Chapter 39 Lake Toya

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Haru was standing in the dojo inside Tsunade's house. Even though she didn't have money, her inheritance from her family was a lot. She was the granddaughter of the first Hokage and she had quite a lot of land in Konohagakure.

Gintoki was also standing lazily with his usual wooden sword, "Alright, we will start our spar." He went to his luggage and threw something toward him.

Haru caught it and saw it was a wooden sword with a "Lake Toya" words inscribed on the handle.

"I'll give you this to give me a novel," Gintoki said. He had quite a lot of money in his original world. He didn't need to worry to give him a cheap wooden sword.

Haru was quite curious with this word since there were many legends regarding this sword. He remembered this sword was originally created from a ten-thousand-year-old tree from another planet that cuts through almost anything or it was the only normal wooden sword that was bought from the souvenir shop.

Haru tried to swing this sword several times until he nodded. He could feel a perfect weight from this sword and it was very tough, "Alright, I'm ready."

Gintoki nodded, "Good, you can start."

Haru didn't say nonsense again and moved very fast.

Haru was very confident with his physical prowess since he had trained it since he was a child. He swung his sword toward Gintoki's hand.

Gintoki raised his eyebrow and raised his hand slightly to smash his attack.

Kuroneko didn't expect that their battle would be this intense.

"Is this really a sword fight?" Kuroneko thought it was more into a brawler.

Tsunade and Yajima didn't say anything and looked at their battle. Both of them didn't have that much knowledge about the sword but they knew that the level of swordsmanship of both of them was very high.

Anbu was hiding and saw the battle between the two of them. They thought they needed to report this sparring battle to Hokage.

"You're not bad, are you really practicing for two months?" Gintoki sand and deflected his sword.

Haru didn't have that much experience fighting with a sword but he had trained really hard. He kept attacking him but he couldn't see him getting serious, "Haaa!!" He raised his sword and attacked his head only Gintoki dodged it beautifully and counter-attacked him. He was too late and his belly was hit with his wooden sword.

"Ugh..." Haru was thrown away and held his stomach which was in pain.

"Haru!!" Shizune and Kuroneko were worried when he saw he was thrown away.

"Stop, don't help him," Tsunade said.

"Tsunade-Sama!!" Shizune thought that she was very cruel.

"Don't stop him, let's continue his training, he has his own pride, don't make him stop with these small things," Tsunade said.

Yajima also nodded, "He wants to get stronger, he knows that the process is really hard."

"How is it?" Gintoki asked.

Haru didn't answer him. Instead, he healed his body with his magic. He stood up again in a few seconds and he was looking very fresh right now.

"Hmm, interesting, you can train a lot of time with this," Gintoki said.

Haru had used his light magic to heal his body continuously to help him to train without damaging his muscle. At the same time, it made him able to train longer, "Let's continue, Gin-San."

"Good, I won't hold back now," Gintoki said and started to attack him.

Haru focused his attention on him since he knew that he would be beaten up badly since he was serious.

Haru was laying down on the floor while looking at the starry sky. He looked at the sky in this world and it was very clear since it didn't have a lot of pollution. He also saw the moon and wondered whether he could see someone there.

He was very tired after getting a beating from Gintoki but he had gotten a lot of experience from this spar. He knew that he wouldn't use his sword a lot since his magic was more convenient than a sword. But he wanted to strengthen his close combat and he had someone perfect for that to train him.

"Hey, are you okay?" Kuroneko asked.

"I'm fine," Haru said and raised his body while still sitting down. He wanted to sleep right now since he was tired.

Kuroneko looked at him and asked, "Are you not nervous?"

Haru looked at him and nodded, "Of course, I'm nervous, but I just don't show it."

"Really?" Kuroneko felt a bit of relief since she thought she would be the only one who was nervous. She knew that the only one who could understand her was him since both of them came from a normal world.

"Yeah, even though I've learned magic but this is the world of ninja, everyone has extraordinary power," Haru said.

"I only hope that this quest will be solved without a problem," Haru said.

Kuroneko nodded, "True."

Haru looked at her and said, "Both of us should stay together in this mission, I have a trick to make us save no matter what."

"Really?" Kuroneko asked.

Haru nodded, "Yeah, my light magic is very versatile, there is a lot of support magic and it will help us to finish this quest safely."

Kuroneko nodded, "Good, I believe in you then."

Both of them looked at the starry sky together while talking about life.

"Are you really not starting to do your little sister?" Kuroneko asked.

"I'm not!!" Haru answered.