Chapter 579 - He really has divine eyes and the ability to foresee things!

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As Wen xingshang’s voice fell, the entire Royal martial arts practice field was filled with thunderous voices.

“Wen Xing is indeed the most powerful heaven’s favorite of our generation. His strength is really dominating!”

“Wen xingshang defeated fairy bi Bo in three moves, he’s indeed worthy of respect!”

“Fairy bi Bo wants to break off the engagement because she hasn’t seen Wen xingshang’s power. I think she’ll change her mind soon!”

Hearing the crowd’s praises, Wen xingshang couldn’t help but raise his chin, feeling a little proud.

Below the martial arts stage.

“Yi Yun, you clearly know that you’re not his match, so why are you opposing him like this?” Zhao Ningxia sighed heavily.

Seeing that Shao Yiyun could not even get up, Zhao Ningxia shook her head even more.

From the looks of it, this dispute between Shao Yi Yun and Wen Xing Shang had already been settled!

Tang yang, on the other hand, clenched his fists tightly. He looked at Shao Yiyun’s trembling figure with reluctance and helplessness.

“You’re still going to marry Wen xingshang in the end!”

The miracle that he was looking forward to did not appear. Shao Yiyun’s defeat was irreversible, and she could only abide by the marriage agreement and marry Wen xingshang.

On the royal family’s observation deck.

The Grand sacred Lord smiled, ”

Xing Shang’s cultivation has improved rapidly, and he has fully displayed the ‘Supreme amorous spell’ of our Holy Land. He is indeed worthy of being the strongest heaven’s favorite of this generation! Quot;

it’s also a result of his own hard work that he was able to win the Beauty’s heart. It’s very good! Quot;

Wen chujing couldn’t help but burst out laughing. “Many thanks for Holy master’s praise!”

He looked at Shao Yi Yun with a burning gaze.

This woman’s appearance was like a fairy’s and was indeed a good match for Wen xingshang.

She was also very powerful and ranked second in the convention of geniuses. She was worthy of the title of the Crown Princess of Tianfeng nation.

Just as everyone was discussing, a firm and clear voice suddenly changed the atmosphere.

“I’ve said it before, I will never marry you!”

Shao Yi Yun clenched her teeth tightly, her pair of beautiful eyes revealed an incomparably firm expression.

An Azure light suddenly burst out from her body like a flood.

Everyone saw the spiritual energy around her explode, bringing out several bloody streaks.

Shao Yi Yun then sprawled on the ground, and vomited a huge mouthful of blood. The aura around her body was rapidly weakening in an instant.

you’re … Wen xingshang was shocked, ” you’ve severed your own meridians! Quot;

Zhao Ningxia could not help but shout, ” “Yi Yun, why are you doing this?”

She finally understood that Shao Yi Yun’s plan was to destroy her own meridians after losing, and end her own life.

Shao Yi Yun endured the pain and shouted, ”

“I’d rather be broken Jade than intact tile!”

“Master, I will never marry Wen xingshang. I only ask for death!”

Zhao Ningxia stomped her feet helplessly and painfully.”Silly child, why do you have to do this!”

Hearing the conversation between the master and disciple, Wen Xing Shang was so embarrassed that he almost went mad. He gritted his teeth and looked at Shao Yi Yun.

“Speak clearly, who is the Jade and who is the tile?”

“I’d like to see how outstanding this beautiful jade in your heart is!”

Facing Wen xingshang’s aggressive attitude, Shao Yiyun only sneered, lowered her head and continued to spit out blood.

Facing this sudden scene, Wen chujing and the Grand Supreme Holy Lord both fell into shock.

After a moment, Wen chujing regained his senses and said, ” “Holy Lord, please treat that girl!”

Even though she was resentful towards Shao Yi Yun for rejecting Wen Xing Shang time and time again.

However, Wen chujing understood that if he really let Shao Yi Yun die, not only Wen Xing Shang, even the reputation of Tian Feng nation would be greatly affected.

At that time, the whole world would definitely think that it was Wen xingshang’s repeated threats that caused Shao Yi Yun to commit suicide.

Such a consequence was definitely not a good thing for Wen xingshang, who was already one of the strongest heaven’s favorites and had a bright future ahead of him.

“Alright!” The Grand Supreme Lord nodded.

Wen xingshang had already become the strongest heaven’s favorite and had a bright future. The Grand Supreme Lord already had the intention of taking him in as a core disciple.

At this juncture, he naturally did not wish for anything to happen to Wen xingshang.

Therefore, curing Shao Yi Yun was the best choice.

However, just as he was about to move, Lin Xuan raised his hand and said, ” “Don’t worry, let’s wait and see.”

When they saw Shao Yiyun commit suicide just now, the little girls couldn’t bear to see her die, so they asked Lin Xuan to think of a way to help her.

However, Lin Xuan realized that things were not that simple, so he was not in a hurry to make a move.

He looked at Lin Xuan with slight respect.

“Di Fu asked me to step down. It seems that things are still going to change. Let’s wait and see!”

Wen chujing, who was at the side, frowned slightly.

Di Fu stopped the Grand sacred Lord from attacking, so he probably knew what would happen next.

However, now that Shao Yi Yun was about to die from self-mutilation, the situation was already set. What other changes could there be that would cause Di Fu to not allow the Grand Supreme sacred Lord to act?

Wen chujing thought about it and kept shaking his head.

He only felt that Lin Xuan’s thoughts were as deep as the sea, and he could not see through them.

Under everyone’s gaze, a strange phenomenon suddenly occurred.

The blood light around Shao Yiyun’s body suddenly converged, and the Azure sea Light gushed out like a tide.

An even more tyrannical aura instantly enveloped the entire martial arts stage.

this … Wen xingshang was stunned.

He could only feel that Shao Yi Yun’s aura had increased by a thousand times in an instant, so powerful that it made him feel fear.

Below the stage, Zhao Ningxia’s delicate body trembled slightly as she mumbled,

“Could it be that Evian profited from a disaster and activated that legendary physique?”

Within the ten thousand fathomless rays of light, Shao Yi Yun’s body recovered rapidly.

It was as if his entire body was soaked in blue seawater, rippling with a bright radiance.

She raised her head, her black pupils had turned blue, and she looked at Wen xingshang firmly,

“The battle between us is not over yet. You don’t have to be in such a hurry to announce your victory!”

After she stood up, she opened her hand and condensed a million seawater into a huge blue water sword.

“Blue water Sword Art!”

A terrifying spiritual pressure of the Emperor realm exploded in the air, wrapping around Shao Yi Yun’s body and turning into the image of a water dragon that charged towards Wen xingshang.

Feeling Shao Yi Yun’s incomparably tyrannical aura, Wen Xing Shang’s eyes were about to pop out, ”

“I don’t care how strong you’ve become, but you’re definitely not my match!”

“Supreme amorous spell!”

This time, Wen xingshang also used all his strength to pull out a giant sword from the void and cut down.

However, it was different from the previous exchange. The moment the two of them met, Shao Yi Yun’s Azure sword light had the complete advantage.

Her water sword crushed Wen xingshang’s sky sword and turned into a shocking ray of light that struck Wen xingshang’s body, causing him to fall to the ground.

Bang! With a loud bang, the ocean Light around Wen xingshang exploded, tearing his clothes apart and leaving behind a trail of blood.

“This is impossible!”

ah! Wen xingshang screamed in pain and despair as he fell to the ground. His body twitched and he couldn’t get up.

Shao Yiyun landed on the ground, her beautiful eyes sparkling with joy. “We won!”

Zhao Ningxia, who was in the audience, could not help but laugh.”This girl is really unexpected!”

She also did not expect that Shao Yi Yun, on her deathbed, would actually use the surging waves Divine Art to improve her own sunflower water Mystic physique, and advance it to the legendary physique of the soaring wave sect, the sunflower water sacred physique!

The most obvious feature of the sacred body of sunflower water was its blue eyes.

So to say, not only did Shao Yi Yun win this round, it even allowed her own strength to increase by a large margin, making a leap to become a great emperor, her future was limitless!

Beside Zhao Ningxia, Tang yang also raised his fist in excitement.

As long as Shao Yi Yun didn’t get married, he felt that his chance would always be there.

The imperial family’s observation platform was completely silent.

They could not help but look at Lin Xuan in awe.

“So Di Fu already knew that Shao Yi Yun would have such a fortuitous encounter, his eyes are really like a torch, he has the ability to predict!”