Book 2: Chapter 5.1: Fate-Changing Godly Technique

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Book 2: Chapter 5.1: Fate-Changing Godly Technique

Bai Qiuran grabbed Tang Ruowei’s palm, then suddenly stretched out his palm, and pressed it in her palm.

Tang Ruowei immediately felt that a heat flow passed from Bai Qiuran’s palm to her body. This wonderful thing flowed along the meridians in her body, opening and widening her many meridians, and the bulging things passed through the body passages, the soreness and pain caused by the sensation make the girl uncontrollably sweating.

She groaned and felt her body swell, but the heat flow didn’t mean to stop. She turned around as the heat passed the meridians in her body for a few rounds, and then gathered in the Sea Qi under her belly button.

Tang Ruowei’s ears seemed to hear a faint “pan” sound as if a fragile soap bubble was pierced by the needle tip, and then the heat flowed back and disappeared like an illusion. Bai Qiuran let go of her palm, and Tang Ruowei was back to her senses.

“All right.”

Bai Qiuran said in a nonchalant tone:

“I have discarded your Xuanlong technique, and I found a suitable technique for you. In order to cultivate, you should practice this external technique for physical training.”

He handed over a scroll made of unknown silk. Tang Ruowei took a look and found that the first row was the name of the technique.

Creator’s Body-Forging Technique.

“I remember. This is what you asked me about that day …”

Tang Ruowei murmured.

“Yes, this technique was created in the early years with a friend based on the leftover from ancient immortals. It is an external technique that can be learned and practiced without any foundation.”

“It’s perfect for laying the foundation.”

“But why you asked me that day? Is it because this can affect my chest?

Tang Ruowei blushed, and asked hopefully.

Bai Qiuran held Tang Ruowei’s hands and responded affectionately:

“Child, you have been saved.”