Chapter 14 Not a Date

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Haruka wore simple slim dark blue denim, white sneakers, a blue bomber jacket, and a white t-shirt. He didn't wear anything complicated since he was only playing on the outside. He was waiting for her while watching television.

"Sorry for the wait," Sora said and walked toward him. She tied her hair in a ponytail and wore a white dress, denim jacket, and sneakers.

"Hmm, you're cute," Haruka said. He knew that she was very cute and beautiful since he was his little sister.

Sora smiled and was happy that he had praised her. She looked that both of them had quite similar clothes and felt that it was kind of couple, "Let's go, I want to see a movie then we can go to the zoo."

"Yeah," Haruka nodded.

Both of them went out together.

They had arrived in the movie theatre and they looked at the movie that would be played today.

"Hmm," Haruka didn't have that much interest in the movie. He thought that he should watch horror to make him stay awake most of the time but he wasn't sure what kind of movie she wanted to watch.

Sora nodded and pointed her finger at the poster of the movie, "Let's watch this."

Haruka looked at her with a surprised expression, "You sure?"

"Yeah, I want to see this," Sora answered.

Haruka nodded, "Let's go inside." He entered the studio and watched the movie with her. He didn't expect her to watch a horror movie. He didn't really mind but he thought this girl was planning something.

Sora knew that he didn't really like to watch a movie. She had seen him sleeping during the movie. She thought to watch this horror movie since she heard that it was very popular. She looked around and noticed there was a lot of couples who came together. She felt really threaten when she heard that his old friend coming to meet him yesterday. She knew that he didn't really have a plan to date someone but she was still worried.

The movie started and they saw their first horror movie.

Haruka was a bit interested and felt this horror was quite good. He was enjoying the movie until he felt someone holding his hand. He knew this wasn't a ghost but it was Sora. He looked at her who was scared and hugged his arm.

'S - so cute!!!' Haruka wanted to hug her right away but he needed to calm down. He needed to become a gentleman and told her not to worry since he would protect her. He needed to tell everyone that he really didn't have a sister complex.

Both of them were looking at the movie while Sora was holding his arm tightly most of the time.

The movie ended and they went out together. Sora was still holding his hand since she felt quite tired after watching that movie.

"Are you okay? Do you want to go home?" Haruka asked. He didn't expect the effect of watching a horror movie would be this terrible.

"L - let's take a break in the cafe or something," Sora answered him.

"Good," Haruka brought her to the nearest cafe and ordered a parfait, sandwich, and orange juice. He knew that something sweet would make her calm. He looked at her who was sitting beside him. He was wondering whether she was still scared because of the movie.

Sora looked at him for a bit and asked, "Do you hide something from me?"

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Haruka was quite startled but he didn't show it on his face, "Hide something?"

Sora nodded, "Yeah, you keep looking at your phone before, did you have a girlfriend or something?" Her heart became sour when she thought about it. She didn't want him to become someone else's boyfriend. She wanted him for herself since he was the only one for her.

Haruka chuckled, "No, I don't have a girlfriend, I don't plan to make one for now."

"For now?" Sora looked at him with a dangerous expression.

Haruka nodded, "Yeah, you don't need to worry that much."

"Then why are you looking at the phone?" Sora asked.

Haruka thought for a while and said, "I want to buy a house."

"Eh?" Sora was surprised and added, "Why? Are we going to move?"

Haruka shook his head, "No, I want to make a cafe."

"Cafe!" Sora was surprised again and looked at him with a strange expression.

Haruka nodded, "I have a friend who has a restaurant, I'm asking him to give me the advice to make one." He didn't lie since Yajima had a restaurant in the Fairy Tail and his restaurant was very famous. He wanted him to teach him some recipe and management there.

Sora nodded and felt relieved when she heard it wasn't a woman, "Have you found the house location?"

Haruka nodded, "I have searched it before online, it is quite good and cheap, I need to call aunt before I can buy it though."

"Aunt?" Sora had an unpleasant expression on her face when he was talking about their aunt.

"Don't be like that, we're still minors and she is our legal guardian," Haruka said.

"But we can live fine without anyone, we don't need anyone else," Sora said.

"I know, that's why I'm working right now, you don't need to worry about something trivial," Haruka answered calmly. He wasn't sure but he felt that it was quite dangerous to let his little sister depend on himself too much.

Sora rested her head on his shoulder, "Haru, we will always be together right?"

Haru, who was drinking his orange juice, became startled. He turned his head and looked at his little sister who kept looking at him with teary eyes. He gritted his teeth and answered, "Of course, we will."

"Good," Sora smiled and started to eat the parfait in front of her.

Haru looked quite complicated and sighed. He decided to not overthink it and enjoyed his day today.