Book 8: Chapter 16: Where Did You Hide My Master?!

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Book 8: Chapter 16: Where Did You Hide My Master?!

Hearing the disciple’s report, You Meiqiao was very happy.

When she thought about it, since Bai Qiuran came back, it meant that her master had come back. You Meiqiao could hand over these complicated sect affairs to Su Xiangxue and then ran out on her own.

So she immediately asked her disciple to invite Bai Qiuran over. After a while, the disciple brought someone over, and You Meiqiao hurriedly walked over and opened the door for Bai Qiuran in person.

“Master’s husband.”

She smiled like a flower, greeted sweetly, and then saw Jiang Lan standing next to Bai Qiuran, her face froze.

“Huh? Where’s my master?”

She looked at Jiang Lan frequently, as if she was confirming whether her master had cultivated some kind of shapeshifting powers, but Jiang Lan and Su Xiangxue’s faces were clearly two exquisite styles.

“Don’t look, she’s not your master.”

Bai Qiuran said to her:

“Your master has some sentiments and is currently in a closed-door cultivation in Fusang.”

“Some sentiments…”

You Meiqiao’s eyes flicked over Bai Qiuran’s body. As a disciple of the Kamasutra Sect, she could naturally tell at a glance that Bai Qiuran’s virginity had been lost.

It seems that Master has succeeded.

You Meiqiao thought silently, then smiled and asked:

“Then who is this younger sister…Who is this girl?”

“My wife.”

You Meiqiao tilted her head and said:

“Master’s husband, I might not have heard clearly, what did you just say?”

“I said.”

Bai Qiuran slapped his lips and said loudly:

“She is my wife, my partner in marriage, my beloved one, my consort, my significant other…you can use any name you want. Anyway, she has this kind of relationship with me, do you understand?”


You Meiqiao looked at the smiling Jiang Lan, and then at already-lost-virginity Bai Qiuran. Not knowing what she was thinking, she suddenly called out the magic weapon, frightened, angry, and terrified:

“Qingming Sword Patriarch! What have you done to my master?!”

“Why are you so excited?”

Bai Qiuran looked at her in surprise.

“How can I do any harm to your master?”

You Meiqiao stepped back vigilantly and asked in a deep voice:

“What about my master?”

“She’s cultivating in Fusang Immortal Palace.”

Bai Qiuran glanced at Jiang Lan.

“I don’t want to continue to talk about topics related to cultivation level.”

You Meiqiao glanced at Jiang Lan, not knowing what she was thinking, and put down the magic weapon suspiciously.

“I called you Master’s husband, why didn’t you argue anymore?”

“As a disciple of the Kamasutra Sect, shouldn’t you be able to see this kind of thing at a glance?”

Bai Qiuran stared blankly, his tone still a little embarrassed.

You Meiqiao was stunned, stood there for a long time, then looked at Jiang Lan and said:

“It seems that things are more complicated than I thought.”

“It’s not as complicated as you think.”

Jiang Lan took the initiative to step forward and cleverly stretched out her hand to You Mei:

“Hello little girl, you are You Meiqiao, right? I heard your Master Xiangxue mentioned you. Let me introduce myself: My name is Jiang Lan, and I am Qiu Ran’s wife.”

“Uh, uh.”

You Meiqiao shook Jiang Lan’s hand with a complex expression, and then arched his hand:

“Junior Meiqiao, gladly to meet Senior Jiang Lan.”

“Your master had some insights when communicating with me, so I practiced in retreat in my home.”

Jiang Lan smiled at her and said:

“She asked Qiu Ran and me to take care of your sect during this time.”

“Then… thank you senior.”

You Meiqiao sighed helplessly.

“What’s happening?”

Bai Qiuran looked at her with a tired posture and asked:

“Has something happened recently? It makes you so tired.”

“It’s not the inexplicable haunted incident.”

While talking, You Meiqiao welcomed the two into the house and offered tea by himself.

“Recently, many branches of Pleasure Realm have had haunted incidents. Many customers have been hurt. Some ghosts can even overpower our disciples. I can only direct the power in the headquarter of the sect to each branch to support. I heard that many places in Nine Provinces and Ten Lands have also been haunted. The Righteous Alliance should also be in action. Don’t Senior Bai know?

“The sect’s disciples did not tell me.”

Bai Qiuran shook his head.

“Maybe they think that this kind of thing doesn’t require your power.”

You Meiqiao looked at Bai Qiuran for a while, then nodded:

“Well, I don’t think it is necessary either.”

“No, if that’s the case, then it’s actually necessary.”

Bai Qiuran frowned and said:

“If you have been haunted all this time, then it shows a problem. Something big has happened in the Underworld.”

Bai Qiuran and Jiang Lan stayed in Fusang for a period of time before they came back.

They thought it was the Underworld that had suppressed the Asura Realm’s rebellion, but after they came to the Nine Provinces and Ten Lands, they discovered that the Fusang might be too small, and most of the ghosts did not go there. The problem in the Underworld was still going on.

Bai Qiuran looked at Jiang Lan, and Jiang Lan nodded to him.

“Xiangxue said let me take care of you, it’s better to let me and Lan handle it.”

Bai Qiuran then said to You Meiqiao:

“This speed is fast enough.”

You Mei thought about it ingeniously, and no longer polite with Bai Qiuran, she said to the two of them:

“Then I count on you, Master’s husband and… Senior Jiang Lan.”

While talking, she took out a map and put it in Bai Qiuran’s hand.

At night, in Wu Kingdom of Liu Province, a branch of the Pleasure Realm, a man who was drunk and blushed stumbled out.


The voice of the girls in the Pleasure Realm came, and it sounded as if it was blowing in someone’s ear, making his whole body soft.

“Come back next time.”

The man was already dizzy from drinking, and laughed in the other direction:

“Next time I come, I want to wrap you up for one night!”


The voice giggled as if scratching the bottom of the man’s heart.

“Then I can look forward to your performance.”

Saying goodbye to the girl in the Pleasure Realm, the man stumbled on his way home.

As he heard, this Pleasure Realm was the branch of the Kamasutra Sect opened here. The employees in it were all cultivators. Their appearance was much more beautiful than that of mortal women, and there was no arrogance of cultivators in dealing with others. It allowed mortal men to experience the thrill of conquering the cultivators. After being opened here, they instantly took away more than half of the business in the flower street of the city.

But the forces behind the flower street didn’t dare to speak up. After all, behind the Pleasure Realm is the Kamasutra Sect. It was even easier to crush them than to crush the ants.

Compared with the underground forces of the flower street, in Liu Province, the one who liked to trouble the Pleasure Realm was the bald monks. The main temple of the Saint Buddha Sect was also located in Liu Province. The Kamasutra Sect opened a shop here, and it is estimated that they wanted to provoke the arch enemy.

But these big power struggles have nothing to do with this mortal man. As a guest, as long as the girls here are beautiful and showy enough, it was enough for him.

“Next time you must wrap that little girl’s skin all night!”

Mumbling nonsense in his mouth, the man walked staggeringly on the deserted street while holding on to the wall, recalling the slippery touch of the other person’s skin on his hand, and suddenly he felt an urge.

Of course, this city did not allow people to urinate in the street at will, but the man was already drunk, and now he didn’t care so much. He lays on the wall at will, pulled off his underwear, and began to pee.

With the release of the urination, the man woke up a bit from the alcohol. He shook his head, then raised his head, and suddenly found himself in the middle of the empty street. In front of him stood a woman in a white dress with black hair, who completely hid her face.