Book 2: Chapter 14.1: Kamasutra Sect

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Book 2: Chapter 14.1: Kamasutra Sect

Bai Qiuran took Tang Ruowei and went all the way down the road to a large city in the country.

He seemed to already know the geography of this big city, as he led the girl around left and right, and then went into a red-light district.

Looking at both sides of the road, many women in exposed dresses were dancing, Tang Ruowei’s face was a little hot, but Bai Qiuran still pulled her all the way, and came to a restaurant called “Pleasure Realm”.

Seeing Bai Qiuran’s wanted to go in, Tang Ruowei hurriedly caught him.

“Master, what are you going to do?”

“Find acquaintances for information.”

“Hey, do you know where this is?”

Tang Ruowei whispered blushing.

“Aren’t you ashame?”

“I have no evil intentions. What can I be embarrassed about?”

Tang Ruowei couldn’t help but whisper:

“Please, this is a real brothel! A 3,000-year-old virgin like you, who blushed when you caught the sect leader reading porn in private. Why did you come to such a place, but still calm down! Besides, I’m a girl! Is it really good to bring me to this place? ”

Tang Ruowei was thrilled, but Bai Qiuran only said a word and calmed her down.

“This is the territory of the Kamasutra Sect.”

Tang Ruowei suddenly felt cold.

She has already heard about this Sect in the Qingming Sword Sect culture class for a long time. Similar to the Righteous Alliance formed five major righteous Sects, there was also an Evil Alliance established by four major Evil Sects of Nine Provinces.

Among these four, because the Blood God Sect was too damaging, even other demonic cultivators within the Evil Alliance could not tolerate it. More than a thousand years ago, the Blood God Sect was betrayed by the other three and was destroyed by the Righteous Alliance.

The remaining three took the opportunity to annex the heritage of the Blood God Sect and became more powerful.

This Kamasutra Sect was one of the three sects that remained until today. They only accepted female as disciples. It’s rumored that women who have practiced the Kamasutra exercise would become more and more attractive. Once practiced to the highest level, their charm could make male cultivators of the same level became their slave. Coupled with the special dance of Kamasutra Sect, it could even affect the immortals.

Charisma was a good thing. After all, women’s pursuit of beauty was not a big deal. The key was that the Kamasutra Sect’s cultivation method required the essence of male semen.

There was an old saying “there is no field can be broken due to plowing, only bulls can die due to exhausting”. All the female cultivators from the Kamasutra Sect were terraced and fertile fields that could make the strongest bull tired to death.

The motto of Evil Sect was “free to do as you like”, and the Kamasutra Sect’s fighting ability was not weak, so in the early years, the Kamasutra Sect demon girls made waves. Everywhere they went, basically, all men died, and they became dry corpses one after another on the street.

The Hehuan Sect was also the least wanted sect among the three Evil Sects. The other two sects were strong, but they could only kill you at most. But if you fell into the hands of the Kamasutra Sect, maybe the male cultivator could die in pleasure, but the female cultivator would suffer a fate worse than death.

Rumors said that if a righteous cultivator encountered the Kamasutra Sect, male ones would be sucked into dry corpses, while female ones would be detained in the sect’s dungeon, received mysterious brainwashing, and finally became a slut when she was released.

Anyway, Qingyun Yuanjun, the teacher who taught their culture class, said so.

So after hearing that this was the territory of the Kamasutra Sect, Tang Ruowei wanted to run a little, but Bai Qiuran grabbed her with a backhand.

“What are you afraid of?”

Tang Ruowei told him what she had learned from the culture class, and then Bai Qiuran said:

“There is nothing to be afraid of. This is a thing of the previous generation. Maybe there are still people in the Kamasutra Sect who do this, but they will never dare to attack you.”

“Because you are not only a disciple of Qingming Sword Sect, but also the apprentice of Bai Qiuran. Listen, as one of the five sects of the Righteousness Alliance, they should be afraid of us.”

“I’ll show you.”