with you, you cannot use it.

“That means that with this token, I can have one chance to make the lifeblood weapon pictured in here mine? Well its ok if it accepts me. What if its not?”

“Then you have no destiny with it.”

“Any compensation if I do not get a lifeblood weapon?”

“What the hell?” Corpsemancer was surprisingly naggy even with that rough-upped voice. “That means there is no compensation if we do not get a lifeblood weapon? You are just scamming us!”

“PIPE. DOWN.” Corpsemancer this time was forced to lay face-down on the ground. “Are you the leader here? Then do not question the rules! The rules are there to regulate things properly. If you think that the sect scams you, we do not care! What we hate are the rulebreakers.

“Now, beat it!” Chu Yang unceremoniously threw Corpsemancer outside the arena. Corpsemancer stood up, barely holding in his anger. A few second later, he seemed to have cooled down. This rapid change of attitude made Chu Yang impressed with this guy.

“If the sect will train his heart well, he can achieve higher stages. Though that also depends on that Shi Poyun. It’s pretty obvious that Corpsemancer was very loyal to Shi Poyun. The reason for this was unknown, but Corpsemancer follows any command of Shi Poyun.” Chu Yang mused to himself.

“Well I guess I can start the next match already.” Chu Yang then went again at the middle of the arena as he addressed them.

“The second match for the Top 3 shall start now. It’s Tang Ya from Fatty Lin’s group versus Rou’er from Fang Xiushan’s group!”

“Good luck Tang Ya! Always be prudent when you fight. Be methodical, be precise. That is how you can strengthen yourself!” Fang Lin of course did not shout it out, he just whispered into Tang Ya.

“Hmmph, at least you gave me a decent line now. Are you available on Tuesday?”

Fang Lin stammered a little.

“I have no plans for that day yet.”

“Well,” Tang Ya hefted her broadsword as she walked. “Win or lose, that meeting we just set now will still continue. I need your help with something. “She then continued walking, not hearing Fang Lin yelling ‘Unfair!’.

Tang Ya then faced against Rou’er, who had been clearly itching to find someone to vent her anger too. In this case, her target was Tang Ya.

“Hmmph, let’s see how good really is the future concubine of Prince Fang Xiushan.”

“Heh, what a big talk. Didn’t I hear that yesterday, someone tried to assault a girl in broad daylight! How shameless!”

“You upstart vixen! I shall discipline you well!”

“Heh, let’s see if your discipline will triumph over my sword wielding!” The ground cracked as Tang Ya and Rou’er propelled themselves forward.

A fire-clad fist collided with the end of a broadsword. Tang Ya and Rou’er both took three steps back before they were able to stabilized themselves. Blood oozed out of their lips before they quickly wiped it away with their forearms.

“Heh, you are not bad.” Rou’er complimented as her body began to build some muscles. Because of her Yang Body, she took the path of a fire essence magician. Not only that, but when she tries to fight in her strongest form, her muscles become overly muscular.

One example of that was B**cuit from Hu**er x Hu**er.

Tang Ya swallowed as she leveled her broadsword in front of her.

“Face me, you juiced-up man-woman!”

“Bang!” The ground under Tang Ya’s foot cracked greatly after Rou’er’ punched it. Tang Ya was able to dodge that by jumping high in the air. Once she was high in the air, she threw her broadsword towards the defenseless Rou’er.

Because of the surprise attack and the weight of the broadsword, Tang Ya was able to bring Rou’er in to her knees. Once she was down, Tang Ya started falling down towards Rou’er.

Tang Ya then waved her arms in a manner similar to an elastic band compressing itself. Her arms trembled as she supplied high amounts of qi in there.

Even if Rou’er’s back was injured, she endured the pain as she concentrated her fire mana upon her two fists. She then let out her strongest punch as Tang Ya used her hidden sword technique.

“Fist of the Fire Star!”

“No Sword Style, Arm Smash!”

When their fists hit each other, shockwaves rippled from the 2 of them. Rou’er’s fist let out massive amount of heat that produced hot air sweeping across the audience.

Tang Ya’s left arm on the other hand, smashed itself directly into the incoming fiery fist. The qi stored inside it exploded, producing insane amounts of pressure that any first stage will find hard to produce. This resulted in a shockwave that toppled the body refinement stage practioners watching the battle personally.

Tang Ya looked towards her left arm. The skin was burnt beyond recognition and the flesh inside it was not spared from the heat. The flesh had been scorched into an overcooked fried meat. At that moment, She knew she cannot use this arm for now.

Rou’er was in no better condition. The bones and muscles of her arms had been grounded into bits by that sword technique. She then stood up and with her remaining arm as she beckoned Tang Ya into attacking. Tang Ya only said,

“Are you sure about that?”

“I know that you are good in fist arts. The problem is, its only fist arts that you know at his stage. You must know other techniques.” Tang Ya then picked up her broadsword with her right hand.

“Why are you talking like that? You think I cannot beat you with just my fist arts?”

“Look at the situation! One clash of ours cost us a limb. If we clash one more, it will be your other arm gone too. But I will only lose my right arm. At that case, you cannot use your expertise anymore since both of your fists will be crippled. But in my case, I can use the ‘No Sword Style’ on my legs too. That means you will lose!”

“We will never know!” Rou’er then rushed forward throwing another fiery fist towards Tang Ya. Tang Ya then swung her broadsword to intercept the attack.

The same result happened as before. Tang Ya’s right arm got roasted while Rou’er’s was pulverized.

With this happening, Rou’er cannot use her fist arts. She only used her remaining fire mana to make a flame armor.

“No Sword Style, Stomp of the Monkey King!”

Both of Tang Ya’s left and right foot smashed heavily against the flame armor.

The flame armor shattered, but Rou’er only suffered injuries. Tang Ya’s left and right foot on the other hand got burnt too. Upon seeing this, Rou’er let out a smile, knowing she had won already. But then Tang Ya did something to the surprise of Rou’er.

Tang Ya used the momentum of the impact to raise herself in the air at a higher position than Rou’er. At that position, Tang Ya then pointed her head towards Rou’er. Her body straightened up, with her head as the start and her foot as the end.

Tang Yu then started spinning herself like a drill. She then supplied all the remaining qi she had onto her head. She then plunged down, heading straight towards Rou’er’s body!

[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@@=======

“No Sword Style, World Drill!”

Even if Rou’er wanted to avoid it, she could not. She was still in the air with no leverage and no qi to support herself. Tang Ya’s head then unceremoniously collided with Rou’er’s stomach.

Tang Ya’s attack propelled Rou’er to hit the ground first. The combination of the angular spin attack and gravity brought immense damage upon a neat defenseless Rou’er. She spat blood as she lay down, unable to move.

Tang Ya on the other hand, used the same impact to adjust herself again in the air. Now, its her foot that was facing the ground. She then continued spinning herself as she landed, forcing her mangled foot to be embedded on the ground. This made her assume a standing pose.

According to the rules of the battle arena, the last one standing wins. That means that even if Tang Ya beat Rou’er, Tang Ya will also not win because she will not be able to stand on her injured legs. So she then used the penetrative power of drilling to make herself embedded upright on the ground.

Chu Yang stared at Tang Ya deeply, since this is the first time that it happened. After a few minutes, Chu Yang just sighed and said

“Tang Ya from Fatty Lin’s team wins!”

Everyone cheered upon seeing such an unexpected win

“Wow Tang Ya, if a male learns that ‘No Sword Style’, can he use it on his ‘third leg’ too?”