Chapter 45 Stabbed

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The four hidden ninjas who were a spy of Orochimaru ran very fast toward the platform where both Hokage and Kazekage were watching the match. They didn't expect their plans to make everyone's sleep fail. They needed to come to Orochimaru as soon as possible to set up the seal since everyone was running toward them.

They ran very fast and only someone suddenly punched one of their members.

They saw their friend fall down to the ground and fainted directly.

Three of them were startled when they saw this woman suddenly appeared in front of them.

Tsunade looked down and saw it was the red-haired girl who used flute as her weapon. She smiled and said, "You won't be able to help your master."

Three of them gnashed their teeth looking at their plan which crumbled. They looked at each other and took off their hoods.

"Hmph, let's see how powerful Tsunade is."

"Let's beat her and help Orochimaru-Sama."

"We will defeat you."

Tsunade snorted and jumped into them, "Don't waste my time!!"

Orochimaru gnashed his teeth looking at his subordinates being played by Tsunade. He didn't expect for her to come out suddenly but it wasn't over yet since he still hadn't shown his identity.

"Orochimaru, you need to give up," Sarutobi said.

Orochimaru looked at him and smiled, "Oh, really?" He suddenly realized someone appeared behind him.

"Orochimaru, this is the end," Jiraiya said.

Orochimaru looked at his subordinates who were fighting against a lot of ninjas from Konohagakure. He was wondering who could tell him about his plan to attack Konoha, 'Is it them?' He realized Tsunade came back with her friends but he erased that possibility since he didn't feel anything from her friends. He thought they were the only tourists from outside and wanted to see the Chuunin Exam. But he didn't expect for those who would be the one who destroyed his plan.

Orochimaru looked but he couldn't find them in the audience seat. He wanted at least to kill them before he went back to his village. He jumped only when he was kicked by Jiraiya. He felt something dangerous from behind.

"Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique!!"

Sarutobi sucked a large amount of air and kneaded a chakra inside his body. He expelled the chakra from his mouth and created a large ball of flames to attack him.

Orochimaru was very agile and jumped into the roof.

Sarutobi and Jiraiya also jumped into the roof while looking at him.

"Give it up, we've destroyed your plan," Sarutobi said.

"Hmph, I won't be defeated that easily," Orochimaru did a hand sign and pressed the earth with both of his hands, "Summoning: Wordly Resurrection!"

Jiraiya and Sarutobi saw three coffins appear in front of him. Both of them felt something bad coming from it.

Two coffins started to open and something came out of it.

"Hmph, only two," Orochimaru sighed, but he thought it was enough since he wanted to run away. He knew that he couldn't beat both of them together, especially when Tsunade had almost blasted four of his subordinates.

Jiraiya and Sarutobi didn't seem very surprised and attacked them since they knew what was inside but still, it was quite startling when they saw both First and Second Generation Hokage appeared in front of them.

"Attack them!!" Orochimaru said and ran away.

Jiraiya and Sarutobi knew that they couldn't let him run away and ignored those corpses.

Both First and Second Generation Hokage, who had been reincarnated, could only follow both Jiraiya and Sarutobi while thinking, 'What the hell is happening?'

Haru was around Konohagakure ninja together with Kuroneko and Yajima. Three of them didn't do anything and only looked at the ninja who was fighting to each other.

"Aren't we going to help them?" Kuroneko asked.

Haru shook his head, "We need to protect you."

"It's hard to move on from this commotion," Yajima said.

Kuroneko felt that she had become a burden for both of them. She thought that she shouldn't come to this place since she couldn't do anything. She thought that she should be in the house of Tsunade while waiting for them. She hoped that she could get power since she didn't want to feel powerless.

Haru patted her shoulder, "You don't need to think that much, staying here is also a good thing since I've used my magic to cover us." He used his magic to make them transparent from Orochimaru with reflected light that came toward them. He wasn't sure but he knew that the seal that trapped the Third Hokage would fail and Orochimaru would be free to move around.

Haru thought that Orochimaru would be doubting their identity and probably would be pissed at them. He was afraid that Orochimaru would attack them suddenly and he was right when he saw him looking in their direction. He hurriedly used his light magic to make them invisible until Orochimaru had gone away.

Haru was glad that he learned light magic for his first magic.

"Huft...." Yajima and Haru sighed in relief. Neither of them knew that they couldn't beat them.

Kuroneko was scared shitless when Orochimaru looked in their direction.

Haru lifted off his invisibility after Orochimaru had gone away fighting with both Jiraiya and Sarutobi.

"Let's move, this place is dangerous," Yajima said.

Haru nodded, "We need to go to the shelter."

Kuroneko was still weak and unable to move, "W - wait, I - I'm still scared, p - please w - wait for a wh-."

Before she finished her words someone suddenly appeared behind her and raised his hand to stab her.

"Kuroneko!!!" Haru pushed her away and was stabbed. He gritted his teeth since it was very painful.

"HARU!!!!" Yajima shouted. He used his flat magic and made his hand sharp. He raised his hand and slashed it toward this person.

That ninja jumped back and avoided his attack.

"Damn!!" Yajima was angry and looked at the enemy.

Kuroneko looked at his blood and almost fainted.

Anko who was fighting a ninja defeated him hurriedly and went back to him. She saw his shoulder was full of blood, "Haru, are you fine?"

"I'm fine," Haru said and looked at his shoulder which had been stabbed. He calmed himself and healed his wound. He looked at Anko, "Can you protect her?"

Anko looked at Kuroneko who was very scared on the ground. She nodded, "Don't worry."

Haru nodded, "Thank you." He looked at his enemy and could see that this person was taunting him. He wasn't sure but he felt that he knew him somehow. He decided to get serious and raised his finger, "Don't blame me for this."

His finger became bright and a light beam pierced his enemy.