Chapter 98 Every Day Until There Is a Quest

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In the early morning.

His bakery, no, the cafe had opened for the past week.

Haru still hadn't found a suitable waitress to help him. He was glad that it was accepted by a lot of people in the neighboorhood and a lot of people also came every day to buy his bread and coffee. He also decided to open it in the morning until it was sold out since he didn't want to become that busy with the cafe. He wanted to use more of his free time to train a chakra, magic, swordsmanship, and Stand.

Haru with the help of his friend had also built a robot that helped him in cooking, cleaning, and cashier for his cafe. This past week, he focussed his full attention on managing his cafe and needed to sacrifice his time to practice.

That's why he feels quite rusty right now.

"Haru, I have finished placing the bread on display," Yuri said.

Haru turned his head, "Alright, I have prepared breakfast and lunch for you, you can go to school anytime."

Yuri nodded with a smile, sometimes she felt that she had done something wrong since he had always prepared her breakfast and lunch. Though, she felt very happy with his actions since she didn't have a cooking skill.

Haru walked to the door of his cafe and opened it since it was the time to open his cafe, no, maybe bakery among the neighborhood.

Haru was surprised to see someone in front of him, "Honoka? You're too early!"

"Hehehe, I want to buy my breakfast here," Honoka smiled.

Honoka Kosaka is a cute girl with orange hair with a side ponytail hairstyle. She often came to his bakery, no, cafe to buy bread for her breakfast.

"Your mother will be very angry for you to spend your money on my bread," Haru said and let her come inside. He knew that her family owned a Japanese Sweet Shop near his place.

"Eh, but your bread is delicious," Honoka said while sniffing the aroma of his bread. She really loved the freshly baked smell of bread.

"Well, whatever, do you want tea? I will give it to you for free," Haru said.

"Sure," Honoka nodded hastily.

Haru prepared the tea while Honoka was looking around at which bread that she should buy today.

"Haru, is there a guest?" Yuri came out from the living room while eating bread on her mouth. She wasn't surprised to see her, "Oh, it's Honoka."

"Yuri," Honoka smiled and greeted her.

Haru knew her charming point of this girl was her smile that made anyone become spirited. He wasn't sure how there was such a cheerful girl in this world.

Honoka paid for her meal on the automatic machine and sat on the counter seat. She ate the bread slowly with a happy expression.

"This is your tea," Haru said.

"Thank you," Honoka sipped the tea and could feel her body became warm. She could taste that it was sweet, a bit spicy, and savory at the same time, "What is this?"

"This is chai, it's good right?" Haru said.

"It's good," Honoka nodded.

"Don't eat too long or you will be late for school," Yuri reprimanded her.

Honoka realized and looked at the clock. She was startled and ate the food faster. She almost choked since she ate too fast and hurriedly drank the tea. She felt satisfied and said, " Haa.... thank you very much." She waved her hand and ran very fast toward her school.

"She is a year older than you, you should call her big sister or senior," Haru said.

"That's true, but she is kind of childish," Yuri said and shook her head.

Haru also nodded, "Alright, be careful on the way."

Yuri smiled at him, "Yeah, goodbye."

Haru was looking after the bakery, no, cafe. He greeted his usual costumer and some young mother that always came here. He felt that this bakery had become one of his ways to relax since he could talk with them.

The bakery, no, the cafe was always good since the bread was delicious. In the food industry, as long as the food is good, there will be a lot of customers who will come and buy your products.

Haru served every guest until it was almost sold out. He saw that there were only one or two pieces of bread left. He thought to close the cafe since he wanted to train his magic back to his apartment. He wanted to change the sign of his shop until it was opened by someone. He smiled at his person, "Nasa."

"Haru, is there bread left?" Nasa asked hurriedly.

"There is, you're lucky there is some left," Haru said.

Nasa sighed in relief and bought the bread. He also ordered a coffee for himself while eating there.

Haru gave him his coffee and asked, "Are you still working in that place?"

Nasa nodded while eating the bread. He swallowed the bread, "Yes, that place is quite good."

Haru also made coffee for himself while sipping it and slowly talking to each other. He had met him a few days after the store opened when he bought the bread from him. He was quite free and decided to talk to each other. He didn't expect though that this young man was really smart and both of them were together building the robot in this cafe.

Both of them had a deep interest in mathematics and it was very quite rare to find someone who could talk about that topic. They were also talking about a lot of things regarding robots, programs, and a lot of things.

Nasa also has similar circ.u.mstances since he also dropped out of school.

"Did you find that girl that you want to marry?" Haru asked.

Nasa shook his head, "No."

"Do you want me to introduce you to some cute girls? It's a waste to spend your youth without girls," Haru said.

"No, I have proposed to her before, I need to wait for her," Nasa said.

Haru shrugged his shoulders, "Well, do whatever you want." He wasn't sure whether it was healthy though, they talked for a while until both of them looked at their smartphones. They had received a chat from someone.

"Oh, this is my boss, goodbye, Haru," Nasa left his cafe.

Haru only nodded because he was a bit startled when he saw the next mission from the group chat.

[New Quest of the Dimensional Group Chat]

[Quest: Get Century Soup from 'Toriko' World and Invite 1 person]

[Participant: Three Persons]

[Reward: 2000 points and one random reward]

[System Note: The time will stop in the participant world. Please choose the right person to enter the Group Chat]

'Century Soup? Toriko? What the heck?'