Chapter 71 Betrayal

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Haru raised his eyebrow and looked at Moria. He didn't expect that he was this weak.

Everyone was stunned when they saw his battle. They didn't expect this young man would be this powerful.

"Moria is instantly defeated!!!"

Sengoku looked at him with a dignified expression. He knew that Moria was the weakest member in Shichibukai. Though he didn't expect he would lose to this unnamed young man this soon. He saw that his power was similar to a zipper, 'A power to manifest zipper?'

Doflamingo didn't feel anything about Moria but he pissed for him to lose to an unnamed person. He thought that Moria was too shameful for the Shicibukai position, "Furfurfur, who is this?"

"Damn, pirates!!!" Smoker said with an annoyed expression looking at him.

Hanc.o.c.k looked at him and wondered whether he was a crew member of Luffy.

"Alright, that's good, Haru!!" Luffy started to run toward the execution platform.

"Gurara," Whitebeard laughed, looking at his fight.

"Who is that?" Marco wasn't sure who this person was since he had never seen him.

Haru saw the zombie around him also defeated with the defeat of Moria. He didn't want to stay there any longer and went back since he knew there was another event that would happen. He went to the most crowded place and used his light magic to make himself invisible. He went to Moby D.i.c.k waiting for something there.

Ivankov wanted to look at him and was startled when he saw him fighting against Moria. He sighed in relief and was amazed when he saw him win against Moria. He was wondering whether he could ask him to join the Revolutionary Army.

Ivankov didn't find him but he saw his old friend. He greeted him but he was attacked suddenly. He tried to ask him but Kuma ignored him and kept attacking him.

"Furfurfurfur, he has become a cyborg, he has forgotten about you," Doflamingo suddenly appeared and said to him.

"Bastard!" Ivankov didn't believe it and tried to call him several times. He gritted his teeth when he saw it was the truth. He didn't want to believe it but his friend had forgotten about him. He was very angry since this would be the first time for someone to forget about him. He would beat him up until he remembered him.

"I'll definitely make you remember," Ivankov said.

Luffy also started to run toward Ace. He fought a lot of guys while running. He beat a lot of Marines until his cheek was hit by something.

"Ugh!!!" Luffy was thrown but he stood up again. He looked at this familiar person, "Smokey!" He looked at the jitte in his hand and knew that it was very troublesome.

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"I'll finish you off myself," Smoker said.

"Rubber Rubber Jet Gatling!" Luffy started to hit him several times but his punch passed through him.

His body had become smoke and it was impossible to attack him, "White Launcher!" He moved very fast with the force of the smoke behind him. He pushed his jitte and made him fall down on the ground.

"Guargh!!" Luffy was hit on his throat and it hurt. He was laid on the ground and unable to move because of this sea stone jitte.

"I can see why Dragon tried to save you in the Logue Town," Smoker was ready to bring him back to the prison only his head was kicked by someone.

"Ungh!!!" Smoker was thrown away.

"Cough, Cough," Luffy coughed but he hurriedly stood up since he needed to save his brother. He didn't have that much time. He looked at the one who saved him and became very happy, "Hanc.o.c.k!!!"

Hanc.o.c.k still had anger on her face when she looked at Smoker but when she heard him calling her name. Her face became very happy and she looked at him with a mesmerizing expression, "Indeed."

Both of them started to talk to each other.

Hanc.o.c.k gave him the key to opening his brother's handcuffs.

"Hanc.o.c.k, you're the best, thank you, I'm in your debt," Luffy was really happy and hugged her.

Hanc.o.c.k didn't expect this and she had become weak. She took a deep breath and said, "Y - you need to save your brother, hurry up."

"Alright, thank you," Luffy started to run again.

Hanc.o.c.k fell down on the ground and started to remember what was happening earlier. She was wondering whether it was a marriage appointment or something. She was still in her imagination but it didn't mean that she didn't know someone tried to attack him.

"Perfume Femur!" Hanc.o.c.k didn't give him a chance and kicked his weapon.

Smoker saw his weapon had turned into a stone and frowned, "What do you think are you doing Boa Hanc.o.c.k?" He was very angry and annoyed right now looking at her.

Hanc.o.c.k put on her usual pose while looking down at him, "No matter what I may do, I will be forgiven."

Whitebeard noticed someone was standing behind him. He turned his head, "Squard? So you're safe, I'm trying to contact you earlier."

"Yeah, sorry about that, old man," Squard said.

Both of them talked to each other about the war.

Squard walked in front of him and said, "....For the sake of the Whitebeard Pirates, we would gladly lay down our lives!!!" He took his sword and stabbed it toward Whitebeard.

Whitebeard didn't have time to stop it but he remembered the figure which had been hiding beside him. He knew that he was there but he didn't feel that he would do anything. He was wondering what he did there until this moment.

Squard, who wanted to stab this sword toward, suddenly felt that he was hit by something. He saw the sharp part of his sword had detached from the handle of this sword. He hurriedly used his observation haki and he felt someone was there but he didn't see his figure.

At this moment, every member of the Whitebeard Pirates was enraged by his action.