Chapter 62 Emporio Ivankov

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Ace looked at the marine who was in front of him.

Ace had a bitter smile on his face.

"Hahaha, welcome newcomer!!!"

"Kyaaa, the newcomer is really cute!!!"

"A - ah, it's not fair, I want to see him too."

Haru shuddered and hid behind both Luffy and Mr. 2 since he felt danger around them.

"Aaaah, he is shy!!!"

Haru twitched his lips while listening to their conversation.

They looked around and saw a lot of people who looked very happy having a party in this place.

"T - this...." Mr. 2 was shocked to see this place.

"I'm hungry," Luffy said while looking at the food.

"Me too," Haru was also hungry. He decided to ignore them since they didn't mean harm but he didn't want to get close.

The man nodded, "You can eat here."

"Thank you!!" Luffy and Haru said at the same time.

"My name is Inazuma," Inazuma introduced.

"I - I'm B - Bentham!!!" Mr. 2 was very excited right now and asked, "Where is Ivankov-Sama?"

Inazuma adjusted his glasses and pointed his finger at the stage, "He is there."

Suddenly the light was off and music suddenly started.

They looked toward the stage and saw someone come out from backstage. The light focused on him as if wanted to get him into the center of attention.

"Hmm, hmm, welcome to Level 5.5!!!" The man raised both of his hands.

He is a large man with an afro of indigo hair, and has long eyelashes, he also has a noticeably-odd shaped chin resembling an arrowhead. His afro is large enough to hold people inside it. He has a personal Jolly Roger tattooed just below his chest.

He dresses in a reddish-purple woman's garments with heavy makeup. To signify his queen-ship of New Kama Land, he wears a queen's crown with a king's crown on top.

"I - Ivankov-Sama!!!" Mr. 2 was excited to meet him.

Luffy looked at the man curiously and asked him, "Who is that strange old man?"

"He is the queen of perverts," Haru answered.

"Hey! I heard you that silver hair cute boy!!!" Suddenly Ivankov appeared in front of him.

Haru got a shudder when he saw him right in front of his face and this caused his reflex to move, "Sticky Fingers!"


Ivankov used his observation haki to dodge his attack. He looked at him with a smile, "Hmm, what a lively boy."

Haru knew that he couldn't beat him with only Sticky Fingers. He moved back and put a distance between the two of them. He realized that everyone was looking at him. He thought a lot of things and said, "I - I have got a disease where I'll punch someone who is getting too close to me suddenly." He thought that this excuse was really dumb.

"Eh? Really?" Everyone looked very shocked.

"Is that true, Haru?" Luffy was shocked beyond belief.

Haru was glad that they were idiots.

"Hahahahaha," Ivankov laughed and went back to the stage, "Straw Boy, Mr. 2, no, Bon Boy, welcome to the level 5.5."

"How did you know about us?" Mr. 2 looked quite shocked.

Ivankov smiled, "We're in the level 5.5, we have everything here and we can monitor everything, we know that you've caused chaos in this place, do you want to escape from this prison?"

Mr. 2 nodded, "Yes, Ivankov-Sama." He was in front of his idol right now.

"Hmm, thank you Bon Boy but...." Ivankov started to talk about his monologue.

Haru looked like Luffy had started to eat and he also went to his table. He picked a wine to warm his body while listening to the conversation of both Mr. 2 and Ivankov. He was also seen when someone suddenly entered level 5.5 and wanted to kill Ivankov with a cannon gun.

Ivankov only winked and deflected his attack. He jumped toward them and used his power to change him into a woman.

Luffy, Haru, and Mr. 2 were shocked when they saw this.

Haru knew that Ivankov had this kind of power but it was very unbelievable when he saw it right in front of his eyes.

Ivankov went back to their table and talked to each other.

"N-fufufu, you come all the way here to save me, that's very cute," Ivankov smiled and said, "I appreciate the thought, but it's not time for me to escape just yet." He looked far away and said, "That man won't make his move yet, the man who is pulling the string behind all the revolutionaries in the world, my compatriot....Dragon The Revolutionary!!"

"Oh, you mean my dad?" Luffy suddenly said,

Ivankov nodded, "That's right when your dad marshals his army, I will escape from this place...." He suddenly stopped and shocked beyond belief. He jumped back and caused the crater on the wall, "DAD!!!!!"

"Did he say his dad!!!"

Everyone was shocked.

"A - a - are you joking around!!? You're dragon's son!!? I didn't even know he had a son!!!" Ivankov was very surprised.

"Ah, I guess I wasn't supposed to say that, well whatever, my grandpa said it too, I don't really know either, I don't even remember his face," Luffy said while eating the food.

Haru sighed in relief since he could get the help of this person to escape from the prison. Even though Ivankov was perverted, this person was undoubtedly very powerful.

Ivankov was looking at Luffy with a surprised expression, "Where were you born?"

"East Blue," Luffy answered and said, "Thank you for your food we need to save my brother now." He was glad to follow him since he could eat a lot of food to regain his strength.

Ivankov held his shoulder, "Your brother?"

Luffy nodded, "Yes, Ace is my brother, he should be in the level 6 right now." He showed him the Vivre card of ace and it pointed toward downward.

Ivankov opened his eyes wide and shouted, "Tell everyone in the New Kama Land, we will go to save Ace Boy and then make our escape from Impel Down! If you wish to come with me, make your peace and prepare for battle!!"

"Eeeh, what is it all of sudden!!"

"You always make rash decisions!!"

"W - will you help us, Ivankov-Sama?" Mr. 2 asked with a happy expression.

Ivankov nodded, "Of course, Dragon is my compatriot, I have an obligation to help his children!! We can't let Ace Boy be executed!!!!"

Haru knew that it was fate that and everything was moving according to the plot. He had only one job left before he went back to his original world.