Chapter 67 Prison Break 5

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They continued to run until they had arrived at level 2. They saw a familiar figure who was running toward them.

"Let's get out," Buggy said with a proud expression. He said that he was the one who made the strategy and defeated the warden.

They frowned when they saw his annoying face.

Haru ignored him and continued to run toward level 1 since they were safe right now.

They also continued to run to level 1 since they would soon be freed. They were very excited and ran very fast until they saw a large gate made of wood in front of them. They directly kicked it and opened the gate.

"WE'RE FRE-" They wanted to scream but they stopped when they saw nothing.

"Where is the battleship?" They couldn't run away without a ship on the dock.

Haru looked around but he didn't find Mr. 2. He frowned and suddenly remembered his sacrifice. He didn't want him to stay in this place and wanted to save him. He turned and wanted to leave.

"Haru?" Luffy looked at him with a puzzled expression.

"Wait for a while for me," Haru said and moved very fast using his light magic. He needed to move as soon as possible to the control room since he knew that Mr. 2 would be in that place. He knew that he had only a few minutes to get him.

"Where is he going?" Luffy wanted to chase him but he was stopped by Ivankov, "Iva?"

Ivankov shook his head and didn't say anything.

Mr. 2 had changed into Hannibal since he had touched him earlier. He was a bit sad since he couldn't touch Magellan. He knew that he needed to open the justice gate for everyone. He wanted to enter the control room until he saw a white light moving very fast toward him. He was shocked and put on his fighting stance until he saw him, "Haru?" He was shocked and blurted out his name.

"What are you doing? We need to leave!" Haru said.

Mr. 2 felt very moved when he saw him wanted to save him. He gritted his teeth and shook his head, "No, I'll stay."

"Bastard, I won't let you stay here," Haru said.

Mr. 2 was crying right now, "But someone needs to open the gate."

"You dumb, I can do that," Haru started using his light magic to create a projection of Magellan.

"T - this is?" Mr. 2 was shocked.

Haru saw someone suddenly came out from the control room and hurriedly using his 'Hypno Eye'. He gave him an order and controlled his projection magic. He looked at Mr. 2 and said, "Let's go."

Mr. 2 felt that he was very handsome right now, "I LOVE YOU!!!"

Haru wanted to puke when he heard those words from him, "Hurry up."

Mr. 2 nodded and also started to run together with him.

They ran very fast and saw Ivankov using his 'Death Wink' to escape at the same time they saw Magellan with the power of poison around him.

"W - what should we do?" Mr. 2 was scared.

Haru picked him and used his light magic to move very fast. He only learned it recently but he could fly with his light magic.

Magellan was very angry at him and wanted to attack him but he was shocked when he saw that he could fly, no, surfing on the air.

Haru used his light magic to surf on the air similar to a robot in Eureka Seven. He wanted gravity magic or flying magic to help him fly since it was very inconvenient to surf using light magic. At the same time, he wanted something to increase his magic energy, stamina, chakra, or endurance to make him able to fight for the entire week without a drink, sleep, and food.

His speed was very fast and it was hard for Magellan to attack him.

Everyone was looking at him surfing on the air with amazement.

Mr. 2 was very happy right now since he could run away at the same time, he was flying on the air. He had always wanted to dance ballet in the air.

"If you move, I'll throw you into the sea," Haru said.

Mr. 2 stopped and didn't do anything.

Jimbei used his fishmen power to call for help from the fish.

The shark whale came with his call and became the ride for every prisoner.

They were very happy since they could ride on this animal.

Haru also rode this animal since he didn't want to waste his stamina.

Mr. 2 sat beside him and looked around while looking quite happy.

Jimbei moved toward them and asked, "How are you going to open the gate?" He knew that Mr. 2 wanted to sacrifice himself to open the gate of justice for everyone.

"You don't need to worry about it, I have taken care of it," Haru said.

Jimbei raised his eyebrow but didn't say anything. He was glad that Mr. 2 could escape from this jail together. He didn't care how he could open the gate of justice since he knew that he was his ally.

The fish delivered them to the battleship.

Everyone was very happy at the same time they started to fight with the other sh.i.p.s since they kept shooting them with a canon. They moved very fast toward the gate that was opened.

Haru didn't help them since he was busy manipulating his light projection magic and the people that he had hypnosis with. He saw that they had passed the gate and hurriedly ordered his projection to close the gate.

Suddenly he felt the connection of his projection magic was lost but he saw the gate was closed. He laid on the ground since he was very tired. He needed time to rest himself for the next battle.