Chapter 77: Meeting

The Chronicles of the Immortal God kcgrabin 2022/9/21 8:27:54

Half an hour passed by, and the spirit ship of the Immortal God Sect had landed on the landing port of the Tian Ji Empire. It was located on a wide plain within the vicinity of the spear.

The Tian Ji Empire was clearly taunting all the newcomers.

“See this spear? If you do not behave, this will skewer all of you!” Such a message could not be said better than to just show it.

Li Daozi’s voice could be heard booming inside the spirit ship. “As of now, all of you must stay in the ship first. I have to do some private meetings with the important officials of the Tian Ji Empire. Once it was done, then the experiential training shall begin!”

“I am sorry for the interruption, but I think you have to join me on this meeting.”

“Wait, why me? And is it just me?”

“Actually..... before we left, Xiao Ya instructed me to bring you with me when I meet with the officials of the Tian Ji Empire. She said it will be vital if I show off her disciple...”

“How about Tang Ya? She’s the reserve disciple of Tang Guo.”

“I also suggested that.... but she said that since she is not yet an official disciple of Tang Luo, I cannot really bring her. Now just wait there and I will fetch you!”

A few seconds later, and Fang Yu heard some knocking at her door. As she opened it, she found the grinning Li Daozi staring at her. After a few seconds of silence, he said, “Where is Li’er?”

Fang Yu stopped herself from grinning. Tang Li was currently gripping her head, hiding herself from her Baldy. She clearly wanted to keep her father from seeing her.

“I actually do not know........”

Li Daozi immediately felt sad upon hearing that. He knew that Tang I was just nearby, but hiding herself in plain sight.

“Huhuhuhu, my beloved Li’er, papa is looking for you!”

“Muuu... No!” Tang Li just shook her head and stayed hidden. Fang Yu just continued smirking, clearly enjoying Li Daozi’s misery. Li Daozi just slumped his shoulders in defeat as he motioned Fang Yu to follow him.

He waved his hand as he flew, bringing Fang Yu with him.

Countless disciples saw what was happening. They pointed shamelessly at Fang Yu while they murmured to themselves.

“The Grand Elder is bringing Fang Yu with him on his meeting? Well, that’s to be expected I guess. But damn! Those robes really hug her body perfectly.....”

“Ugh, why did not Big Sis Fang Yu wear some skirt? It surely will be heaven!!”

More and more mutterings were heard by Fang Yu as she went out. Once outside, she audibly sighed in relief. Li Daozi on the other hand, seemed to not care about what happened to Fang Yu. It seemed like he was still holding a grudge with what happened with Tang Li.

Li Daozi then flew with Fang Yu in tow towards the palace near the Tian Ji Divine Spear.

Upon arriving near the palace, what Fang Yu first saw was a massive gate blocking the entrance. Both sides were flanked by Fourth Stage Guards. They held long spears on their hands as they stood motionless. Their eyes glinted in interest as they observed all the incoming visitors.

Once they saw Li Daozi and Fang Yu approaching, the two guards then assumed a saluting pose.

“We greet the Grand Elder and the Successor Disciple of the Immortal God Sect!”

“Yes, yes, I accept your greetings.” Li Daozi waved his hands dismissively. “Can you open the gates for us two now?”

“Of course, dear guests!” The two guards then pressed their palms at each side of the gate.

The gate started creaking as it slowly revealed a way. Once the crack was big enough, the guards motioned for them to go in. Once they were past the gate, Fang Yu had more chance on observing the palace.

The first thing she noticed was that at the front of the palace, there was a massive arch. At the top of the arch, some character were written in a domineering fashion. Even though they seemed to be written with a weapon, power and killing intent could still be felt from these symbols.

It read ‘Tian Ji Divine Palace’!

“Wow, these folks from the Tian Ji Divine Empire are really good in making names. Divine Spear, now Divine Palace. What’s next, Divine Toilet?”

“Hahaha, it was a great joke, but I doubt you should be saying that here, pretty miss.” Fang Yu spun around to see where that voice came from.

What she saw was an effeminate man. He had a slim body and fair skin. His green robes complemented perfectly with his graceful presence. Coupled with his long hair and handsome face, his masculinity was bound to be suspected.

“Oh, its Arthur!” Li Daozi clearly knew the man, as they hugged each other in delight. “You sissy! So you can also get some day-offs after being the Patriarch of the Leafblade Family!”

Arthur just replied casually. “A day-off? No, I am here because of what I heard from the Emperor. He said you had a very important prophecy to announce. Are you sure this is not one of your drug trips again?”

“No!” Li Daozi said indignantly. “This one came to me naturally! I swear with my Dao Soul!”

Arthur sighed in relief after hearing Li Daozi’s promise. “I guess we can believe you. But is this prophecy related to the fate of the Tian Ji Empire?”

“It is highly related. Actually the truth is, I received this prophecy 6 months ago. But before I could warn you, I felt that the prophecy I saw started to fluctuate.”

“Yes, I felt that what I prophesized might happen or might not happen. I also realized that if I tell you about that prophecy immediately, it will happen without a doubt. That made me to have no choice but to wait.”

Li Daozi clasped his hand solemnly as he continued.

“I waited until this day. If before, my vision of the future had been fluctuating, today, it had stabilized again. This clearly means that what was preventing the prophesized event from happening had lost its effect already.”

Upon hearing this, Arthur’s expression turned serious. “In that case, we must hasten. If its related to the Tian Ji Empire, the faster all the patriarchs know, the better!”

“Wait, the other patriarchs?” Li Daozi asked suddenly. “All of them are going to be here?”

“What is your problem with that? Wait.... Oh boy, this is going to be good!” Arthur let out an evil smile as he realized what Li Daozi was worried about.

“You know, she’s still angry after you ran off with Tang Lin.”

“But what I can do? It’s a forced arrangement! I could not just agree to that!”

“Ya, ya, ya, just explain yourself well.”

“Arthur my friend, please help me!”

“Help you? With your prophetic abilities, you should have seen this coming. Now you only have yourself to blame.”

Fang Yu and the invisible Tang Li both tilted their heads in wonder. Who could be the person to invoke such a sense of panic from Li Daozi aside from his wife?

While Arthur continued on tormenting Li Daozi, Fang Yu then felt 7 powerful presences approaching their locations. They could have hidden their auras, but they wanted to make their presence known even from a distance away.

“Show-offs!” Arthur muttered to himself. Li Daozi then stood up and tried to make himself look as formal as possible.

A few minutes later, and the 7 newcomers arrived.

Upon seeing them, Fang Yu already knew it.

These 7 along with Arthur were the 8 Patriarchs of the Tian Ji Empire! One of them will be the next Emperor!

All the 8 Patriarchs stared at each other. They then said at the top of their voices,

“Glory to the Tian Ji Empire!”

Tang Li could not help but also shout after hearing such invigorating scene.