Chapter 86 Forbidden

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Haru decided to make a fluffy pancake to make her mood better.

"I'll get fat!!!!" Yuri complained.

"Don't you learn Kendo? You will burn your fat during that time," Haru said.

Yuri thought for a while and it felt quite logical since she needed a lot of calories in her daily intake. She didn't say anything and started to eat the pancake. She was full of happiness when she chewed it on her mouth. She thought that living in this place would be very nice since the food was very delicious but she needed to watch her weight or else it would become dangerous.

They started to discuss the cafe for hours and decided to go back.

Yuri told him that she would call him about his meeting with her parents later.

Haru nodded and told him to call him anytime. He was quite free since he was only practicing magic, chakra, and some swordsmanship. He walked her to the station and went back to his apartment.

"I'm home," Haru entered his house but he didn't hear a reply. He walked to the living room and he saw Sora was there with only a towel wrapping her body. He saw her close her eyes while sleeping and couldn't help but gulp. He shook his head and hurriedly reprimanded her, "Sora, wear your clothes, I don't want you to get a cold."

Sora opened her eyes slowly, "Haru?"

"You should wear your clothes first, after that you can continue your sleep," Haru said, helping her to stand up.

Sora let him help her to stand since she was lazy and wanted to see his reaction.

Suddenly the towel that wrapped around her body fell down.

Haru looked at her n.a.k.e.d body and hurriedly picked up her towel. He still maintained his calm expression but he moved very fast to wrap the towel again on her body, "Hurry up and wear your clothes." He was walking but his speed was very fast since he needed to calm his mind.

Sora, who saw him walk very fast, smiled naughtily. She saw something interesting happen earlier.

Haru closed the door of his room and sighed. He looked down and saw that his pants were very tight since his little brother was standing hard. He fell down on the ground while holding his head, "What am I thinking?" He knew that he shouldn't become hard when he saw his sister. He felt sick with himself right now and was wondering whether it was the fault of the plot or himself who was tempted by his little sister. He really needed to find a girlfriend or else it would be dangerous. He took his phone and thought about someone who could calm his nerve. He looked at the contact on his phone and wanted to call her but stopped when he heard someone knocking on his door.

"Haru?" Sora called from outside the door

"What's wrong, Sora?" Haru asked.

"Can you cook me something, I'm hungry," Sora asked.

Haru stood up and opened the door. He took a deep and calmed himself. He maintained his calm expression and left his room "Sure, wait for a while." He caressed her head and went to the kitchen.

Sora touched her head and smiled. She walked toward him sitting down in the counter chair while looking at him cooking in the kitchen, "Where did you go earlier?"

"Hmm? I'm going to meet my employee," Haru answered while cooking.

"Your employee?" Sora raised her eyebrow, "Is it a girl?"

"Of course, do you think I'll hire a boy to work with a maid uniform?" Haru said with a laugh. He shook his head and said, "I don't have that kind of hobby." He shuddered when he imagined a boy wearing the uniform of his cafe.

Sora also felt strange when she imagined it but she looked at him for a while and said, "But I think you will be suitable to wear it."

"Me?" Haru started to imagine himself wearing a maid uniform. He hurriedly shook his head and said, "There is no way, I will do that."

They talked about other things until she mentioned something.

"When can I change my family name?" Sora asked.

Haru turned and looked at her, "Do you really want to change your family name?" He had agreed before but he wanted to ask her once again.

"Yes," Sora said with a serious expression.

"Let's do that later, I'm still quite busy with my cafe preparation, maybe in one or two months," Haru answered.

"Good," Sora nodded. She thought for a bit and asked, "Mom didn't have a family, right?" She had never seen a family from her mother.

"I'm not sure, mom has never talked about her family in the past, maybe she has similar experience like us," Haru answered. He wasn't sure about his mother since she was quite a mystery to him. He had asked about his grandfather or grandmother from her family but she only smiled and told him that they had gone away. He didn't force her to answer and was only grateful that they had given him such a wonderful mother for him.

"Hmmm," Sora nodded and missed her parents.

"I'm still here and I won't leave you," Haru said, but didn't turn toward her. He was cooking kimchi nabe for dinner and it would be done soon. He closed the lid of the cookpot and wanted to turn toward her but he was hugged, "Sora?"

"You really won't leave me right?" Sora asked quietly while hugging him tightly.

Haru sighed and turned his body to hug her back, "I won't and you don't need to worry about that." He caressed her head for a bit and thought she would let him go soon but she hugged him tighter. He looked at her with helpless expression and said, "Can you let go of me? I need to check the food."

"No," Sora said while placing her head on his chest.

Haru sighed and turned his body. He continued to cook with her hugging him.

The two of them continued to the dining room and ate the food together. Their dinner was quite merry and he told her about a good restaurant that he had come before. He told her that he would bring her there.

Sora nodded and became quite interested in that restaurant.

The dinner was over, he cleaned the dish and he felt a vibration on his phone. He opened his phone and saw a message from Sakura.

'Don't forget about tomorrow!!!!'

'Alright,' Haru replied.

'What is that? Why is that only your answer? Don't you get excited to go out with a beautiful girl?' Sakura replied very fast.

'Go sleep,' Haru replied with a smile. He was wondering whether it was a good decision to go out with her tomorrow.