Book 2: Chapter 23.1: Ding Jiang Mountain

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Book 2: Chapter 23.1: Ding Jiang Mountain

After a few days of traveling, Tang Ruowei and Zuo Yanfei reached Ding Jiang Mountain in the Southern of the Ding Kingdom.

There was a teahouse standing at the foot of the mountain. Looked up from there, the stone statue built by the previous emperor was very conspicuous. The tall man was dressed in an emperor’s armor, with a big sword in his hand, standing on the side of the mountain and looking at the distance. It looked majestic.

“It seems that they have not started to act.”

Withdrawing her gaze, Zuo Yanfei said to Tang Ruowei:

“Thanks to your escape technique, Ruo Wei, otherwise I would certainly not be able to get here so quickly.”

“You’re phrasing me too much, it’s lucky that we can come here by land.”

Tang Ruowei waved his hand:

“And I’m useless when we get here. I haven’t learned how to track demons.”

“Leave it to me next.”

Zuo Yanfei looked confident.

“Oh? Sister Yanfei, have you studied tracking monsters?”

Tang Ruowei surprised.

“No, in the Heavenly Army, it is also a later training course.”

“But I know how to track down the fox. Since they ran into the mountain, the demons must have turned into their true form to hide. As long as we can find them, we can know the truth about the incident of the prince being killed.”

“It makes sense.”

“But the scope of the Ding Jiang Mountain is so large, where do we start?”

“When going into the mountains, those foxes must have been in humanoid form. And they can attract erotic princes to go, presumably, they are all in good looks. It is very striking to go to such a place.”

“Where do they go from the mountain, let’s ask around and we should know.”

The two separated and inquired in the villages and towns near Ding Jiang Mountain. Sure enough, they got some clues.

According to the villagers nearby, a few women who had covered their entire bodies in the straw clothes came to the neighborhood recently and then entered the mountain from a mountain pass in the north of Ding Jiang Mountain.

“I heard that Wang Er – who lived next to me – accidentally saw the face of one of the girls while talking. That beauty is just like a fairy descendant. Wang Er is still in a daydream.”

The villager chattered and looked up at Tang Ruowei and Zuo Yanfei again.

“Of course, you two are also beautiful. If I weren’t an old man, maybe I would fall into that state for a while.”

“Thank you.”

Zuo Yanfei arched his hand at him.

The two watched the villager carrying the hoe away, and Zuo Yanfei said to Tang Ruowei:

“This is definitely them. The fox demon clan has a natural charm effect on mortals. Come on, Ruowei, I’ll let you see my ability to catch foxes.”