Chapter 584 - You ants want to deal with our Feng family?

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Chapter 584: You ants want to deal with our Feng family?

The smile on Ji canghai’s face froze and he immediately stopped in his tracks.

The old man was only half the height of a normal person, and he looked even shorter in his black clothes.

However, Ji canghai did not look down on him at all. Instead, his eyes revealed a deep sense of fear.

He saw that the old man’s figure had already become one with the surrounding space. It was as if he was one with the world.

Based on Ji canghai’s knowledge, to be able to reach this realm, one’s strength was definitely above the ancient God Realm.

This was because only those who had reached the ancient God Realm could use the power of the laws of heaven and earth as they pleased.

As for the unity of heaven and man, it was the manifestation of one’s own body and the power of laws after communicating and merging.

It looked vague and chaotic, but it was actually a sign of great strength.

“This old man is not simple!”

Ji canghai exclaimed in his heart.

Combined with the words of the old man just now, he had even guessed that the old man was the terrifying existence of the Miao family.

Miao feifeng’s excited voice soon rang out in the hall.

“Miao feifeng pays his respects to the patriarch!”

As the new head of the Miao family, he had seen the true appearance of the Miao family’s ancestor from the genealogy and the portraits in the ancestral temple.

Miao feifeng could guess the identity of the old man in front of her even though he had his back to her.

This was because there was an indescribable dignity about the Miao family’s ancestor.

And the State of the Union of heaven and man that he revealed further proved that he was the master of the Miao family!

Han Tianli, Yang Ou, and the other clan heads trembled upon hearing this, and a look of reverence appeared on their faces.

Then, everyone’s face lit up and they quickly followed suit. “Greetings, patriarch of the Miao family!”

They thought that they definitely wouldn’t die this time!

This was because the patriarch of the Miao family was extremely powerful, so powerful that it shocked generations.

His celestial realm blade technique could cut through laws and make countless heroes bow.

One could imagine that in front of him, Ji canghai was merely a clay doll that could be casually pinched, and there was no comparison at all!

“So you’re still alive!” Ji canghai’s tone was filled with apprehension and fear.

He completely did not think that this legendary figure from over three million years ago was actually still alive.

This made him feel a wave of fear, and he couldn’t help but tremble.

I didn’t intend to do anything at first, ” the patriarch of the Miao family said. but the descendants of the Miao family can’t deal with your quasi-celestial level technique. I have to step in and teach you a lesson! Quot;

Ji canghai sucked in a cold breath when he heard that.

This old ancestor of the Miao family truly lived up to his name as Miao Yidao. His tone was filled with dominance and ferocity, just like his knife skills.

But now that things had come to this, the arrow was already on the bow and Ji canghai knew that he already had no way out.

He gritted his teeth and pushed all his vital essence to the peak. He gathered his great saint spiritual power and struck out.

“Heavenly Sun Saint shadow palm!”

Facing Ji canghai’s turbulent palm wind, the Miao family’s old ancestor extended his right hand and took out a Dragon-patterned Golden Saber.

“You’re looking for death!”

His short figure suddenly burst out, erupting with the aura of a prehistoric T-Rex, and rushed out.

He raised his hand and the blade fell, and a golden light flashed!

This blade directly shattered Ji canghai’s palm wind.

this … Ji canghai’s pupils couldn’t help but constrict when he saw this. What a powerful saber technique!

Without waiting for him to react, the Miao family ancestor turned his blade and a sharp and extraordinary golden blade ray came down like lightning.

Ji canghai only felt a sharp pain in both his hands and when he lowered his head, he saw that both his arms were actually cut off, and the dripping blood spurted out like a fountain.

Miao feifeng and the others were shocked. splitting Ji canghai’s hands with a single blade, old ancestor is truly heaven’s might! Quot;

Seeing Ji canghai’s hands spurting out blood, they all revealed a malevolent look of excitement.

Ji canghai, that bastard, finally got his retribution!

The Miao family’s old ancestor coldly said. His figure flashed and he appeared in front of Ji canghai, his Dragon patterned Golden Saber ruthlessly slashing at Ji canghai’s forehead.

Kachaa! With a sound, the golden blade ray split Ji canghai’s body, instantly splitting him into two.

Miao feifeng and the other family heads were all deeply shocked by this scene. They couldn’t help but clench their fists and roar.

As for the hundreds of followers that Ji canghai had brought, they were so frightened by the Miao family’s old ancestor’s brutal attack that their entire bodies trembled. The group of people desperately circulated their true essence in an attempt to escape.

The Miao family’s ancestor roared.

The short figure exploded with a loud bang, turning into a huge primitive Tyrannosaurus figure that rushed into the crowd. The Dragon-patterned Golden Saber’s blade glowed brightly, killing them as if they were vegetables.

In less than five breaths, hundreds of Supreme realm and great emperor realm cultivators were annihilated!

The Miao family’s main hall was covered in bloodstains and wreckage.

Miao feifeng, han Tianli, and the others could no longer hold back the reverence in their hearts. They all got up and knelt on the ground to pay their respects.

“The ancestor is mighty!”

They were all very pleased and excited. With the Miao family’s ancestor’s help, the plan to mine the Tianxia River would be carried out smoothly.

Not only that, under the protection of the Miao family’s ancestor, he might be able to get rid of the Feng family’s control and humiliation very soon.

The patriarch of the Miao family looked down at Miao feifeng and said, ”

I thought that you would be able to bring the Miao family to greater heights. I didn’t expect that you would be worse off with each generation. Now, you are all so down and out that you have to live under someone else’s roof. Quot;

“To be honest, if it weren’t for the strong killing intent revealed by that kid’s quasi-celestial level cultivation technique, I wouldn’t even want to help you!”

Miao feifeng looked deeply ashamed when he heard that. He bowed his head to the ground. Quot;

“Your grandson is ashamed!”

The Miao family’s ancestor snorted coldly, his face full of disappointment.

“Forget it! I’ve been hiding in this Hall for three million years. Since I’m out today, I’ll help you get rid of the Feng family!”

Miao feifeng was overjoyed to hear that. He had been waiting for the patriarch to say that.

“Many thanks, old ancestor!”

As soon as Miao feifeng finished talking to the patriarch of the Miao family, a terrifying aura came from outside the hall.

This aura was as vast as a million seas, and when layered together, it was extremely overbearing.

Even the ancestor of the Miao family, who was at the ancient God Realm, could not help but frown in surprise when he felt the aura.

Then, a deep and majestic voice sounded, ”

“You ants want to deal with our Feng family?”

With every step he took, a ray of five-colored light appeared under his feet.

Above his head, red, green, and blue flowers were shining.

His aura was extraordinary!

The Miao family’s ancestor narrowed his eyes and was on high alert.”Gathering of the three flowers, gathering of the five Qi, the bearing of an ancient God!”

Miao feifeng and the others even exclaimed, ” “Feng family’s master!”