Chapter 580 - The insufferably arrogant aura of a giant God!

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Chapter 580: The insufferably arrogant aura of a giant God!

At this moment, the hundreds of thousands of people in the entire Royal martial arts practice field were all praising Shao Yiyun’s miracle of turning the battle around after being defeated.

However, none of them noticed that the Emerald ring on Wen xingshang’s finger suddenly flashed with an extremely weak green light.

After the light appeared, it burrowed into Wen xingshang’s skin at lightning speed.

Shao Yi Yun was still immersed in the joy of victory, and naturally did not notice this strange scene.

She lowered her head and glanced at Wen xingshang, then coldly cupped her fists,”Thanks for letting me win!”

After he finished speaking, he turned around and walked down the martial arts stage.

Wen xingshang’s voice suddenly rang out, causing Shao Yiyun’s heart to tremble, and she felt an indescribable sense of danger.

Shao Yi Yun turned around and saw that Wen Xing Shang had already stood up quickly.

as you said, the battle between us hasn’t ended yet. We must continue! Quot;

Wen xingshang’s words instantly caused a commotion in the entire Royal martial arts practice field, like a stone that caused a Thousand Waves.

“So Wen Xing still has strength!”

“It seems that Xing Shang has also had some kind of fortuitous encounter and suddenly became stronger!”

“Heavens! This battle is full of twists and turns, soul-stirring, who will be the final winner?”

Hearing the discussions below the stage, the Grand Holy Lord and Wen chujing couldn’t help but look at each other. They were both confused.

As Wen xingshang’s biological father, Wen chujing knew Wen xingshang’s cultivation like the back of his hand.

As the saying went, no one knew a son better than his father.

He knew that Wen xingshang was a peerless genius and that his cultivation had improved at a rapid pace.

However, in the past few days, Wen xingshang had first broken through to great emperor realm overnight and then was forced into a desperate situation.

From being beaten to the ground, he suddenly resurrected with full health.

This scene really made Wen chujing, as a father, confused. He felt that his son had suddenly become a stranger.

The two of them could not help but look at Lin Xuan at the same time.

His face was calm, and his eyes were as clear as clouds, faintly revealing a hint of seeing through everything.

“Does Di Fu know what happened to Xing Shang?”

Combined with Shao Yiyun’s incident just now, both of them felt that Lin Xuan definitely knew the inside story behind Wen xingshang’s sudden change.

This made them very anxious and they really wanted to uncover the truth behind Wen xingshang’s death.

On the martial arts stage.

Shao Yi Yun clenched her Jade-like fists tightly, and said coldly, ” “Then let’s continue!”

“Alright, make your move!” Wen xingshang laughed hideously.

Feeling that Wen xingshang’s attitude was very different from before, Shao Yiyun could not help but furrow her brows, a bad premonition in her heart.

However, the arrow was already on the bow, and she didn’t have time to think much, so she could only circulate her true essence with all her might.

“Blue water Sword Art!”

A shocking ray of water light shot up and turned into a long sword that slashed towards Wen xingshang.

Wen xingshang’s gaze turned cold, and he turned into a shadow as he charged towards Shao Yiyun.

“True no dragon Soul Art!”

He waved his hands in the air, turning his entire body into several huge black Dragon shadows. They actually broke through Shao Yi Yun’s water sword and landed on her body.

“Not good!” Shao Yi Yun only felt her body tighten, and several terrifying dark forces instantly invaded her body, causing her heart to shrink.

Following that, Shao Yi Yun let out a blood-curdling scream.

That huge and powerful black Dragon Shadow frantically entangled her, forcibly compressing all the spiritual energy she released back into her body.

Shao Yi Yun could clearly feel that every Meridian, every inch of her flesh and blood was under the control of the terrifying mystic energy, being madly cut up and absorbed.

The pain was unbearable!

It was so painful that he wished he was dead!

At this moment, Wen xingshang had already returned to his original form. His eyes flickered with a black light as he laughed savagely,

“You’re not my match after all!”

“It’s too late even if you admit defeat now, hehe …”

Hearing Wen xingshang’s words, Zhao Ningxia’s expression changed.

“What does Wen xingshang mean? Don’t tell me he wants to cripple Yi Yun?”

“Something’s wrong! It was wrong! He doesn’t seem to be Wen xingshang. He has already turned into another person!”

At the thought of this, Zhao Ningxia quickly took out her numinous treasure, the water sword. She rose with the wind and slashed at Wen xingshang.

Wen xingshang’s gaze turned extremely cold as he waved his hand,”Get lost!”

One hundred thousand Black Dragon shadows suddenly rose up and sent Zhao Ningxia and her sword flying.

The crowd saw a streak of blood in front of Zhao Ningxia flying with the wind. It was obvious that Wen xingshang’s move had caused great damage to her, causing her to spit out blood.

“Hiss! The sect leader of the soaring wave sect is already in the sage-to-be realm, but Wen xingshang was injured by one move. This means that Wen xingshang’s cultivation is no lower than the sage-to-be realm!”

The crowd was greatly shocked by this scene and trembled slightly under Wen xingshang’s terrifying aura.

At this moment, the Black Dragon Shadow that was wrapped around Shao Yi Yun’s body trembled more and more violently.

One could see with the naked eye that extremely fine Azure rays of light were rapidly rushing out of Shao Yiyun’s body, and gathering in Wen xingshang’s palm.

Wen chujing couldn’t help but frown,”what is Xing Shang doing?” What kind of cultivation technique is this?”

He sensed that Wen xingshang seemed to be forcefully snatching Shao Yiyun’s true energy, so he judged that Wen xingshang might be under the control of some mysterious force.

Therefore, he used all his strength in the first move.

“Saint hands of truth!”

He gathered his great saint spiritual Qi and his palm formed a huge shadow in the void. He grabbed at Wen xingshang.

Feeling his dense aura, Wen xingshang frowned,”Another annoying fly!”

He roared and released tens of thousands of giant dragon shadows from his body. They wrapped around his body and formed a black protective array.

The Dragon roared and blocked the Grand sacred Lord’s giant hand.

Following that, the Dragon Shadow exploded, directly shaking the illusory hand into gas.

Then, he looked at Wen xingshang with trembling eyes, full of shock.

he repelled my Saint hand of truth, which means his cultivation is no lower than the great saint realm! Quot;

“How did this happen?”

“Hahaha!” When Wen xingshang saw that even the Grand Supreme Lord couldn’t do anything to him, he couldn’t help but laugh wildly, appearing extremely proud.

And at this moment, the Azure light that was flowing out of Shao Yi Yun’s body was increasing in number, and also increasing in speed.

Wen xingshang gathered the light in his palm and continuously strengthened the Black Dragon Shadow he released. It seemed like his strength was rapidly increasing.

He looked at Shao Yi Yun arrogantly, his tone filled with self-satisfaction.

“Little girl, your sacred body of sunflower water came at the right time!”

as long as I refine your sacred body of sunflower water, my strength will definitely reach a new level! Quot;

Before anyone could react, a man’s magnetic voice sounded, ”

Wen xingshang and the others immediately looked towards the source of the voice.

On the tall observation platform of the royal family, Lin Xuan, dressed in white, stood proudly at the forefront, looking down at the martial arts stage below.

“Di Fu, please quickly kill this fiend!” The Grand Supreme sacred Lord quickly bowed.

He could tell from Wen xingshang’s words that he was being controlled by someone else.

Lin Xuan’s words meant that he had full confidence in dealing with this unknown person.

The moment he shouted, the entire audience immediately figured out Lin Xuan’s identity.

so, he is the husband of the Xuan Bing Empress! the crowd exclaimed. he really lives up to his name! Quot;

On the other hand, Wen xingshang’s expression changed.

He had placed all his attention on Shao Yi Yun earlier, and had never noticed that on the royal family’s observation deck far away, there was actually such a top figure like Lin Xuan sitting there.

The moment he thought of how Lin Xuan was the overbearing and domineering Empress husband, he gritted his teeth and used all his strength to refine Shao Yiyun’s sunflower water sacred body.

as long as I successfully refine it, I can reach the peak of the great saint realm and even recover to the ancient God Realm. By then, not even North Mystic heaven’s Imperial husband can do anything to me! Quot;

Just as Wen xingshang’s refinement was about to be completed, a bright golden light illuminated the entire Imperial martial arts practice field.

Everyone raised their heads and saw a huge Luosha Dharma form standing proudly in the sky.

He stood on the Golden Dragon and held a Golden Saber in his hand. He was majestic and full of the temperament of a giant God.

As Lin Xuan’s voice fell …

The Rakshasa celestial appearance raised the golden blade in its hand and slashed through the black Dragon Shadow that was surrounding Wen xingshang’s body.

Wen xingshang let out a shrill scream.

The Azure light that was originally flowing into his body rushed out at a rapid speed, flowing back into Shao Yi Yun’s body.

In less than three breaths, the spiritual Qi around Shao Yi Yun’s body exploded, releasing an aura that was even more powerful than before, pushing Wen xingshang away.

“I’ve actually devoured Wen xingshang’s power!”

Feeling the spirit energy in her body boiling, Shao Yi Yun could not help but reveal an excited expression.

Her beautiful eyes turned as she looked at the white-robed man standing proudly on the observation platform. She could not help but reveal an expression of extreme reverence and worship.

“Guys, look at Wen xingshang!”

At this moment, someone exclaimed, drawing the attention of everyone present to Wen xingshang.

Everyone saw his body flash with a black light, and then a black incomplete figure was peeled out of his body and rolled on the ground.

After the Grand Supreme Holy Lord took a closer look, he was shocked.

“So Wen xingshang’s body has been possessed!”