Chapter 750 - Danger Lurks in Every Corner,

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Chapter 750: Danger Lurks in Every Corner, Increasing One’s Strength

At this moment, the instructors who were still wailing and cursing Chu Yunfan immediately shut up.

They finally realized that Chu Yunfan would really dare to kill them. Crippling their martial arts was nothing to him.

They previously thought that Chu Yunfan was just relying on medicinal pills and his Divine instructor, Jeang Yuanbin, to do whatever he wanted. Only now did they realize that Chu Yunfan was sufficiently strong.

“Before I change my mind, hurry up and scram!” Chu Yunfan sneered.

Those instructors did not dare to stay any longer and hurriedly struggled to escape. In a short while, they had disappeared.

“Captain Chu, you’re not dead. That’s great!” Ruan Yingyu said as she started tearing up.

Sha Peng did not speak, but he also looked very excited. Two years ago, everyone thought that Chu Yunfan had died. They had not expected him to be fine.

Two years ago, Chu Yunfan did not tell Sha Peng and the others. After all, there were too many people and too many mouths to feed. Once many things were known by more people, it would inevitably be spread.

Chu Yunfan simply smiled and nodded.

“Now that Mr. Jeang is gone, we don’t know what to do,” Ruan Yingyu said through her sobs.

At Federation University, everyone had their own instructors. Without an instructor, they were like orphans. They needed an instructor to help them fight for benefits and rights.

Now that Chu Yunfan had appeared, it was as if a beacon had suddenly lit up.

‘?????? ???? No(ve) l Bi n’,

“I believe that Mr. Jeang is fine. After all, the encyclopedia only said that his whereabouts are unknown. I believe that he’s blessed by the Heavens,” Chu Yunfan consoled, “The scores with Jiang Yuanluo will be settled sooner or later. Now, it’s just about collecting some interest.”

Sha Peng and Ruan Yingyu were fine, but the students behind him were not used to Chu Yunfan’s wild behavior. After all, they were talking about the Great Ancestor of the Jiangs. Chu Yunfan actually dared to challenge an expert with supernatural powers?

“Okay.” Ruan Yingyu nodded.

“Clean up this place a little. If anyone tries to barge in, send me a message,” Chu Yunfan said, “If the university comes asking, you can all blame it on me so that they won’t find trouble with you.”

Sha Peng and the others did not hesitate. They were used to Chu Yunfan’s habit of taking on everything. Moreover, they knew that Chu Yunfan could bear such a level of confrontation while they could not. Any Innate instructor would be enough to rain disaster down on them.

“I have matters to attend to, so I’ll be leaving first,” Chu Yunfan said.

He had long decided to leave this place. The news that he was still alive would spread quickly. Trouble would befall the training hall soon. He was not afraid of trouble, but now that he was about to break through, he needed a quiet place to do so.

Moreover, if he wanted to break through to the fifth level of the Innate Stage, he would need a large amount of energy and spirit stones. And this could only be resolved by looking for Lu Qingxuan.

In two years, Shanhe Alchemy had developed to a large enough level. It shouldn’t be a problem for them to provide him with cultivation resources. This was the fundamental reason why he had established the company.

The fifth level of the Innate Stage was right in front of him. Would the sixth be far away?

The biggest gain from the Resurrection was the consolidation of his foundation. On the other hand, he had expanded the meridians in his body and improved the cultivation aptitude of his body. It was like a special constitution. In a short period, his cultivation would be able to rise again.

After Chu Yunfan had broken through to the sixth level of the Innate Stage, unless Jiang Yuanluo personally appeared, anyone who showed up would die.

“In this chaotic world, only when one wields power is one truly strong. I can’t always rely on the Demon Descends Illustration.”

At this moment, in Donghua City, at the headquarters of Shanhe Alchemy.

In two years, the scope of Shanhe Alchemy’s business had started to expand toward the various satellite cities within the Federation. The original headquarters in Calm Ocean City was no longer suitable. Thus, half a year ago, the headquarters had been moved to Donghua City. This was one of the top ten base cities on Earth. Only then could it bear the current rapid development of the company.

Shanhe Alchemy had only been established for three years. Relying on its Qi Replenishing Pill, it had instantly become one of the top alchemy companies in the world.

This development speed could be said to be astonishing.

‘???? ????s? ???????s ?? No(v) e lBin ????.’,

Especially in the past two years, it had the protection of Jeang Yuanbin, a powerful Divine expert. With this powerful backer, their development progressed at a rapid pace.

In addition, although the Qi Replenishing Pills were not very expensive, they were necessary elixir for many explorers and mercenaries to travel through the wilderness. The sales volume was extremely high.

In the eyes of many, the future of this company was bound to be unlimited.

However, half a year ago, news of Jeang Yunabin’s disappearance spread out, casting a shadow over Shanhe Alchemy’s development.

Outside the company, a young man in his twenties was rapidly approaching under the lead of a middle-aged man and a young man.

If Chu Yunfan were here, he would be able to recognize that the middle-aged man and the young man leading the way were none other than Chu Hongye and his son, Chu Zhiguo, whom he had not seen for several years.

Compared to three years ago, after being chased out of the Chus, they were no longer in high spirits. They were clearly much older.

To them, it was no different from falling from the clouds.

Behind them, the young man who looked to be in his twenties carried a long sword on his back. He wore an ancient long robe and his black hair draped over his shoulders, giving off an unyielding demeanor.

“Young Master Lin, Shanhe Alchemy is just up ahead,” Chu Zhiguo said with a fawning expression on his face.

“We’re finally here. Although your martial arts is average, this thing called technology is not bad.”

Young Master Lin nodded and looked at the bustling scene around him. Even someone as proud as him had to admit that the Federation did indeed have a unique side to the development of the people’s livelihood.

“When the time comes, that woman will hand over the pill formula. I’ll set up a company and you guys will help me manage it. I need to spend my time on my cultivation,” Young Master Lin said with an indifferent expression.

Chu Hongye and Chu Zhiguo quickly nodded their heads in ecstasy. They had worked so hard for so long and finally managed to establish this connection. Wasn’t it all for this moment?

“However, there are many people who have their eye on Shanhe Alchemy’s Qi Replenishing Pill formula. I’m afraid that there are many people getting in our way,” Chu Zhiguo said as he glanced at Young Master Lin.

“What are you afraid of? Do you think that I’m alone? Even the president has to respect those of us from the Fluttering Blooms sect. No one would dare to compete with Fluttering Blooms.”

Young Master Lin glanced at Chu Zhiguo and then said, “Let’s head inside.”