Chapter 74: Milk

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“Sigh.” Tang Ya knew that no matter what she asked Fang Lin, he will not answer at all. They went inside Tang Ya’s room.

Upon going inside, Tang Ya stared incredulously at Fang Lin. She scrunched her eyes as she stared at him.

“Why did you go with us inside the room?” Fang Lin and Fang Fang Yu stared awkwardly at Tang Ya.

It was Fang Lin who replied, “But you said I can stay in your room!”

“What the hell, I am talking about Fang Yu of course!” Tang Ya resisted the urge to slap Fang Lin at the back of his head. “We are both females, so that will be fine. But even if you are the other body of Fang Yu, I cannot allow you to be in here! So out!”

Tang Ya unceremoniously pushed Fang Lin out of the room as she closed the door on his face. Fang Lin sighed, walking away with a slouched posture.

“Guess I have to find an empty room then.”

Tang Ya sighed in relief as Fang Lin left. She looked back to Fang Yu who stared back at her.

“You know, if you are angry to your Dao-Comrade, you are angry to me too.”

“But you said it yourself! You and Fang Lin are one, but you can be considered to be different lives!” Tang Ya then stilled as she realized something. “If Fang Lin has feelings for me, does that mean you have feelings for me too?”

“I do, but not as strong as Fang Lin’s. Similarly, those who I like will be liked by Fang Lin too, but also at a weaker level. Only the Original Fang Lin can love you the same as the one I love.”

“That’s really.... confusing.”

“You better not think about it deeply.” Fang Yu was about to ask Tang Ya another question when Tang Li suddenly talked while asleep.

“Mom.... hungwy... bweastmilk....bweastmilk....” Tang Li floundered her body as she was searching for her milk pump. Her flailing hands managed to grab Fang Yu’s left breast.

“Bweastmilk...bweastmilk....bweastmilk....” Tang Li muttered sleepily as she started to pull down Fang Yu’s neckline. Fang Yu did not dare to do anything, as she feared it may scare Tang Li.

After some tugging, Fang Yu’s left snow bunny was showed in full glory. Tang Ya flushed as she stared at the ridiculous situation. Tang Li groped around Fang Yu’s breast and stopped when she found the ‘stopper’.

“Bweastmilk.....” Tang Li then started sucking on Fang Yu’s stopper as she greedily tried to devour her milk supply.

“Fang Yu, can you produce milk now?”

“Actually, I think I can.” With her perfectly refined body, Fang Yu was able to manipulate her mammary glands to produce milk. Upon tasting the sweet ‘bweastmilk’, Tang Li sped up her consumption.

Minutes passed by, and Tang Li let out a satisfied burp as she continued to sleep.

Fang Yu stared at the confounded Tang Ya. She then said gravely,

“Nobody shall know about this, ok?”

Tang Ya just nodded numbly.

Fang Yu sighed as she moved the sleeping Tang Li. She laid her on the bed, carefully placing her in the middle. Once she was done, she turned to the now calm Tang Ya.

“Tang Ya, do you have information about the current sect expedition? My seclusion training prevented me from gathering information.”

“Well I guess I can tell you.” Tang Ya then started to tell Fang Yu about the aims of the current sect expedition.

The sect expedition that the Immortal God Sect will conduct has the aim to give experiential training to the younger generation, and to show off the prestige of the Immortal God Sect.

From what Tang Ya knew, the sect will make the disciples or a team of disciples to do their own missions. The difficulty of the mission depends on their practitioner stage and status.

That means Outer Disciples will generally have easier missions than the Inner Disciples. First Stage practitioners will have easier mission compared to Second Stage practitioners.

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Success on the experential training will merit rewards. Failure may warrant punishment depending on the extent of the damage.

Upon hearing this, Fang Yu knew that she will likely receive a difficult mission. With Tang Ya with almost the same status as her, she will receive a hard one too.

While they continued idly chatting, a voice then sounded out through the whole spirit ship. It was the voice of Li Daozi.

“Before the spirit ship set sail towards the Tian Ji Empire, I want you all to gather in the Gathering Hall. There, you will receive your missions.”

Upon hearing this, Tang Ya and Fang Yu nodded to each other. Fang Yu nudged the little Tang Li awake.

“You need to go back to your mother now, you cannot go with us.”

“Muuuu.... But Sis bweastmilk ish good! I want moar!!!!”

“Tang Li?” Fang Yu had no choice but to look stern at Tang Li. “Once I go back, I will feed you more, ok?”

“Ok Sis....” Tang Li then floated away, exiting the spirit ship.

Fang Yu sighed in relief. She looked towards Tang Ya who nodded to her. Together, they went to the Gathering Hall.

They met up with Fang Lin at the entrance of the Gathering Hall. All three of them then entered the hall.

Once inside, what Fang Lin could see was large open space. Multitudes of disciples stood in the stage, clearly getting busy to know each other. Once Fang Yu’s group arrived, they all went quiet as they created a space for them.

Fang Yu and Tang Ya just grimaced at the burning looks they felt were running across their bodies. Fang Lin on the other hand, has to endure the anger-filled stares focused on him.

The trio had to endure this awkward situation for about a minute, when a clapping sound echoed from above. Everyone looked up, and they saw Li Daozi floating down towards them. He then started to speak,

“Today shall mark the start of your experiential training. This will help hone your power, and will help you find the way of your life. Cultivation and Ascension are not always about power, it’s also about your way of life. Get lost, and you will be lost forever.”

He then stared grimly at all the disciples below him. “I just wish that after this training, whether you succeed or fail, all of you must have at least found your way.”

He then waved his hands as thousands of jade slips appeared behind him. He waved his hand, as these jade slips landed on the disciples’ hands.

“Those jade slips contain what your mission will be for this time around. Read it well, and I hope all of you luck!”

“Wait....” Fang Yu then noticed something wrong. She, Fang Lin and Tang Ya did not receive any jade slip at all!

“Ahhh.... I seemed to have forgotten something. Oh right, the special missions!” Li Daozi then clapped his hands as he said, “To those who did not receive any jade slips, come here in front!”

Swooshing sounds were heard as some people went to the front. Fang Yu, Fang Lin and Tang Ya naturally followed suit.

Once all of them assembled in front, Fang Yu started counting them. She found out that including them, there were 24 people who did not receive jade slips. She looked to the side, and she saw Li Min waving his hands towards Fang Lin. Fang Lin sighed as he waved back.

“So, he is included too...” With this, Fang Yu was able to estimate that all 24 of them have a talent comparable to Li Min. Li Daozi then continued speaking.

“As you see, there are 24 of you. As such, you must form 8 groups of 3.”

As soon as Li Daozi said it, all the 21 people rushed towards Tang Ya and Fang, clearly wanting to join them. Who wouldn’t want to be at the company of two seductive beauties? Li Min however, seems to have his eyes on Fang Lin. Fang Lin shivered, hoping Li Min does not swing that way.

Upon seeing this, Tang Ya, Fang Yu and Fang Lin crowded together, showing the others that they are already a team. The 21 disappointed people just sighed as they fomed teams with each other.

After some time, all the 8 groups of 3 have been formed. When they were all set, Li Daozi spoke again.

“All 24 or you are some of the most talented practitioners of the younger generation. Because of that, simple missions will not be cut out for you!” He then clapped his hands.

“For you 24, I am going to give you a set of difficult missions. Each of this mission can only completed by one team. That means, one team might be able to complete all the missions while the others earn nothing. As such, this experiential training will be a competition among all you 24!”

“Each of the team will be graded depending on how they did well for each mission. Even if you did not complete that mission, as long as you did some commendable things, you will still earn a grade for that. Of course, those who will complete a mission will get the highest grade for that mission.”

“Once all of the missions have been done, the team with the highest grade shall be the winner!”

Fang Lin swallowed audibly as he heard this. He knew that at this moment, his team will be in a tight spot.

“I just hope that the missions here will be as easy as producing breastmilk.”