Chapter 586 - Sword immortal!

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Chapter 586: Sword immortal!

The Xuan Bing Empress donghuang Ziyou ascended to the throne of the North Xuan heaven as a daughter more than four years ago.

Then, he would use Swift and decisive means to suppress this part of the world and stabilize the situation.

This news not only spread throughout the nine Heavens immortal domain and the Blackdragon continent.

Everyone was shocked by donghuang Ziyou’s strength and courage. At the same time, they were also looking forward to seeing how far she could lead the North Mystic heavens.

Four years passed in the blink of an eye.

Hence, donghuang Ziyou’s cold and domineering attitude had long been etched into everyone’s hearts.

As for her man, Lin Xuan, the husband of the North Mystic heavenly Emperor, he was not someone that could be looked down upon.

However, be it Feng qincang, the Miao family’s patriarch, or Miao feifeng, none of them had expected Lin Xuan to appear at such an occasion.

And it looked like Lin Xuan was coming for Feng qincang.

North Mystic heavenly Emperor Fu seems to have a huge dispute with Feng qingcang. It seems like there’s going to be a huge storm in this Hall today! Quot;

The patriarch of the Miao family and Miao feifeng could not help but think of this.

The muscles on Feng qincang’s face trembled, and he said with a fake smile, ”

so, it’s North Mystic heaven’s Imperial husband. May I know why you’ve come in such an aggressive manner? ”

“Naturally, it’s for your Feng family,” Lin Xuan said indifferently.

“Oh?” Feng qincang was dumbfounded. can you please explain? ”

master, ” Zhong He quickly said, ” Feng wuchen and Chu yelu’s deaths were caused by North mysterious heavenly Emperor’s husband. Quot;

just now, in the hanging cloud heavens, we discovered second uncle’s soul. However, we were unable to stop North mysterious heavenly Emperor husband, which led him to destroy second uncle’s soul again! Quot;

Zhong He’s words were like a sudden clap of thunder, instantly setting off the atmosphere in the hall.

Feng qincang’s eyes were filled with killing intent as he glared at Lin Xuan. Quot;

North Mystic heavenly Emperor husband, how dare you kill my Feng family’s people again and again! Quot;

At this point, it was no longer important why Lin Xuan killed Feng wuchen and the others.

The only thought in Feng qincang’s mind was to kill Lin Xuan.

After killing Lin Xuan, he would kill donghuang Ziyou and use the entire Feng family’s power to trample the North Mystic heavens!

The Miao family’s ancestor, Miao feifeng, and the others were all shocked.

oh my, so North Mystic heaven Thearch husband killed three people from the Feng family in one go, and two of them were Feng Qing Cang’s close relatives. Quot;

he is truly the man of the Xuan Bing Empress. He is as fierce and domineering as her! Quot;

All the pores on their bodies opened slightly, as if they could already feel the arrival of a storm.

Facing Feng qingcang’s domineering aura, Lin Xuan was indifferent and disdainful. “What’s so great about your Feng family?”

The underlying meaning of his words.

He didn’t take it seriously at all!

“Bastard!” Feng qincang was so angry at Lin Xuan’s words that his eyes were about to pop out.

“Do you really think that you have the right to be arrogant in front of me just because you have killed people from our Feng family?”

“I’ve seen many young people like you. I’ll crush your head and see how arrogant you can be!”

He flipped his right hand, conjuring 100000 tornadoes and smacking them towards Lin Xuan.

Ten miles away from the main hall of the Miao family, in a countryside field.

Mu youqing played with the four children in the fields while waiting for Lin Xuan’s return.

In view of the bloody scene in the hall,| Hence, Lin Xuan let mu youqing and the children stay here to play.

Mu youqing had always listened to Lin Xuan, so he stayed there to take care of the children.

aunty, I’ve never seen this seven-colored flower before. Do you think I can bring it back to North Mystic heaven and raise it in our Crystal Palace? ”

Qianqian saw an extremely beautiful seven-colored flower among the flowers, so she quickly asked mu youqing.

Mu youqing’s big, beautiful eyes rolled, and he coughed lightly. Quot;

this … Wait for your father to return and ask him! Quot;

“Oh, alright!” Yingying nodded.

It seemed that little aunt didn’t recognize this strange flower, so she could only wait for father to come back.

“Good girl.” Mu youqing patted Xuanji’s head lovingly and played with them.

At this moment, a young voice rang out, ” young lady, are you from North Mystic heaven? ”

Mu youqing turned around and saw more than a dozen men walking toward them.

The one in the lead was wearing a dark green robe and was about 20 years old. He had an extraordinary temperament, but there was a faint trace of maliciousness in his eyes.

Mu youqing stopped smiling and turned his face away coldly. At the same time, he secretly circulated his Zhen Yuan in case the other party was not a good person.

Seeing mu youqing’s cold attitude, Feng Jingyu frowned slightly. Quot;

this woman is so beautiful, and her dress and temperament are extraordinary. The four little girls beside her are quadruplets, and they also seem to have a great background. Quot;

“Maybe they are all powerful and have a close relationship with the Xuan Bing Empress!”

Today, he heard that his father, Feng qingcang, had brought men to the main hall of the Miao family to kill Miao feifeng and the others and take over the Tianxia River.

Feng Jingyu then brought his men to the main hall of the Miao family, wanting to help Feng qingcang deal with the Miao family and the other eleven families.

In his eyes, as long as Feng qincang stepped in, Miao feifeng and the other 11 family heads would be dead.

Therefore, he wanted to use this opportunity to show off in front of the Feng family with Feng qincang.

On the way to the main hall of the Miao family, he had heard Lao Ai mention North profound heavens, so he had stopped to take a look.

Given mu youqing and Chi Zhu’s unique temperament, Feng Jingyu could vaguely guess their identities.

The conversation between mu youqing and Qianqian just now made Feng Jingyu guess that Lin Xuan, the husband of North mysterious heaven, was nearby.

Seeing that mu youqing did not speak, Feng Jingyu said slyly, ”

I heard that Xuan Bing has four daughters. I guess they are the four babies. They are so cute! Quot;

Mu youqing sensed something strange in his tone, so he circulated his Zhen Yuan and said vigilantly, ”

“We don’t know each other, so I advise you not to look for trouble!”

“Hehe!” Feng Jingyu smiled smugly.

From mu youqing’s words and expression, he was 100% sure of Chi Zhu’s identity.

He continued to think.

North Mystic heaven’s husband is nearby, but he hasn’t appeared yet. Could he be tied down by something important? ”

“Could it be that he also went to the main hall of the Miao family?”

At this thought, Feng Jingyu’s eyes turned cold.

The Feng family and North Mystic sky had never interacted with each other before, so Lin Xuan’s visit to the Miao family’s main hall was most likely to help the Miao family and the other eleven families.

He probably left the children here because he was afraid of an accident. If anything happened, he would be able to escape in time and take the children away.

Thinking about it this way, Feng Jingyu felt that everything made sense!

He waved his hand, and the guards behind him quickly surrounded mu youqing and Chi Zhu.

hehe! he sneered. North Mystic heaven’s Thearch would never have thought that I would run into you by accident! Quot;

“Since that’s the case, this young master will capture you.”

“I really want to see how Xuan Bing’s husband is going to beg me to let you go. Hahaha!”

He was in the great saint realm, which was more than enough to deal with mu youqing.

Therefore, he was extremely arrogant and determined to win.

Mu youqing raised his eyebrows and took out The Green Phoenix sword.”Don’t even think about it!”

Feng qincang’s palm exploded, and the pressure of a hundred thousand mountains slammed toward Lin Xuan.

The eyes of the Miao family’s ancestor and the others trembled when they saw this.”This palm is really too powerful!”

Compared to the one that Feng qincang used to kill the patriarch of the Miao family, this one was at least twice as strong. It was enough to show how much Feng qincang valued Lin Xuan.

Facing Feng qincang’s destructive palm strike, Lin Xuan’s expression was as calm as ever.

He took out the primal ancient sword, and his body flew up, slashing out with an extremely simple sword move.

The sword light flashed and split Feng qincang’s palm wind, instantly dissolving his powerful attack.

Feng qincang’s eyes trembled. “Sword immortal!”