Chapter 94: Strange Place

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Chapter 94: Strange Place

“Umm.....” It was the plain man who broke the awkward silence. “Disregarding what happened earlier, we shall continue on what we talked about. So, what do we do? Do we help the dragon, or do we kill it?”

The one who answered this time was Li Min. He stood up while his spear stood straight from his back.

“Instead of doing things like this, why don’t we just do what we want to do? You, Ling Tian, just want to mess everything up here!”

The plain man who was named Ling Tian just smiled in response. He seemed to have disregarded Li Min’s accusation.

“Mess everything up? I do not aim to do such thing! I just want to know the consensus of everyone here.”

“Consensus?” Li Min replied with a sneer. “Just a minute after you started the meeting, Fang Yu’s group and Luo Jing’s group already had enmity with each other. Not only that, but you were able to determine some of their abilities. You just got what you wanted.”

Upon hearing Li Min’s reasoning, everyone in the room drew a sharp breath. Ling Tian was actually this crafty!

Ling Tian just smiled, but he did not continue to say anything. He sent a knowing smile to Fang Yu as he sat down.

“If all of you think like that, then this meeting can be considered a bust then. Let’s just go back to our rooms and wait until we arrive at the Solstice Kingdom.” Ling Tian and his teammates then stood up and went back to their quarters.

The other groups stood up and went back to their respective rooms too. Tang Ya stood up and was about to leave too. It was then that she noticed Fang Yu who sat frozen on her seat.

“Hey Fang Yu, are you ok?” Tang Ya was worried as she saw that Fang Yu seemed to be stuck on her little world.

After Fang Yu had beat up and humiliated Luo Jing in front of everyone, she felt badass and thought she was really cool. But when she realized that she had been just used and exploited by Ling Tian, she was immediately enraged.

She did her best to stop herself from jumping up and assaulting Lin Tian. She knew her weakness, so she did her best to suppress her rage. Only when Fang Yu was sure that Ling Tian was not near anymore that she loosened her body.

Tang Ya was relieved when she saw Fang Yu moving again. She was about to ask what was wrong when she felt Empyrea’s hand on her shoulder. Empyrea shook her head slightly, as if saying,

“Let her have some time alone first.”

Tang Ya just sighed as she saw Fang Yu robotically move back to her room.

“I wish she will feel better once we arrive at the Solstice Kingdom.”

It was then that they heard a childish voice echoing across the whole spirit ship. Tang Ya realized that this was the voice of the item spirit of the spirit ship.

“Hmmphh, because that mean baldy had ignored talking to me today, we will not follow his course schedule! He wanted this ship to arrive two hours later. Well then, multiply that by 5! This ship will arrive in the Solstice Kingdom in 10 hours!”

The item spirit seemed to be really angry that Li Daozi ignored her. This intentional delay of hers seemed to be her petty revenge.

Tang Ya already forgot the number of sighs that she uttered today.


While Fang Yu and her friends were delayed, Fang Lin was facing a precarious situation. It was already night, around 5 hours after the items spirit’s announcement of the travel delay.

Fang Lin was about to face the merciless ‘makeover’ of the bratty boy. He struggled to move his paralyzed body, only to continue failing.

He held his breath as the boy approached him with the sinister-looking scissors on his left hand and a large syringe on his right.

To Fang Lin’s horror, the bratty boy plunged in the syringe into his body. To his surprise, his senses started to get distorted. His surroundings started to warp as he felt himself losing consciousness. His last thought before his eyes went dark was,

“I wish I will still be pure after this.”

But instead of slumbering into a deep sleep, Fang Lin felt that his surroundings changed immediately. He opened his eyes, and what he saw was an entirely different world.

“Where the hell... am I?”

What Fang Lin was seeing right now was quite bizarre, even to his standards.

All the colors around him were in a constant chaotic state. They weave freely across everything, and they suddenly change at any given time. The objects themselves are weird too.

They seemed to have no fixed shape as they suddenly morph into an entirely different object the next moment. Even the landscape were constantly shifiting.

One moment and Fang Yu was seeing a vast green plain with towering mountains in the distance. The next moment, and his surroundings changed into a raging sea with violent waved. Fang Lin felt the water crashing into him, making him feel wet and cold.

Fang Lin had a hunch that whatever that brat injected to him brought him into a brand new world. He does not know why, but now he had to investigate his location first.

As he tried to move, he felt that his body was lighter than what he expected it to be. Fang Lin panicked, thinking that he might have a different body in this place. He then tested his practitioner abilities. To his relief, he can still use all his cultivation prowess.

He then tested his link to Fang Yu. Fang Lin found out that he can still maintain a mental link to Fang Yu. But he found that it will be impossible to use fusion and transposition in this area.

Fang Lin kept this abnormality in his mind, knowing this was a clue on this place’s true nature. He then proceeded to venture forward, as the raging sea changed into a lush green forest.

Fang Lin knew that he must be careful as he traveled this place. He may never know what might happen next. The forest he could be passing through might suddenly change into an incredibly dangerous place.

Aside from the weird constant changes in the surroundings, Fang Lin noticed one more vital thing: They were no living beings in this place, except for him.

As Fang Lin thought that he was the pioneer explorer in this place, he felt the air in front of him shimmering in and out of existence. It warped, clumping together as it fell to the ground.

This clump then shaped itself until it had a form of a rabbit.

The rabbit that was formed was colored pink all over its body. It had innocent eyes, and a small horn sprouted from its forehead. The rabbit tilted its head as it peered at Fang Lin curiously.

“Awww... So cute!” Fang Lin resisted the urge to cuddle the adorable-looking bunny. From what Fang Lin can sense, this bunny has the strength around the First Stage only. But he refrained from touching it, because he wanted to confirm something.

If everything in this world changes constantly, will the living things local here change too?

Fang Lin did not need to wait for long for an answer.

The rabbit beast started to shiver as its body warped, producing an eerie image. It let out a slight squeal as its body expanded.

The cute rabbit was now replaced by a bulking 20-meter giant. The giant stared down at Fang Lin while hefting its club on its shoulders. It let out a grin as it picked up the petrified guy.

Fang Lin’s analysis showed him that this giant’s strength was around the Fifth Stage!

“What the hell is wrong with this world!”

But before the giant could leave further, Fang Lin heard loud sounds incoming towards them. The giant seemed to be highly displeased as it growled menacingly at the source of sound.

30 seconds later and Fang Lin saw where the sound came from.

The sound came from a group of 25 masked people. Their skins were painted white, with some red streaks crawling on their limbs. They wore white masks that all looked similar

All 25 of them held a spear on their right hand, while their left hefted a shield. They cautiously approached the roaring giant with their weapons poised and ready.

Fang Lin was happy as he realized that help was coming now. He waved towards the masked group as he happily called out to them.

“Thank you! Thank you for the help!”

But instead of greeting Fang Lin back, the largest one in the masked group shouted angrily. He then tensed his body and threw his spear.

The spear whistled through the air while letting out a high-pitched sound.

To Fang Lin’s horror, he saw that the spear was barreling straight towards him!

“Hey! You have a c**ppy aim! You all suck at target shooting!” Fang Lin could only complain in his mind as the spear was about to sink on his head.