Book 1: Chapter 16.2: Of Course I Am Happy

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Book 1: Chapter 16.2: Of Course I Am Happy

When the sun rose high, the emperor’s team finally arrived.

Looking from a distance, the team outside the Royal Mausoleum, with bright yellow tents and flags, stretched like a long dragon for two or three miles.

Tang Ruoweicwas also in it. At the moment, she was standing with her brother – the crowned prince. They followed the Emperor and the Spiritual Advisor and led the team towards the Royal Mausoleum.

The princess looked serious today, her eyes flickered, she didn’t seem to be in a good mood, and she seemed to be thinking and worrying about something. She followed the Emperor and the Spiritual Advisor to bypass the composition of the boys and girls under the guide of Sima Yingbo, came to the altar.

An overcast cloud came over, covering part of the daylight, making the sky a little gloomy, but the Emperor and the Spiritual Advisor did not care and continued to go on stage.

In the front and the back of the altar, the Spiritual Advisor lit three incense sticks. They released green smoke, and the Emperor turned to face the officials and generals under the altar.

“Since the founding of the Shangxuan Kingdom, we have gone through 1200 years. Previous Emperors’ spirits in heaven have protected us from the prosperity of the Shangxuan Kingdom to this day. Now, in our Kingdom, the demons are causing chaos. As an emperor, I see Shangxuan people like my children. Seeing that they are devoured by demons, my heart is miserable. Therefore, today I hold this ceremony to worship heaven. Let’s pray to previous Emperors’ spirit in heaven to bless us.”

After finishing this speech, the emperor paused for a while. He took three incense sticks handed by the Spiritual Advisor, bowed to the mausoleum, and then inserted them into the big cauldron in front of him.

“Now, the sacrifice begins!” He announced.

The Emperor paused, then said:

“Generals, take the fresh blood of two hundred boys and girls, respectfully ask the ancestors to come out of the tomb!”

“Get the fresh blood and comfort the ancestors.” The Spiritual Advisor also spoke at this moment:

“Respectfully … ask the previous emperor go to the tomb!”


Tang Ruowei, who stood aside, exclaimed:

“Father Emperor, Spiritual Advisor, what are you talking about ?!”

But no one paid her attention, Tang Ruowei looked to the left and right, and found that her father, brother, generals, soldiers and officials under the stage all had a dull expression.

“What is happening?”

“Her Highness, please be calm.”

At this time, Sima Inbo led a group of guardians to the altar, came to the emperor’s tomb, and said to Tang Ruowei:

“The ceremony is about to begin. Please pay respect your ancestors.”

“Sima Inbo?”

Tang Ruowei was shocked and angry.

Sima Inbo ignored her. Along with other guardians, he bowed to the mausoleum:

“We disciples, respectfully ask Master to come out of the tomb.”

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“Respectfully ask Master to come out of the tomb!”

As the words fell, dark clouds surging in the sky completely blocked the daylight, and a purple thunderbolt fell from the sky, splitting the Shangxuan’s Royal Mausoleum directly in half.

A mist of blood visible to the naked eye gushed from the rift in the emperor’s mausoleum, and then, in a burst of wild laughter, a figure dressed in a yellow robe came out of the mausoleum.

“Shangxuan! I’m back!”

This figure walked out of the haze and came to the outside of the mausoleum. It turned out to be a young and dark-haired young boy. He paced to the middle of the two rows of guardians.

Sima Inbo and other guardians bowed their heads lower, while Tang Ruowei looked at the young man and froze in place.


She compared the portraits she had seen in the ancestral hall, took a spit, and said hardly:

“Tang Zhouxie – Emperor Shinshu.”

“That’s right, my child.”

The young man sneered.

“Seeing me, are you happy?”

Tang Ruowei bowed her head and said nothing, Tang Zhouxie smiled even more happily.

But what he didn’t know was that among the two hundred boys and girls below, there was a little boy with a brighter smile on his face.

“Of course I am happy.”

Bai Qiuran lowered his head and whispered to himself with a smile:

“You are finally caught by me, the cat is out of the bag.”