Book 2: Chapter 31.2: Reasons For Sparing

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Book 2: Chapter 31.2: Reasons For Sparing

“It’s hard to believe.”

Tang Ruowei turned her head and said.

“The strategist who made suggestions for the demon prince at that time was a demon transformed from a vine, who’s bloodthirsty, and slaughtered a large number of humans. Her name is Cui Mu. She is Cui Luo’s mother.”

Su Xiangxue’s eyelids drooped slightly.

“Of course, as a mother, she is very good with Cui Luo, otherwise Cui Luo will not hate Bai Qiu so much… for two thousand years.”

“So what about this demon Cui Luo ?”

“She isn’t like her mother who murders as a hobby, but in case someone provokes her…”

“You have also seen that the result of the sect leader and disciples of Moon Worshipping Sect.”


“Then why do you still spare this kind of demon? Didn’t you teach me ‘burn evil ones till its roots’?”

“Um … it’s difficult to explain to you in words.”

Bai Qiuran lowered his head and thought for a moment, then said to Tang Ruowei:

“Wait a second.”

His figure suddenly disappeared in front of the three men. In the next moment, he hurried back again, along with Cui Luo who was completely confused.

“Qingming Sword Patriarch?”

After a moment of confusion, Cui Luo exclaimed:

“Are you having second thoughts? I knew it! You human can’t be trusted!”

“I’m in the middle of a class, please cooperate.”

Bai Qiuran pressed her shoulder, then suddenly made a left uppercut and hit Cuiluo’s face.

Next, he beat her brutally with a rapid fist-cuff, and then he picked up Cui Luo and condensed his vitality to heal the bruise on the demon’s face.


Bai Qiuran pointed to Cui Luo, who was beaten up, and said to Tang Ruowei:

“That’s why I let her go.”

“I seem to understand.”

“But I also know the reason why you have been single for three thousand years.”

“Qingming Sword Patriarch!”

The next moment, Cuo Luo reacted, screamed, and flung over.

“Today I’ll do anything to kill you!”

“Ah, alas, Cui Luo, calm down.”

Su Xiangxue quickly stopped her.

“If you want to take revenge, you should escort Princess Bai Ling back to the demon world first.”

“That’s it.”

Bai Qiuran waved his hands disdainfully:

“This Bai Qiuran always keeps his words, if I say I’ll spare you this time, then you’ll be alive this time. Runaway quickly.”

Su Xiangxue had to spend a long time calm Cui Luo down and persuade her to go back to the foxes.

After returning, the head of the Kamasutra sect said to Bai Qiuran very resentfully:

“You’re really a trouble maker.”

“Hey, I did it just because you were here.”

Bai Qiuran shamelessly waved his hand:

“If you meet a handsome man in the future and it is not easy to drain his male essence, you can also tell me, I will help you to look out.”