Chapter 21 Side Dish

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Haru talked to the middle-old man and said that he would buy this house.

The middle-old man was surprised and looked at him with a strange expression. He thought this young man was really trying to get himself killed.

Haru said that he would contact his guardian and would contact him again in a few days.

The middle-old man didn't mind since he had tried to sell this house several times and no one bought it. He had found a buyer and didn't mind waiting for a few days.

Haru talked with him for a bit and went to the supermarket to buy some snacks for the guests. He wasn't sure but he felt that they would eat it. He gave snacks to those children and he could see they were very happy. He went home and forgot that he hadn't stopped streaming. He looked at the group chat and saw a lot of things there.

Gintoki: "Damn!! @Haruka, find their older sister!"

Kuroneko: "Yeah, hurry up and find her!!"

Tsunade: "Damn, those robbers!!" She was very angry when she saw those cute children who were killed because of the robbers. At first, she thought that they were harmful but when she saw him purified them. She saw three cute children with a scared expression and knew they had experienced something that children shouldn't experience.

Yajima: "@Haruka, I will help you too."

Haruka replied, "Thank you, I will try to search for their older sister." He looked at the convenience store and bought a cup of noodles. He was quite hungry and decided to eat there. He was waiting for quite a while before the cup noodle was ready. He decided to call her aunt first while waiting for the noodles to be cooked. He opened his contact on the phone and called his aunt.

"Hello, Haru? What's wrong?"

"Can I not just call you because I miss you?" Haru answered.

"Hmph, how many women have fallen into your arms with those sweet words?"

Haru decided not to talk about any nonsense again since he knew that he couldn't flirt with his aunt, "Hey, Aunt..."

"Don't call me aunt!! Call me an older sister!!"

Haru wanted to spit since his aunt was almost 30 years old and she was his father's little sister. He knew that she was still quite young but to call her an older sister was a bit hard.

"Why don't you say anything?"

Her voice was really scary and dark at the same time.

"Alright, Older Sister, can you help your only little brother?" Haru said.

"What is it? Do you need money?"

"No, I need you to become guarantor," Haru said.

"Guarantor? Are you going to buy something?"

"Yeah, I want to buy a house," Haru said.

"You want to buy what?"

"House," Haru answered.

"How old are you again?"

Haru thought for a while and answered, "This year should be 15 years."

"Is that a compliment?" Haru asked.

"Is your novel really making that much money?"

"Yeah, of course, your little brother is a very famous light novelist," Haru answered. He didn't really mind to joke around with his aunt.

"Even though your novel is good but don't forget about your study, I understand why you drop out but you need to enter a high school next year!"

Haru nodded, "Yeah, you don't really need to worry about that."

"Alright, I will go there in two days since I also have something to do there."

"Hmm, do you have something to do here?" Haru asked.

"Yeah, I will change my job."

"Change your job?" Haru was surprised to hear that she would change her job.

"Yeah, I'm going to teach in a different school."

"Hmm, alright, good luck," Haru said.

"See you in two days."

"See you," Haru ended the call and looked at his cup noodle. He wasn't sure why he ate a cup noodle when he could eat beef or sushi, maybe because he wanted to eat it or he just didn't want to be alone. He looked at his side and saw a young man with red hair and burgundy colored eyes. His hair covered the left side of his face.

Haru looked at the young man and felt that this person was thinking a lot of things. He took the side dish that he had bought earlier and shared it with him, "Hey, take some."

The young man was surprised and shook his head, "No."

"Please, I'm quite full, it will be a waste to throw it away," Haru said.

The young man finally nodded and took the side dish that he had given him.

Haru looked at him and nodded. He knew that this young man was very hungry. He didn't say anything again and ate his food quietly. He had finished and said goodbye to him, "Bye, young man, let's meet again sometimes." He bought ice cream for his little sister at home too before he went out of the convenience store.

"Young man? Aren't we have the same age?" The young man looked at his back. He was grateful to that person since he was hungry. He opened his pocket and saw that he had only a little money left. He knew that he needed this money for a dinner, luckily someone had given him the side dish earlier. He could feel full for the entire day and bought a manga for his little sister. He picked a manga on the magazine corner and bought it.

He knew that his little sister was always staying in the hospital and he knew that she was always bored every day. He hoped this manga would give his little sister some entertainment.