Chapter 585 - I'd like to see how big of a wave you can stir up in this sky!

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Chapter 585: I’d like to see how big of a wave you can stir up in this sky!

The purple-robed man was Feng qingcang, the master of the Feng family.

Feng qincang had a long beard, a slender white face, and looked gentle.

In fact, his personality was extremely brutal and arrogant to an unimaginable extent.

After that, they continued to develop and grow, successfully advancing to the second level and stepping over hundreds of thousands of families at the lower level.

There were about a thousand people who followed Feng qincang in. They were all at the peak of the Supreme realm and had powerful auras.

Sweeping a glance at the remains of Ji canghai and the Ji family, Feng qingcang sneered,”

“Ji canghai was still a little too anxious, and his fate is also very bad.”

“If he had been a little later, he wouldn’t have had to die!”

Miao feifeng and the other family heads gritted their teeth in silence.

From Feng qincang’s words, it wasn’t hard to tell that he was also monitoring his every move.

However, because Ji canghai was on the lower level, he was in a favorable position and arrived at the Miao family’s main hall first.

Thinking of this, Miao feifeng and the others revealed a look of deep fear and hatred.

Feng qincang is not only brutal, but he’s also a cunning old fox. He’s suspicious. Quot;

“We’re living under his command. Sooner or later, we’ll have to shed all pretenses of cordiality!”

The patriarch of the Miao family also sensed that Feng qincang was not simple. He said coldly with the Dragon-patterned Golden Saber in his hand, ”

“Our Miao family doesn’t need to rely on the Feng family for survival. If you know what’s good for you, get lost!”

Given Feng qingcang’s ancient God Realm cultivation, the ancestor of the Miao family didn’t want to attack him directly. Instead, he tried to force Feng qingcang to retreat with his aura.

“Ha!” Feng qincang laughed in disdain. you old dog, you think you’re invincible just because you killed a few pieces of trash? ”

Feng qincang! Miao feifeng shouted. how dare you insult the patriarch of the Miao family! Quot;

“Insult?” Feng qincang sneered. I’m just telling the truth!”

Just as he finished speaking, a ray of heaven-defying golden light exploded.

The patriarch of the Miao family’s body glowed with a mysterious golden light that shattered 100000 layers of space.

The Dragon patterned Golden Saber in his hand evolved into ten golden dragons that twined around it, exuding an invincible killing intent.

“Let’s see how you’re going to continue with your arrogant words after I split your head open!”

“The heavenly Dragon Emperor saber!”

Under his intense saber Qi, the ten golden dragons roared and charged at Feng qincang.

Miao feifeng and the other family heads shuddered at the sight. the patriarch has already used a sacred level cultivation technique. This move is really powerful! Quot;

They felt that, compared to killing Ji canghai and the others in a second, the old ancestor of the Miao family was now truly using his full strength.

Miao Yidao? ” Feng qincang smiled disdainfully. is this all you can do? ”

He waved his hands in the air and gathered countless dark golden nomological power, forming a semi-circular golden barrier to block the terrifying Blade Force of the Miao family patriarch.

The ten golden dragons released by the Dragon-patterned Golden Saber collided with the Golden barrier and exploded.

The Miao family’s ancestor also felt a strong backlash from the blade, causing his wrist to go numb.

“A defensive barrier!”

When the Miao family’s ancestor saw the Golden barrier clearly, his pupils could not help but shrink slightly.

This kind of restriction was an innate barrier formed by gathering the power of countless defensive laws.

It could be said to be extremely tough and couldn’t be broken.

Even though the Miao family’s ancestor was an ancient God and had the low grade sacred level technique, the ” Sky Dragon Emperor saber “, he could not break it.

The reason for this was that Feng qincang was also an ancient God.

And from this, it seemed that Feng qincang was better at using the power of law than the patriarch of the Miao family.

It could be said that the Miao family’s ancestor’s blade technique was exquisite and his killing power was monstrous. He was more inclined to be a pure martial artist.

However, Feng qincang was different. His spell techniques were obviously more advanced, and he was obviously ahead of the Miao family’s ancestor.

Feng qincang laughed smugly. Quot;

our Feng family was able to rise to the top and rise above tens of thousands of families. Naturally, we have an unimaginable Foundation. Quot;

you must know that our Feng family has 30 kinds of defensive mystic arts that use the power of law. It’s really easy to deal with you, old man! Quot;

The Miao family’s ancestor almost spat out fire from his scolding. He rebuked,”Bastard, shut up!”

He gathered all his strength into the dragon-patterned Golden Saber in his hand and slashed down again with an aura that could destroy the world.

Feng qincang said coldly,

“Ji canghai should have used the cultivation technique that I imparted to him, but his aptitude is too shallow and he’s not your match at all.”

“How about you try my Heavenly Sun Saint shadow palm?”

He flipped his palm, and 100000 tornadoes descended from the sky, forming a terrifying force.

Then, he sent a palm strike at the Miao family’s ancestor.

One could see with the naked eye that his terrifying palm wind had turned into a Black Dragon Shadow that covered the sky. It collided with the blade light of the Miao family ancestor in an extremely brutal manner.

It pierced through the broken blade light and hit the chest of the Miao family’s ancestor.

The Miao family’s old ancestor let out a blood-curdling screech as he felt a sharp pain in his left chest before losing all feeling.

He looked down and saw that the left side of his chest had been shattered by Feng qincang’s palm.

Fresh blood and unsightly bones and organs spurted out.

Seeing that the patriarch of the Miao family had been severely injured, Miao feifeng and the other family heads felt their scalps go numb.

Even Miao Yidao, who was at the ancient God Realm, couldn’t block Feng qincang’s palm. This was something that Miao feifeng and the others didn’t even dare to imagine.

It was only at this moment that they finally realized how terrifying Feng qincang was.

The Miao family’s old ancestor fell to the ground with a loud crash, splashing blood all over the ground. He rolled around on the ground and wailed in pain.

Feng qincang looked at this scene with enjoyment, then he laughed wildly. Quot;

hahaha, today, I thought that killing you trash would be enough. I didn’t expect that Miao Yidao would appear. Quot;

“Unfortunately, this old thing is not my opponent at all!”

The Feng family’s guards that he had brought with him couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

His laughter was filled with arrogance and pride.

Miao feifeng and the others were terrified and desperate by the arrogance of Feng qincang and the other members of the Feng family.

Now that even the old ancestor of the Miao family had been severely injured and crippled, they were all lying on the ground, injured. They were like fish on an anvil, about to be trampled by Feng qincang!

At this moment, two figures suddenly entered the hall.

Miao feifeng’s wife, Zhao Wenxin, held her daughter, Miao Qingyi’s hand as they rushed into the main hall and ran toward Miao feifeng.

Seeing them appear, Miao feifeng hurriedly asked, ” “Wenxin, Qingyi, why are you guys here?”

“Qingyi and I heard a big commotion here from the backyard, so we came over to take a look,” Zhao Wenxin said.”Who knew that you …”

Without waiting for them to approach, Miao feifeng suddenly came to his senses and waved his hand, shouting, ” “Don’t come over, get out!”

He thought about how Feng qincang and the other members of the Feng family were all here. If Zhao Wenxin and Miao Qingyi barged in, wouldn’t they be like sheep falling into a Tiger’s Den?

However, as soon as he finished speaking, several guards of the Feng family quickly stood behind Zhao Wenxin and her daughter.

“This!” Miao feifeng’s eyes narrowed, and he had a bad feeling.

A slightly cheeky laugh rang out.

A bear-like guard of the Feng family saluted and said, ”

“Family head, I see that the madam of the Miao family is really charming and alluring. Do you think you can bestow her to me?”

“Sure!” Feng qincang nodded indifferently.

At this moment, a guard who was as thin as a monkey walked out and laughed sinisterly.

“Family head, I see that this little girl is already 16 or 17 years old, she has also reached the age where flowers bloom and die. Why don’t you let me bring her back and properly adjust her?| Teaching tone| Teach?”

hahaha! Feng qingcang laughed. I’m going to kill Miao feifeng and the others soon anyway. You can do whatever you want with this mother and daughter! Quot;

The brawny guard and the lean guard laughed hideously at the same time. They rushed toward Zhao Wenxin and her daughter like hungry wolves pouncing on their prey, wanting to hug them.

Seeing this, Miao feifeng was so angry that he spat out blood. His eyes were about to pop out as he cursed, ”

“Feng qincang, you bastard!”

“There’s a saying that a disaster shouldn’t involve the wife and daughter. You’ll definitely be punished by the heavens for doing this and die a terrible death!”

“Divine retribution?” Feng qincang said disdainfully. I’m the heavens right now, who can do anything to me!”

As soon as he finished speaking, an extremely magnetic male voice rang out from outside the hall. Quot;

“Then I’d like to see how big of a wave you can stir up!”

A bolt of profound energy shot in and wrapped around the thick and thin guards, blasting them away! With a bang, it was reduced to dust.

Feng qincang, the patriarch of the Miao family, Miao feifeng, and all the other family heads, as well as the guards of the Feng family, immediately looked up at the entrance of the hall.

A handsome man in a white robe walked into the hall under the Twilight.

He had sharp eyebrows, a high nose bridge, exquisite facial features, and a slender figure.

Her long black hair fell to her shoulders, and her white clothes made her look even more like a banished immortal, making people feel reverence with just a glance.

Feng qincang couldn’t help but frown, and he felt a sense of fear.

The patriarch of the Miao family, Miao feifeng, and the others could not help but feel that Lin Xuan might be some powerful young genius with a powerful background.

this man looks like a celestial and looks extremely extraordinary. Who is he? ”

Under everyone’s close watch, Zhong He and the other guards of the Feng family quickly entered the main hall.

Zhong He looked at Lin Xuan and said, ” “Family head, this is the husband of Empress Xuan Bing, the North mysterious heavenly Emperor!”

North profound heavenly Emperor’s husband!

Feng qincang and the Miao family’s patriarch were all shocked when they heard the name.