Chapter 581 - The Prince Charming in her heart forever!

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Chapter 581: The Prince Charming in her heart forever!

It means that the spirit is not dead or the spirit is not broken after death, forcibly seizing the body of a living person as a shell for the spirit to reside in, and treating it as a residence for the spirit to live forever.

Combined with Wen xingshang’s strange behavior just now, he could say with certainty that Wen xingshang’s body had already been possessed.

Now that the soul of the possessor had rolled out of the body, Wen xingshang had completely become an empty corpse.

The Grand Supreme Lord looked at Lin Xuan with great respect.

Di Fu’s Divine Blade actually separated his opponent’s body and spirit. This is truly rare and amazing! Quot;

As he spoke, the Holy master could not help but bow to Lin Xuan.

Upon hearing his words, the hundreds of thousands of martial cultivators present also showed great respect and admiration.

“I can only summarize this move of Di Fu’s in two words: Godly!”

Hearing the crowd’s praises for Lin Xuan, Feng Hongyan, who was lying on the ground with half of her soul cut off, was shocked and desperate.

He glanced at Wen xingshang’s corpse on the ground, then looked at Shao Yiyun who was not far away. His heart was filled with bitterness.

damn it, originally, I refined Shao Yiyun’s sunflower water sacred body to activate our Feng family’s nine revolutions mysterious body, and completely transform Wen xingshang’s body into a body that suits me. Quot;

“What a pity, what a pity! The appearance of the North mysterious heavenly Emperor’s husband has severely injured my soul, and all my efforts have been in vain!”

Feng Hongyan was sad, desperate, and helpless.

For a moment, all sorts of feelings welled up in his heart, and he was unable to extricate himself.

“Who are you? why do you want to possess Wen xingshang?” the Grand Supreme Lord shouted.

Feng Hongyan suddenly had an idea. She realized that she had a powerful background. If she told Lin Xuan about it, she might be able to suppress Lin Xuan and save the remaining soul.

As soon as these words came out, the entire place was in an uproar.

The younger brother of the Feng family head!

These two names were like thunder from the nine Heavens, exploding in everyone’s mind.

It had existed for tens of billions of years and had always maintained a situation where one was in the dark while the other was in the light. It had almost never really appeared in front of people.

However, this hidden world was a powerful world that everyone knew.

Even a small corner of it was comparable to a large country.

It could be said to be boundless, as vast as the sea of stars.

The Feng family was one of them!

They had also obtained countless rare treasures and Mystic techniques from the cave abodes left behind by the nine-winged golden ROC. Overnight, they rose to become a famous and influential family.

No one expected that the person who possessed Wen xingshang was actually from the Feng family, and was the younger brother of the Feng family’s head.

Right now, in everyone’s eyes, Feng Hongyan was a terrifying figure with a powerful background that no one dared to touch.

Because once they provoked him, they would definitely provoke the incomparably powerful Feng clan behind him.

Seeing that everyone was silent, Feng Hongyan’s tone revealed a hint of pride.

the reason why I possessed Wen xingshang was because I entered the Jade pool of the nine Heavens to hunt for immortal beasts a few years ago. Unfortunately, I was besieged by immortal beasts and my Dao was damaged. I could only extract my soul and escape, and live in a ring of the spiritual treasure level. Quot;

“Later, Wen xingshang obtained this ring by chance. I slowly explored his body and taught him some skills to help him increase his cultivation. I actually wanted to cultivate him better so that I could possess him more easily.”

“And after you discovered that I had obtained the sacred body of sunflower water, you couldn’t help but want to make a move and directly seized his body to refine my sacred body of sunflower water!” Shao Yi Yun said.

“You’re right! Refining your kui water sacred body is the Feng family’s yin collection.|| It’s a high-level technique of the art of yang supplement!” Feng Hongyan laughed coldly, then couldn’t help but show a trace of annoyance. it’s a pity that I failed at the last step! Quot;

Shao Yi Yun turned around and bowed towards Lin Xuan to express her gratitude, and continued, ”

By now, she had long understood the true meaning behind Lin Xuan’s last move.

Lin Xuan must have seen through Feng Hongyan’s tricks and helped him to survive at the last moment.

Feifan’s previous cultivation had been completely restored, and he had also received Wen xingshang’s power, which had improved greatly.

When she said this, Shao Yiyun was even more grateful to Lin Xuan.

She did not hope that Lin Xuan would take a fancy to her, and she did not dare to hope that she would have any love for Lin Xuan.

However, this did not stop her from treating Lin Xuan as the Prince Charming in her heart forever, and she would admire and love him for the rest of her life!

Feng Hongyan gritted his teeth and looked at Shao Yi Yun,”you’re really lucky to be able to obtain the help of North Mystic heaven’s Thearch husband!.”

Zhao Ningxia and Tang yang both nodded in silence.

That’s right, Yi Yun was able to obtain the help of Di Fu, this was the good fortune she cultivated!

After she finished speaking, Feng Hongyan turned to Lin Xuan. Quot;

Your Majesty, North Mystic heavenly Emperor, I had no intention of offending you. There is no conflict between us! Quot;

“Although I’m just a wisp of soul, I really don’t want to disappear completely. I beg you to be magnanimous and spare my life. In the future, our Feng family will definitely thank you greatly!”

He thought to himself that other than Lin Xuan, there was no one else present who would dare to lay a hand on him.

If he wanted to continue living, he had to make Lin Xuan stop.

Since he had already revealed his identity, Lin Xuan would definitely think twice before acting and would not easily touch him.

Out of his expectations, Lin Xuan revealed a slight look of disdain. Quot;

I’ve already killed Feng Wu Chen and Zhu Ye Lu, so I don’t mind killing you as well. Quot;

Feng Hongyan’s mouth was wide open, as if she had heard something unbelievable.

Feng wuchen was the son of his brother, Feng qingcang. Although he was a bastard, he was still a descendant of the Feng family.

Moreover, ye lui was an old guard of the Feng family and was deeply trusted by Feng Qing Cang and the Feng family.

He did not expect the two of them to die in Lin Xuan’s hands one after another.

Feng Hongyan couldn’t help but take a deep breath, feeling that things were getting out of hand.

His heart couldn’t help but tremble slightly, worried about his own life.

When everyone heard Lin Xuan’s words, they were shocked beyond words.

Very quickly, everyone looked at Lin Xuan with deep respect.

“Di Fu killed two people from the Feng family and his expression didn’t change. He obviously doesn’t put the Feng family in his eyes. He is so bold!”

Lin Xuan ignored Feng Hongyan’s shocked and angry expression. He raised his hand and said, ”

“I heard that your Feng family is vengeful, so since you’ve already made an enemy, there’s no harm in adding another sum.”

With the extreme Saint book, he already knew about the Feng family.

For example, when they were still in the nine Heavens Immortal Realms, because the cultivators in their mansions proposed to the saintess of a certain sect and were rejected, they slaughtered 100000 people in one night and snatched the saintess from the other party in a river of blood.

Lin Xuan didn’t believe that the Feng family would be able to tolerate the humiliation they suffered today, not to mention that he had killed Feng wuchen and Chu yelu.

Of course, no matter how strong the Feng family was, Lin Xuan was not afraid of them.

Therefore, he had to kill Feng Hongyan!

With a flash of golden light, the Rakshasa celestial appearance was mighty. It raised its golden blade and was about to strike.

At this moment, several Mystic lights descended.

A group of ten men dressed extravagantly landed on the martial arts stage.

The one in the lead bowed to Lin Xuan and said, ”

“I am Zhong He, a guard of the Feng family. Di Fu, please show mercy!”

Everyone was shocked.

Even the Feng family’s guards had specially rushed over. This matter had really blown up!

They quickly looked at Lin Xuan, not knowing what Lin Xuan would do in the face of the Feng family’s aggressive guards.

“No,” Lin Xuan said indifferently.