Book 2: Chapter 6.2: Is This The World Of The Mighty?

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Book 2: Chapter 6.2: Is This The World Of The Mighty?

The girl sat alone at the corner of the hot spring. Seeing her bad mood, monkeys around her quietly left the hot spring, lest anger her.

They didn’t fear her, but the old monster who has engulfed Seven Stars Peak for countless years.

“Damn, in the future I will also have…”

While letting his skin be drowned in the hot spring water as much as possible, Tang Ruowei reached out and rubbed her chest.

Maybe it’s an illusion, she always feels that after practicing the physical forging exercises, her chest seems to be soft and towering.

“There will be, there will be.”

While soaking in the hot spring, Tang Ruowei smiled very naively.

But at this moment, the earth suddenly shivered fiercely.

The ripples appeared on the spring’s surface, like water in a bowl placed on the table that was accidentally touched. There is a large circle of ripples. The monkeys who had soaked in the hot spring comfortably all squeaked and screamed, then panic ran into the woods.

Immediately afterward, there came a rhythmic shaking, which caused the surrounding mountains to shake, and the hot spring water kept splashing. The vibration became more and more obvious as if a giant was approaching in this direction.

“What happened?”

Tang Ruowei covered her chest with a towel, stood up from the hot spring, and looked towards the mountains of Qingming. There were lights on the mountain over there, and there was a sword-light swimming shuttle from time to time. There were also three bell sounds, it seemed that they did not know the cause. However, after a while, the bell silenced, and those sword lights disappeared. It seemed that someone had stopped the panic among Qingming disciples.

A moment later, Tang Ruowei saw the culprit who made this ruckus.

It was a majestic mountain peak, at a height of about one thousand meters. There was no plant on it, the whole peak was made of a kind of black rock. The top was a flat platform as if being cut by a long shard blade.

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At this moment, the towering mountain peak seemed to have legs, moving little by little towards the Seven Stars Peak.

It crossed between the main peak of Qingming and several other peaks, and slowly came to the side of Seven Stars Peak. Then the mountain stopped slightly, and then suddenly flew up, as if someone had thrown it out. It went straight for a few miles, then fell beside the Seven Stars Peak. At this time, a huge seal covered the sky, and the violent shock caused by the mountain peak was submerged.

In this way, another peak was added to Qingming Mountain, next to the Seven Stars Peak.

Staring blankly at the black peak that suddenly appeared, Tang Ruowei opened her mouth wide, and the towels on her hands fell into the water.

“Is this … the world of the mighty?”

When returning to the other courtyard, Tang Ruowei happened to encounter Bai Qiuran who had just returned at the gate of the courtyard.

Her former friend, her current Master, now seemed to be rolling down the mountain. The white clothes were covered with dust and looked very embarrassed.

After meeting her, Bai Qiuran greeted her actively and then asked with great surprise:

“Well, Ruowei, have you finished practicing the first layer?

“Well, ah …”

Seeing his dust-covered body, which meant he came back from the outside late at night, Tang Ruowei had guessed something and asked:

“Master, the mountain next to …”

“Ah, that, I moved it back from Western.”

Bai Qiuran patted himself and replied:

“I think the material structure on this mountain is very suitable for making it into an Earth-element cultivation field, but I can’t use the flying sword, otherwise I can carry it back from the sky, and don’t have to make such a large ruckus this late.”


Tang Ruowei opened her mouth and wondered what to answer.

“Well, it’s getting late, you should go to sleep.”

Bai Qiuran clapped his hands and said:

“I have already figured out your exercises, and when after your Creator’s Body-Forging Technique reaches the tenth layer, I will take you to the next mountain to officially teach you the exercises.”