Chapter 92: Meeting

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“Wait, you want to take over the Empire?” Boner had to take some deep breaths to calm himself down. “Are you sure you are in you right mind?”

“Hell yes, of course I am!” Wang Hao said proudly. “You know that I also did some research about the Solstice Kingdom. Coupled with the discovery that I made now, I have a made a rough approximation on why this kingdom was under this kind of problem.”

“Wow, then Mr. Genius, care to tell about it to us?” Eleanor said sarcastically.

“Not yet, now is not the time.” Wang Hao shook his head while looking solemn. “Just follow my plan, and we can succeed in this.”

“Curses, you really are a petty pervert!” Eleanor huffed as she continued berating Wang Hao. She sighed as she said, “So what are we going to do now?”

“Let’s find an inn to rest in first.”

Wang Hao’s companions agreed, and they started walking towards the nearest village they could find.


Approximately 6 hours after Wang Hao arrived in the Solstice Kingdom.

Fang Yu and Tang Ya sat together on a round table in the middle of a large room. The room was reminiscent of the room of Empyrea at the Tian Ji Divine Palace. Bookshelves served as the walls of the room. The floor and the ceiling were also covered in magical formations and talismans. Empyrea was leaning against one of the bookshelves, directly behind Fang Yu and Tang Ya’s place.

Aside from them, there were 21 people who sat on the table. Most of them sat closely by threes. Fang Yu slowly observed each one of them.

The group on the farthest left was composed of three gorgeous ladies. Their white skin and curvy bodies were a sight to see. Their beauty might not be comparable to Xiao Ya, but Fang Yu still salivated at the thought of them joining her on one big bed.

Upon seeing Fang Yu staring at them intently, the three ladies giggled, clearly pleased with Fang Yu’s ogling. They all licked their lips as they leaned forward, showing their cleavage to her. They looked at Fang Yu teasingly. They laughed as they saw Fang Yu averting her eyes quickly.

If the group from the farthest left was an eye candy, the group next to them made Fang Yu’s mood plummet.

These group was composed of all males. They all looked ok, but their eyes were saying different thing. As a pervert herself, Fang Yu had that look in her eyes when she was lusting for something.

They might be able to restrain it, but Fang Yu could still see them stealing glances at her bust and face.

“Hmmph!” Fang Yu snorted as she glared at the group. These perverts had to begrudgingly remove their line of vision from Fang Yu.

Fang Yu sighed in relief upon having ‘expelled’ them. As for the group next to them, Fang Yu found nothing that special.

The group was composed of a man and two ladies. The man had a tanned skin, with an eyepatch covering his eyes. His long hair freely swished from his shoulders as he shook off some dust from his face. As for the two ladies, they all looked like normal females to Fang Yu.

They had no heaven-shaking beauty or an unfathomable aura. But Fang Yu could still feel that they seem to be hiding something. They were quiet while the eyepatch man smiled at Fang Yu when he caught her staring at them.

Fang Yu just gave a nod in return. She smiled as she saw the people on the next group.

The group was composed of two young ladies and a young lad. The ladies were around the same age as Fang Yu, while the young lad was around 13 years old.

The young lad was Shi Poyun. One of the young ladies was cradling Shi Poyun, who sat on her lap. The other lady on the other hand, was busy feeding Shi Poyun with some sliced apples. Shi Poyun nibbled the apples in relish as he leaned his head back on the bountiful chest of the lady cradling him.

“This lad!” Fang Yu was irritated upon seeing that this young boy had some girls following him. She could see it clearly on her eyes. These two girls seem really infatuated with Shi Poyun.

“What the hell this this little boy did to easily seduce them? I must ask him later!” Fang Yu then remembered about the bratty boy that Fang Lin met in the Forest of Death. She decided to inquire about it to Shi Poyun later.

As for the 5th group, Fang Yu saw that it was Li Min who was leading them. As for the two people with him, they were two males who seemed to be younger than Li Min. Fang Yu also noticed that all three of them shared similar facial features. Li Min gave a nod and a smile after noticing Fang Yu’s gaze.

“They must be relatives.” Fang Yu thought to herself as she gave a nod back to Li Min. She then looked at the next group. Upon seeing them however, Fang Yu had to stop herself from saying,

The group that Fang Yu saw was being lead by in ice-cold female. Her body may not be as curvy as Fang Yu’s, but her face was the most elegant one that Fang Yu saw. She may not be as seductively beautiful as Xiao Ya and Fang Yu or wickedly pretty like Feng Li, but her beauty was the type that makes Fang Yu want to dominate her.

This woman seemed to have no other expressions on her face as she just stared forward idly. This made Fang Yu want to tie this woman on the bed and just play with her. Fang Yu salivated as she imagined the woman making moaning sounds and her face turning into an ahegao[1] face.

As for the other people with the woman, Fang Yu noticed that they were twin males. They had their hair shaved, making them bald. They wore loose robes that reminded Fang Yu of monks. Their faces seemed to be peaceful and tranquil.

Tang Li, who had been sitting on Fang Yu’s head, pointed at the two while saying to Fang Yu,

“Look Sis! Two Baldies!”

Fang Yu just ignored Tang Li’s excited queries. She suppressed her evil thoughts about the ice-cold woman as she looked at the final group.

Out of all the groups that Fang Yu saw, this group in front of her made her raise her wariness.

This group was composed of one female and two males. The smallest among them was one of the males.

He seemed to be around the same age as Shi Poyun. The only difference was that instead of having a wild and free disposition, the one in front of Fang Yu seemed to be reserved and quiet. He held a multitude of scrolls on his hands as he stared down at the floor.

As for the lone woman, Fang Yu noticed that she gave off the same vibe as Tang Ya. A wild and fierce beauty. But instead of attracting Fang Yu, Fang Yu seemed to feel cautious against her. She felt this cautious because of the killing intent that the woman exudes.

As for the other man, Fang Yu knew that this guy was the strongest among them. Fang Yu could not explain how, but even her instincts were warning that this guy was dangerous.

Out of all the people inside the meeting room, this man looked the plainest. Even his aura seemed to be comparable to a mortal. But Fang Yu could unconsciously feel pressure emanating from him.

She averted her eyes as she looked at Tang Ya.

Tang Ya had her eyes slightly narrowed as she also observed everyone.

Actually, everyone in the room was observing each other, looking for potential threats and allies. Some questioning looks were also sent on Empyrea’s direction.

After 5 minutes of intense checking outs, the plain-looking man stood up as he said,

“We shall now commence the meeting for strategic plans on dealing with the dragon scourge.” His voice was surprisingly serene. He then continued.

“Our primary topic was to discuss on how to deal with the dragon scourge. Will we kill the dragon, or will we find a way to help it?”

“Help it!” Fang Yu said.

“Kill it!” The ice-cold woman said.

Fang Yu and the ice-cold woman stared at each other after hearing differing opinions from each other. Sparks seemed to fly as their gazes collided.

“I swear I will make this woman an M!” Fang Yu swore to herself as she angrily glared at the ice-cold woman.