Dark Lies (Magic Side: Wolf Bound 3)

author:Veronica Douglas Genre:fantasy|adult|paranormal|romance Last update time:2022/7/22 11:42:50

My nightmare’s not over. It’s just beginning. I killed the sorcerer that turned my life into a living hell, but instead of getting better, my world is falling apart. New threats lurk in every shadow, and I still don’t have the answers I need. The cops want me to betray the pack, the pack wants me to betray my family, and servants of a dark god are hunting me for my blood. I’ve turned into one of the monsters I feared most, and I have no idea why. Worse, I can’t control the beast inside me. I need to find a way to break this curse before my family discovers my secret—before my fated mate, Jaxson Laurent, claims me as his own. He’s as hot as sin, and I can barely restrain myself when he’s near, but I won’t let him rule me and I won’t let the fates determine my path. When I finally unmask the dark lies that have haunted my life, will I be strong enough to face the truth?