Chapter 583 - If you want to touch my Miao family, you have to get past me first!

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Chapter 583: If you want to touch my Miao family, you have to get past me first!

Mediocrity meant that there was a danger of being swallowed up by others.

In order to protect themselves, the 11 families all sought protection from the Feng family.

The Feng family was currently at the peak of its power and had great influence. They had indeed given the Miao family and the other 11 families a certain amount of protection.

However, the 11 families had been bullied and humiliated by the Feng family over the years.

A large number of upper-grade heaven-ranked purple spirit stones had appeared in the Tianxia River, giving the eleven families hope to rise again.

They no longer wanted to live under the Feng family’s humiliation.

He had to pull himself together again and straighten his back!

Miao feifeng continued,”in order to get rid of the Feng family’s lechers as soon as possible …”|| We need to speed up the mining of the purple spirit stones.”

“That’s right!” Han Tianli stood up and said, ” the Feng family has been treating us less and less like humans in recent years. I’ve wanted to cut ties with them for a long time. This time, I must use the purple spirit stone to make a comeback! Quot;

Yang Ou, who was standing at the side, slammed the table and stood up.

“Yes, we must completely break off our relationship with the Feng family!”

“The Feng family has gone too far in recent years, they actually forcibly snatched our Yang family’s young women for them to rape.|| In the end, I even refined them all as human cauldrons. I’ll always remember this blood feud!”

Bi Hongchang gritted his teeth and said, ”

the last time a guard of the Feng family came to our Bi family, he actually ordered my father to kneel in public because he despised my father for being rude to them. I must take revenge for this! Quot;

Just like them, the other seven family heads also hated the Feng family to the core.

When they mentioned the past where their families were bullied by the Feng family, they were all furious and gritted their teeth.

Taking in the expressions of all the family heads, Miao feifeng said, ”

“If there’s a will, there’s a way. As long as we work together, we can definitely get rid of the Feng family!”

“Then what are we waiting for?” han Tianli asked. Everyone, let’s quickly discuss the matter of mining the Tianxia River!”

Yang Ou and the other clan heads immediately reined in their anger and calmly considered how they should distribute the purple spirit stones in the heavenly dawn river.

However, without waiting for them to discuss, a deafening sound suddenly exploded at the entrance of the hall.

A violent burst of spiritual energy exploded, blowing up all the guards at the entrance of the hall. Even the door was instantly shattered.

A tall grey figure led hundreds of Supreme realm and above experts in.

He glanced arrogantly at Miao feifeng and the others and sneered, ”

“A bunch of mantises want to block a car?”

you’re nothing in front of the Feng family. How dare you try to turn the tables with Tianxia River? ridiculous! Quot;

Miao feifeng and the other 11 family heads ‘eyes turned cold, revealing deep hatred.

“What a good dog of the Feng family!”

The gray-robed man who rushed in was the Ji family’s patriarch, Ji canghai, who was at the lowest level with Miao feifeng and the others.

This person had a violent and brutal nature.

But at the same time, he was also an extremely obsequious person who won the trust of the Feng family’s master.

Miao feifeng and the others didn’t expect that they had just invited han Tianli and the others over, and Ji canghai had already brought his men to kill their way here.

This made Miao feifeng and the other family heads have a bad feeling!

Ji canghai laughed hideously. go ahead and curse. Curse ruthlessly! Quot;

the more you curse, the happier I am. Because not only will I kill you, but I will also take your Tianxia River! Quot;

“So you’re also keeping an eye on Tianxia River!” Miao feifeng frowned.

He suddenly understood that Ji canghai must have heard the news of the Tianxia River and had begun to monitor his and han Tianli’s movements.

Today, when he learned that han Tianli and the others had come to Miao city to discuss the matters of Tianxia River with him, Ji canghai couldn’t help but bring his men over.

It was just as Miao feifeng had thought.

Ji canghai laughed coldly, ” I’ve long noticed that you’ve been acting in front of the Feng family, so I’ve been secretly monitoring you.”

now, I can use this opportunity to get rid of you and take over the Tianxia River! Quot;

“You?” Miao feifeng glared at him coldly. do you think that you can take on the eleven of us with just these people? ”

Miao feifeng and the other 11 family heads were all in the early stage of the Supreme Saint realm, and each of them had the support of thousands of secret Arts of the family.

In fact, each of them was very powerful.

As everyone knew, Ji canghai was only at the initial stage of the great saint realm. With the addition of his Supreme realm or Emperor realm followers, there was no way he could deal with Miao feifeng and the other eleven great saint Realm family heads.

Out of Miao feifeng and the rest’s expectations, Ji canghai’s face was full of arrogance and confidence.”The people I’ve brought are just spectators!”

Among the 11 clan heads, the clan head named Ma Yi walked out angrily, ”

“Since you’ve spoken such arrogant words, let me first test how much you’re worth!”

The spiritual Qi around him exploded and turned into a vast amount of spiritual Qi that soared into the sky.

“Eight extreme hands!”

His hands waved like the wind, stirring up two heaven-defying hurricanes that slapped towards Ji canghai.

“Trash!” Ji canghai’s face was full of disdain.

His body flashed with golden light, as if the God of War had descended. His aura was extremely domineering.

This palm strike was as ethereal as a fairy’s, yet as sharp as a sword.

It actually pushed through layers of space and arrived in front of Ma Yi at a speed that was hard to catch with the naked eye.

Miao feifeng and the others were shocked. “What a powerful palm technique!”

They were extremely familiar with Ji canghai, but had never seen him use such a palm technique, which made them even more shocked.

Ji canghai’s incomparably Swift and fierce palm wind directly penetrated Ma Yi’s attack and ruthlessly struck Ma Yi’s left chest, piercing through his body and spurting out from his back.

What followed was a blood-curdling screech as Ma Yi suddenly retreated.

When he landed on the ground, his body seemed to have shattered, and countless streams of blood spurted out madly. It was an extremely miserable sight.

Miao feifeng and the others were just about to step forward to rescue him when they saw Ma Yi’s legs tremble. He had died, still standing there.

this palm is very powerful. It’s definitely not any lower than a quasi-celestial cultivation technique! Quot;

Miao feifeng and the others narrowed their eyes and felt a chill run down their backs.

Taking in Miao feifeng and the rest’s expressions, Ji canghai laughed smugly, ”

I’ve already said that you guys are not my match. Next, you should all come at me together to save time! Quot;

Miao feifeng and the others were all filled with murderous intent.

“Bastard, I’ll fulfill your wish then!”

The ten patriarchs all raised their true essence to the maximum.

The spiritual Qi around him was like an ocean, and the pressure was like a tide.

Waves of terrifying killing intent surged out like a tsunami.

“Sky breaking Dragon lightning!”

“Red Feather technique!”

One after another, heaven grade Saint tier cultivation techniques were released, forming a boundless and huge killing field that fell towards Ji canghai.

“Hehe, that’s all there is to it!” Ji canghai laughed sinisterly and activated his true essence, a golden light suddenly flashed.

A hundred thousand li of space trembled, and a golden barrier suddenly formed around him.

“Heavenly Sun Saint shadow palm!”

“Hiss, this palm is so powerful!”

Miao feifeng and the others could feel the terrifying immortal energy from Ji canghai’s palm and instantly had a bad feeling.

Not waiting for them to react, Ji canghai’s palm wind had crushed all their attacks.

The intense golden light carried with it a terrifying might. It poured down like a million waves, brutally penetrating the bodies of Miao feifeng and the others.

Miao feifeng and the others screamed as their bones and meridians were shattered. They fell to the ground.

Seeing this, Ji canghai laughed wildly,”

“Do you see this? this is the cultivation technique that the Feng family gave me!”

“If you can’t even block this palm, how can you be enemies with the Feng family?”

Miao feifeng and the others all looked desperate.

If that was the case, the Feng family was really too powerful, so powerful that it was beyond their previous knowledge!

Ji canghai took in all of their terrified expressions and couldn’t help but raise his head to laugh wildly, ”

“That’s why I said that I can kill you like I’m killing chickens!”

He took a step forward with boundless killing intent, causing Miao feifeng and the others to turn pale.

However, just as he was about to make a move, an old and deep voice suddenly rang out, ”

“If you want to touch my Miao family, you have to get past me first!”

A shadow flashed and gradually condensed into a solid human figure.

A black-robed old man with disheveled hair stood in front of Ji canghai with his hands behind his back.