Chapter 582 - With daddy around, we can even go to a Dragon's pool or a Tiger's Den!

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Chapter 582: With daddy around, we can even go to a Dragon’s pool or a Tiger’s Den!

Lin Xuan waved his hand, and the golden blade of the Rakshasa Dharma form moved with him, cutting Feng Hongyan’s soul into nothing.

This scene truly shocked the hundreds of thousands of people present.

They did not expect Lin Xuan to be able to kill Feng Hongyan without any hesitation when he was up against the Feng family’s personal guards.

This was no different from declaring war on the Feng family!

The Grand Supreme sacred Lord and the rest of the cultivators trembled slightly at this moment, unable to control themselves.

Their gazes were all focused on Lin Xuan, and their eyes were filled with shock.

“Di Fu killed three people from the Feng family. This hatred is as deep as the sea!”

he attacked in front of the Feng family’s guards without any mercy. He trampled the Feng family’s dignity under his feet! Quot;

“This move is truly bold and admirable!”

At this moment, Zhong He and the other guards of the Feng family looked terrible.

It was extremely ugly!

Ever since Feng Hongyan went missing a year ago, these guards had been searching for him.

Today, after learning that the gathering of geniuses was being held at the hanging cloud heavens, they came here with the intention of giving it a try.

Their hard work paid off, and they finally found Feng Hongyan.

Although Feng Hongyan’s physical body had been destroyed and only a trace of his soul was left, he was still alive.

However, with the Feng family’s ability, if they could bring him back, they would soon be able to find him a good body and let him be reborn.

However, he had never expected Lin Xuan to destroy Feng Hongyan and completely end his Feng family bloodline.

He was so domineering that he didn’t give any room for bargaining.

This was no different from giving Zhong He and the others a tight slap on the face without mercy!

However, on second thought, Zhong He and the rest felt that this was more in line with Lin Xuan’s temperament.

the Xuan Bing Empress is said to be powerful and domineering. As her man, the North mysterious heavenly Emperor’s husband should be so domineering and arrogant! Quot;

Zhong He then gritted his teeth and stepped forward to bow slightly. Quot;

“Di Fu, we are only the guards of the Feng family. We are not qualified to argue with you about this.”

“But our Feng family has a deep foundation and powerful strength. Di Fu, don’t you think that you’re being a little careless to have such a deep hatred with our Feng family?”

Everyone’s brows twitched when they heard that.

Good fellow, as expected of the Feng family’s guard, the moment he opened his mouth, it was full of ridicule and threat.

“So what if we’re enemies?” Lin Xuan said indifferently.

Zhong He was speechless.

He did not expect Lin Xuan to still have an uncaring attitude even after he said that.

This made him feel that Lin Xuan was truly arrogant.

Even if he just casually said a few words, it would make people deeply understand how disdainful he was.

Everyone was deeply moved by Lin Xuan’s short five words.

“In the face of an existence like the Feng family, Di Fu is still able to dominate the world. I can’t help but admire him!”

Shao Yiyun’s beautiful eyes trembled as she looked up at Lin Xuan.

He thought to himself, this is a one-in-a-million peerless hero, casually saying a sentence to display boundless grace!

“Bring me to your family head!” Lin Xuan said.

With the Feng family’s strength and vengeful nature …

Even if Lin Xuan didn’t kill Feng Hongyan, they would find out about the deaths of Feng wuchen and Chu yelu sooner or later, and from there, they would take revenge on him and Bei xuantian.

Since things had already come to this, Lin Xuan felt that he should take the initiative and completely deal with the Feng family!

“Di Fu, have you really thought it through?” Zhong He was shocked.

He was planning to fight against the entire Feng family by himself!

Zhong He felt that although Lin Xuan was strong, his actions were too young and rash, and he would definitely suffer a huge setback!

Lin Xuan looked at Zhong He with a slight frown.

Zhong He could not help but shiver under his gaze. He quickly lowered his head and cupped his fists.”Yes!”

father! he quickly grabbed Lin Xuan’s hand and said, ” let’s go then, father! Quot;

As for the danger that might happen there, the little girls didn’t care at all.

Her father was the most powerful boy in the world. With him around, she could even go to a Dragon’s pool or a Tiger’s Den to play!

Everyone was slightly surprised.

That was a terrifying place where experts stood in great numbers and hidden families were as numerous as the sea.

The four little babies ‘performance made everyone sigh with emotion. They were really born with big hearts.

“Alright, we’ll leave now!”

Lin Xuan’s face was full of love, as if he did not care about the Feng family at all. He set off immediately with mu youqing and the little babies.

In the Northwest of the nine Heavens Immortal Realms, there was a vast wilderness.

There were many ancient mountains and forests here.

The ancient river was like a spring, and the trees were tall.

The terrain was complex and steep, and there was always a thin layer of spiritual mist lingering in the surroundings.

From a distance, this place looked completely desolate.

Once one entered it, it would be like entering the boundless ocean, and one would be lost.

But in fact, just a hundred thousand miles above this place, there was a building as large as a star.

From the bottom to the top, it gradually became sharp, forming a huge cone.

The higher one went, the fewer cities and buildings there were, but the scale and momentum of the buildings were more and more magnificent.

It could be said that …

This was a huge mountain formed by countless cities. It was as large as a star and was hidden in the void of the nine Heavens Immortal Realms, faintly exuding a Majesty that no mortals could approach.

At that moment, in the central hall of Miao city.

The head of the Miao family, Miao feifeng, who was in charge of Miao city, was gathered with ten other family heads from nearby cities.

These ten clan heads were led by han Tianli, the clan head of the Han clan, Yang Ou, and bi Hongchang, the clan head of the bi clan.

All of their families had deep foundations, and their own strength was extraordinary. They were on par with Miao feifeng.

As such, Miao feifeng treated them very courteously and appeared to be very friendly.

After inviting han Tianli and the others to have a sip of high-quality spiritual tea, Miao feifeng said, ”

“I’ve invited all the patriarchs here today to discuss the mining of the Tianxia River.”

“In line with the principle of harmony, this Miao hopes that everyone can seek common ground while reserving their differences. Let’s settle this matter today and stop hesitating. What do you all think?”

“No problem!” Han Tianli nodded.

“The eleven families have always been on good terms with each other, and since a spirit mine has appeared in our territory, the most ideal way is to mine it together and work together!” Yang Ou and the others agreed.

Seeing this, Miao feifeng couldn’t help but nod and smile.”Good!”

On the outskirts of Miao city, there was a River called the Tianxia River, which connected with the other ten families.

Recently, someone had found a high-grade heaven-ranked purple spirit stone at the bottom of the Tianxia River.

This news quickly reached the ears of Miao feifeng and han Tianli.

After their investigation, they found that the Tianxia River was an extremely precious natural spirit stone mine, and there were countless heaven-grade upper-grade purple spirit stones hidden at the bottom of the river.

In order to develop the Tianxia River as soon as possible, Miao feifeng had specially invited han Tianli and the others to Miao city to discuss the mining rights.

Apart from the close relationship between the 11 families, there was another important reason for his decision.

These 11 families wanted to use the Tianxia River to form an alliance.

At the same time, they would improve their strength and unite to fight against the Feng family!