Chapter 91: Solstice Kingdom

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Chapter 91: Solstice Kingdom

While the disciples of the Immortal God Sect were riding their Spirit Ship towards the Solstice Kingdom, there was already a group who arrived in the Solstice Kingdom.

Because of the weekly attacks of the ‘dragonspawn’, the guards of the Solstice Kingdom had to heighten their security abilities. The crime rate rose dramatically with the chaos brought upon by the beasts. If not for the strict training the guards underwent at their initiation, the Kingdom might have been under an anarchy already.

“Damn the queen!” One of the guards tasked with guarding one of the 3 gates of the Solstice Kingdom complained. “It has been years and she still continued to torment us! If not for the king, she should have been killed off already.”

“Shut your mouth!” His partner rebuked the guard harshly. He scanned his eyes around, trying to see in anyone managed to overhear them.

“You know about her pitiful condition! We should be pitying her instead of blaming her!”

“Pity her?” The guards asked sarcastically. “The only way to help her now is to end her life! Mercy killing!”

His partner paused unable to formulate his own argument. He then gritted his teeth as he countered back, “But with the King around, nobody can even think of hurting the queen.”

“Yeah, but that may not last for long.” The guard smirked as he said to his partner, “You heard about the arrival of the Immortal God Sect disciples right?”

“Yeah, I heard that they were sent here to deal with the dragon scourge.”

“But from what I heard too, if those disciples from the Immortal God Sect fails to deal with the dragon scourge, the Tian Ji Empire will personally deal with the queen.”

“Sigh.” The two guards sighed as they lamented the fate of their queen. If the disciples fail, she will die. If they succeed, can the queen carry the burden of her guilt? Knowing that she led to the death of people to protect her? It will be a great torment for the queen.

Either way, it will be a miserable end for the king and queen.

They were about to continue telling idle stories to each other when they noticed 5 silhouettes approaching the gate. The guards held their weapons as they tensed their bodies. When the bodies are near enough, they called out,

“Halt! Who goes there!”

The approaching people halted. The person leading them suddenly advanced by one step. Before the guards could warn him/her to stay back, the person held the hood covering his/her face and pulled it down.

What the two guards saw was the most handsome man they ever met. Not even those male prostitutes can compare to the man in front of them. The only thing marring his handsome demeanor was the mischievous expression on his face.

The man smiled at the two dazed guards as he asked,

“Honorable guards, is this the Solstice Kingdom?”

“If we say yes, what will you do?”

“Oh my, I am not like that, you Honorable Sires!” The handsome man seemed apologetic as he slightly bowed in front of them.

“I was just travelling the Immortal Continent with my friends right here when I heard about the unique situation of the Solstice Kingdom. I ended up here after asking for some directions.” He then continued smiling as he said,

“I just want to see if I can give any kind of help to the Solstice Kingdom.”

The two guards observed the handsome man. From his movements and way of speaking, he was obviously from a high-class family. When they heard him utter that he was travelling the Immortal Continent, they realized this man may be a bigshot.

Whether he had good or bad intentions against the Kingdom, what can they do to stop him? They opened the gates as they ushered the man and his companions inside.

“Welcome to the Solstice Kingdom!”


The handsome man was of course Wang Hao.

Once they were allowed to leave, Wang Hao immediately spammed his teleportation ability to quickly arrive at the Solstice Kingdom. They only stopped for food, bathroom breaks and to sleep.

After almost a day of non-stop teleporting, Wang Hao managed to see the Mount Skydome that was towering over the Solstice Kingdom. Wang Hao could still see that the Solstice Kingdom was still covered by the shadow of the colossus mountain.

Once near the gates, Wang Hao and his companions wore cloaks to hide their identities. Once near the gates, Wang Hao showed his face and the rest was history.

After entering the Solstice Kingdom, Eleanor and Anna paused as they look at the surroundings with wonder.

“So pretty!” Anna was awed by what she saw. The shadow cast by Mount Skydome was fundamentally different that the night sky. This was a pure shadow, with no stars or moon to brighten it up. The Kingdom of course has customized lights that deal with this. But as for the outer edges of the Kingdom where civilization was rare, certain animals make their appearance here.

Small critters flew around Anna and Eleanor as they glowed with assorted colors. Anna waved her hands attempting to catch one. She failed, of course. One of these colorful bugs however, landed on Anna’s shoulders.

It let out a buzzing sound as if it was declaring that Anna was its owner now.

“Look Big Sis! I have pet now!” Anna happily cupped the critter as she rubbed it against her cheeks.

“I will name her Ann!” Ann buzzed in reply, seemingly satisfied with its name.

Wang Hao could not help but smile at this adorable scene. He knew that Anna and her brother were the one most affected by the attack on their family. They lost their parents this early, and now they have to be on a run from a formidable enemy.

Any child at this situation will be emotionally damaged.

Wang Hao then had an evil smile on his face as he thought of something. He grabbed some ice from his space pocket and cupped it on his hands. He then went behind the Sstill happy Anna. He was about to pour the ice cubes on her back when he heard a shrilling noise.

A hideous-looking creature suddenly appeared in front of them. Its body was highly deformed, with Wang Hao being barely able to distinguish a pair of arms, a pair of legs, a torso and the lump on its top as its head.

Its body was covered with a dark, slimy coating that dripped towards the ground with its every movement. The creature’s movement seemed erratic, with it shuffling slowly forward.

Eleanor, Anna and the other two immediately went behind Wang Hao. Wang Hao could only say,

“Why are you hiding behind me? You expect me to beat this creature? It’s at the Third Stage!”

“Whatever, you still owe me after I caught you sniffing my neck earlier!”

“But I just checked whether you are sick!”

Wang Hao had no choice then but to beat up this Third Stage Monster. But before he could square up, his eyes widened as he observed the beast closely.

“It can’t be!” Wang Hao thought to himself as he scrutinized the beast. “It seems like there is only one way to prove it!”

Wang Hao suddenly disappeared, suddenly appearing behind the beast. Even though the beast was at the Third Stage, it can never react that quickly against Wang Hao’s teleportation.

Once behind the beast, Wang Hao placed his left arm lightly upon the beasts’ back. All of a sudden, the beast let out a miserable shout as it disintegrated into the air.

Eleanor could only watch on wonder as Wang Hao insta-killed the beast with an unknown move.

“How did you defeat that beast?” Anna, being inquisitive she is, asked Wang Hao. Ann the bug whizzed around her while continuing to let out some lights.

“Sorry, but I cannot tell you yet.”

Wang Hao frowned to himself as he observed the energy he absorbed from the beast earlier. This sensation.... he can never be wrong.....

“What’s the matter Wang Hao? Was there something wrong about that ‘dragonspawn’?” Eleanor noticed Wang Hao’s worried look as he made his arms open and close.

“I think... this beast was related to the Underworld!”

“Don’t tell me, that Underworld?!” Eleanor’s face turned pale as she realized the gravity of the situation. She shook Wang Hao’s arms as she anxiously asked, “What are we going to do now Wang Hao?!”

Wang Hao just said solemnly, “With the Underworld related here, we are in a sh***y situation. Because of that, I can only say this.” He took a deep breath as he declared,

“We must, at all costs, take control of this kingdom as soon as possible! That is the only way for us to win here!”