Chapter 75: Missions

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“What will be the missions then?” All the 8 groups looked towards Li Daozi expectantly. He just chuckled, clearly pleased with the eagerness of the disciples.

“Well, the sect had prepared 3 missions for all of you. As for one of the missions, you clearly know what it is.”

Fang Lin stifled a groan as he realized what it is. He knew it was related to his master Wang Hao.

“Guess its time to tell everyone then.” Li Daozi took a deep breath as he said, “As you might have known, a certain Outer Disciple of the Immortal God Sect had been a wanted man of the Tian Ji Empire. That person’s name was Wang Hao.” Li Daozi then continued his narrative.

“Due to some certain circumstances, Wang Hao acquired the mission to deal with the Fourth Stage Dragon at the Solstice Kingdom. Upon arriving in the Tian Ji Empire, Wang Hao managed to kill two Princes of the Tian Ji Empire!”

Gasps were heard throughout the hall as the shocking news was revealed to everyone. Fang Lin could not help but rub his ears in wonder. Did he just hear Li Daozi saying that Wang Hao killed two Princes of the Tian Ji Empire?

“From what the Empire told us, the one who were killed were Prince Robert and Prince Ronald of the Fireblood Family. The only survivor was their guardian, who managed to survive and come back to the Fireblood Family. It was him who described the events of their deaths. Intriguingly, the Empire refuses to say how they died.”

“But wait, there’s more. The next morning, the Goldscar family discovered that one of their younger generation, Prince Karl was already dead. They discovered that his life jade had shattered. From their augury, they discovered that Prince Karl died near the Forest of Death.” Li Daozi then paused, as if he wanted to add some special effects.

“It was inside the Forest of Death that the corpses of Prince Robert and Karl were discovered.”

“Then that means....”

“That means that Wang Hao was now the suspect of the Tian Ji Empire for the deaths of 3 of their princes. As such, he’s wanted now. If he will be caught, he will be punished with the death penalty.”

Li Daozi then stared at the 8 groups. He cleared his throat as he said, “So for you first mission, capture Wang Hao!”

Fang Lin, Fang Yu and Tang Ya all sighed in resignation. It seems like they have to do their best to be the one to catch Wang Hao. If not, who knows what might happen to him.

“The success of this mission depends on the capture of Wang Hao. The group that manages to capture him will be given 100 points. If your group had some part on his capture, your group will be also given points depending on the importance of your contribution.”

Fang Lin raised his hand, wanting to catch Li Daozi’s attention. Upon seeing his hand, Li Daozi pointed to him as he asked,

“Well.......” Fang Lin asked a question that plagued him since earlier. “If the whole Tian Ji Empire was not able to capture him, then how can we do it?”

Li Daozi’s expression turned smug. He pointed towards himself as he declared, “You know of my capabilities, right? I can see the future! And with my numerancy abilities, I determined that Wang Hao will appear on the site of your second mission.”

“As for the second mission, you must solve the dilemma regarding the Fourth Stage Dragon in the Solstice Kingdom! My numerancy determined that Wang Hao will surely appear there. I do not know exactly when, but it will start from this day.”

“As for the third mission, I will not tell you yet. You will only know it after completing the second mission. As for the first mission, it just depends on your luck if you can catch him.”

“Now that you have all known what to do, go back to your quarters already. The spirit ship will start its travel already.” After hearing this, the crowd dispersed already. Fang Lin’s group then rushed back to their places. They clearly wanted to avoid meeting with people now.

Fang Yu and Tang Ya sighed in relief as they managed to enter their room. As for Fang Lin, he had safely locked himself in his room. Fang Yu then looked at Tang Ya as she asked,

“So what do we do now?”

“We rest first, I think.” Tang Ya reasonably stated. “As for the capture of Wang Hao, lets just talk about it later.”

But before Tang Ya could sleep, she heard Fang Yu offering something to her.

“You know Tang Ya....... I am skilled in giving massages. Let me give you one now. It will wipe your fatigue away.”

Tang Ya was about to say yes, until she saw the expression on Fang Yu’s face. Fang Yu looked flushed and really excited, as if she badly wanted Tang Ya to receive the massage. Her finger were trembling a little, giving Fang Yu and overall creepy vibe.

“Ummm sorry... but I guess not for now.”

Fang Yu’s sigh of disappointment was masked by the roaring of the spirit ship as it streaked towards the Immortal God Sect.

On his room, Fang Lin was also disappointed. He disgruntledly threw away all the wicked thoughts that inhabited his mind at that time. As his mind started to clear up, he thought to himself, “If Master was here, things could have been a lot enjoyable.” He then closed his eyes and slept as the spirit ship started its trip.

While the Immortal God Sect’s Entourage has made their move, there was someone who was also getting ready. This person was packing his things, while arranging all his items well. Behind him, a beautiful lady stared incredulously. Her long hair swished behind her as she shook her head in disappointment.

“You know, this is your 43rd attempt on escaping. Give up now, you will just be caught.”

For the last 6 months, Wang Hao did not stay idle. He tried all the ways he can to escape from the village. He tried bribing Chief Fou to smuggle him and his friends out, but the man was clearly loyal to his wife. After that he tried more strategies to escape. All of these failed, of course.

Of all the attempts he made, there was one where he almost succeeded. But as he was just about to enjoy his victory, one irritated snort made it all go away.

“That damned bull!” Wang Hao thought to himself angrily. If not for that bull intervening on his escape, he could have been having the time of his life in the casinos.

Wang Hao sighed irritatedly as he continued on packing his things. He turned to face Eleanor. He then said, ” I am not trying to escape now. Do you know what this day signifies?”

“Oh, today is the day when the catastrophe was supposed to happen. But as of now, nothing’s happening yet.”

“Yes, that’s it!” Wang Hao replied happily. “If this day passes and no catastrophe happens, I am sure that Sarah the Seer will think its ok for me to leave this village. She will think that she had avoided the catastrophe she had detected!”

“You think its just as simple as that?” Eleanor was about to start berating Wang Hao when they heard someone approaching them. It was Sarah the Seer.

“What Wang Hao said was right. As long as nothing happens today, you all will be free to leave.”

“Then I guess we must wait until tomorrow.”

The whole sunny sky then turned dark as the day ended. The next morning, Wang Hao with all his things prepared and packed, smiled smugly towards Sarah the Seer. Sarah the Seer looked disappointed while also relieved at the same time.

Upon seeing Wang Hao and his companions ready to leave, Sarah felt the need to ask one question.

“After this, where are all of you going to?”

“Where?” It was then that Wang Hao remembered about the Fourth Stage Dragon that he was supposed to be dealing with. But with all that happened, he put that dragon at the back of his mind.

Wang Hao flashed a smile as he declared their next destination.

“We are going to the Solstice Kingdom!”