Book 1: Chapter 19.1: Super Soul Cleansing Technique - "Call The Police"

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Book 1: Chapter 19.1: Super Soul Cleansing Technique - "Call The Police"

Bai Qiuran let go of his hand, and Tang Zhouxie’s bloody body fell to the altar, and blood ran down the ground.

He turned around, wiped off the dust from his body, and then looked at the two hundred boys and girls, the civil and military officials, and the princess Tang Ruowei who was still standing.

The girl stared straight at him, and after thinking about it, Bai Qiuran wiped the blood on her hands, and showed her a harmless smile.

“To kill the grass, eliminate all roots.”

He pointed to the body around him and said:

“He is the one who makes the first move.”

“I know.”

Tang Ruowei nodded blankly.


At this moment, the Spiritual Advisor Fu Qianqiu, who was standing next to the altar, suddenly covered his head and uttered a sore sigh. After a while, the Shangxuan Emperor also held his head and groaned.

It seems that when Tang Zhouxie died, the demonic techniques that controlled the people’s hearts that were cast on them disappeared, and the cultivation level of the Spiritual Advisor and Shangxuan emperor was regarded as the highest in the field, so they woke up first.

However, those thousands of soldiers are different. In order to increase their combat power, Tang Zhouxie has used demonic methods to transform them into something like a corpse soldier, so Bai Qiuran had no psychological pressure to kill them.

On the contrary, he made it easier for Bai Qiuran. Although Bai Qiuran could forcefully break through the troops and kill him, he would certainly have to spend a lot of effort.

Tang Zhouxie transformed these soldiers into undead beings, and the process could not be reversed. It would be better to kill them and make it easier for them to return to the reincarnation wheel as soon as possible.

“Father Emperor!”

Seeing Emperor Shangxuan covering his head, seemed sober, Tang Ruowei hurriedly came to the altar and helped him.

“Are you okay?”

“Why is my head so painful?”

Emperor Shangxuan shook his head and said:

“I remember that I’m doing the heaven-worshipping ceremony, what happened after that?”

“Is such that……”