Chapter 78: Emperor

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Fang Yu observed the 7 newcomers who just arrived. All of them wore robes of different color, signifying their own family. At the back of their robes was the symbol 田吉(Tian Ji).

They then nodded to each other as they wore masks with the similar color as their robes. This put all the patriarchs on a mysterious view as if they are not just a person, but the family itself. All of them started to go inside the Tian Ji Divine Palace. Fang Yu and Li Daozi followed behind them.

One of the patriarchs, who looked like a real female based on her body, paused slightly. Her mask-covered face was directed towards Li Daozi himself. Upon seeing this, Li Daozi just awkwardly looked away.

The masked patriarch seemed to huff out in annoyance upon seeing Li Daozi’s reaction. She then continued walking. Fang Yu just smiled awkwardly as they continued following them.

Once inside the palace, Fang Yu saw that instead of going through the center of the palace, all the patriarchs veered towards the room on the left. Upon going inside, Fang Yu saw what made the patriarchs go here.

“This is a transportation formation....”

What Fang Yu was seeing right now was a perfectly constructed Transportation Formation.

“So, the Emperor is not at the Divine Palace then.......” Fang Yu knew that this kind of secret must not be casually said to others. She then mentally ordered herself to keep her mouth shut.

The patriarchs then all stepped inside the formation. Fang Yu and LI Daozi followed suit. Seconds later, and the formation glowed with a brilliant blue light. It illuminated the whole room, inciting slight panic to those who were near the room.

Fang Yu then felt the feeling of travelling across a vast expanse of space. The feeling was similar to when Wang Hao traveled with Fang Lin through his teleportation. The feeling of the body passing through the emptiness felt both ethereal and unsettling. This state of travel lasted for only a second.

The next thing she knew was they were now in a different place. They were now in a room around the size of 10 carriages. The atmosphere in the room seemed ambient, managing to calm the nerves of Fang Yu.

The room itself seemed plain, with bookshelves lining against the walls. The ceiling had been draped with formations, while the wooden floor seemed to be reinforced with spells.

At the dead center of the room was a large oval table. There were 9 seats positions around the table’s edge. At the far end of the table, there was a seat occupied there. Fang Yu looked at that seat, and what she saw was another masked person.

But this person was not a man, but clearly a woman. Her long, lustrous hair flowed freely across her lithe body. Her creamy white skin glowed further at the darkness of the room. Her violet-colored robes hugged her body perfectly. Her long shapely thighs further emphasized her curves. She may be lacking at the chest department, but her full bum directly compensated for that.

Even Fang Yu, who clearly is at the breast side, felt herself extremely attracted to this woman’s perky behind. Her eyes froze in place, trying to imprint all the glory of the woman’s thigh and butt.

Upon seeing this, Li Daozi elbowed her a little.

“Emperor? But she is a-”

“Yeah, I know what you are thinking,” Li Daozi interrupted Fang Yu’s thoughts. “She made the request to be called the Emperor and be referred as ‘he’ when she was not around. She never said the reason why, but we just followed it.”

Fang Yu then averted her eyes away, trying not to look guilty as she observed the 8 patriarchs. From looking at the 8 patriarchs, she observed that each one of them seemed to be slightly wary of the Emperor. Only the patriarch who checked Li Daozi out earlier seemed to be at ease with the Emperor.

The Empero then stood up, clapped her hands as she said, “It seems like our friend, Li Daozi here has something important to tell us. He said its highly related to the well-being of the Tian Ji Empire.” She then narrowed her eyes as she looked at Li Daozi.

“You better have something good to tell us.”

The other patriarchs then all sat down at their respective seats as they listened to Li Daozi.

Li Daozi cleared his throat as he started to speak.

“Actually... I cannot speak about what I saw in the prophecy. Its not really that I am not allowed, but I feel that you will all resort to drastic actions once you hear what happens.”

“Then what will you TELL us?” This time, it was the patriarch who looked at Li Daozi earlier who spoke up. “If you will just waste our time and expectations, you better go now.”

Nervous laughter filled the room after that.

“Well..... I can only tell you the methods that can be done to prevent the incoming calamity.” Li Daozi scratched his head awkwardly as he stared away from the woman who rebuked him.

“There are three things you can do that might prevent the incoming disaster. Well, it may only might, but at least it gives a higher chance............”

“The first one is that when you capture Wang Hao, you must not kill him, leave him alive.”

“Bullshit!” Two angry men then stood up as they banged their hands on the table. The table rattled as the two men pointed their fingers towards Li Daozi accusingly.

One of these men, who wore flaming red robes spoke at the top of his voice. “You just want to defend a member of your sect! What prophecy bulls**t! I want his death! That is the only way to repay the lives of my two sons!” This man is obviously the Patriarch of the Fireblood Family.

The other man, who wore a dazzling golden robe, sneered at Li Daozi. “Out with it coward, just admit it, you are lying to us. Why make it this complicated? You can just beg us to spare him.” He then lifted his legs to show his gold-plated boots. He waved it teasingly towards Li Daozi as he said,

“If you lick this, I might forget that puny disciple of your sect for killing one of Goldscar Family.”

“Pipe down, you two!” An overbearing aura erupted from the Emperor as she rebuked the 2 patriarchs.

“Sis down and quit yapping here.” She then paused as she started to question the two.

She stared at the flame-robed patriarch as she asked, “Huo Qiu, could you care to explain why two of your princes were at the Forest of Death? That seems suspicious to me too.”

“They are having some special training! What else could they have done there? Ughh.. If they did not go there... they could have been alive....”Huo Qiu seemed to lament as his voice turned weaker.

“Do you swear with your Dao Soul that all you said was true?” At this time, a man who had been wearing blue robes spoke up. His chest rose up and down as he contained his anger.

“I know that you are somewhat related to the attack in my Watercloud family! My brother and his wife died, and now their 3 children are missing....” The blue-robed man shouted frantically at Huo Qiu.

“Do swear upon your Dao Soul! Swear that those two dead princes of yours did not have any participation on that attack!”

“How dare you make me do such thing, Shui Jian!” Huo Qiu bellowed back. “I am in a state of grief now, and you make me do an oath? If my emotions were fine, then I can agree. But now, I feel that I cannot endure the pressure!”

“Shameless! Filthy ****ing liar!” Shui Jian and Hou Qiu tensed, as if they were ready to fight. The Emperor sighed audibly after seeing them. Upon hearing this, Huo Qiu and Shu Jian both sat down, while seemingly glaring daggers at each other.

The Emperor looked to the gold-robed man. The gold-robed man just shrugged as he said,

“I, Jin Shen of the Goldscar Family, swear with my Dao Soul that I have no ideas on what the deceased Prince Karl had been doing at the time before he died.”

The Emperor nodded, seemingly satisfied with his answer. She just shook her head once she looked towards Li Daozi.

“I am sorry, but the rule of the Empire is the law. How about this? If someone from the Tian Ji Empire catches Wang Hao, the Empire is free to kill him. But if someone from your sect catches him, leaving him alive can be talked about.”

“No buts!” The Emperor said coldly. “Whose word should you listen to?”

“Only your words, our Emperor.” All the 8 patriarchs said simultaneously. Huo Qiu and Jin Shen just sulked after that.

“Ok then,” the Emperor then looked at Li Daozi. “I suppose that’s ok for you then?”

Li Daozi sighed. “It seems that will be the best compromise you can give. Well... I have no choice then but to accept it.”

Once the first thing to be done had been negotiated upon, Li Daozi then started talking about the second and third request.

“As for the next two, you can say they are tied together, so you can do them at the same time.”

“Well....” Li Daozi scratched his head awkwardly. This might get awkward....”

“Well then.” Li Daozi coughed to compose himself a little. He then said in a pompous voice.

“Within this week, the Emperor must have a baby on her belly, and must give birth to her within this week!”