Chapter 587 - What kind of a monster is this?

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Chapter 587: What kind of a monster is this?

His swordsmanship was extraordinary, his sword momentum was genuine, and his sword intent was immortal!

In the simple and true sword move, it bloomed with extraordinary power.

Even if it was a casual sword, it was as powerful as a mountain.

It had the power of an immortal to move mountains and fill the seas, tearing the heavens apart!

At this realm, any cultivator who had some achievements in martial arts could instantly realize the horror of a sword immortal.

Not to mention, Feng qincang, the ancestral patriarch of the Miao family, and other martial arts powerhouses had a deep understanding of Lin Xuan’s sword.

In their eyes, Lin Xuan’s sword was clever but clumsy. It was simple and honest, and he was definitely a true sword immortal!

the North Mystic heavenly Emperor’s husband is so young, but his sword Dao attainments are already at the celestial level. It’s truly amazing! Quot;

The patriarch of the Miao family, Miao feifeng, and the others were all full of praise.

Han Tianli could not help but add, ”

but compared to North Mystic heavenly Emperor’s sword, I feel that my family’s ancestral sword technique is still slightly inferior! Quot;

Under everyone’s gaze.

The tip of Lin Xuan’s sword flicked, and he turned from defense to attack without stopping, slashing at Feng qingcang.

“Extreme sword technique!”

Millions of sword energy condensed into a roaring Dragon. Under Lin Xuan’s control, it tore through space and came down.

Feng qincang frowned. He did not expect Lin Xuan to act so quickly.

He waved his hands and gathered thousands of defensive nomological laws in front of him, forming a huge golden light shield.

The Miao family’s ancestor clenched his right fist. Feng qincang has used this defensive restriction again. Can North Mystic heavenly Emperor Fu break this move? ”

Just like him, Miao feifeng and the others also had looks of anticipation.

Seeing Feng qincang’s infinite power of law forming a restriction, Lin Xuan said in disdain, ”

“You think you can stop me like this?”

As an ancient God, he was good at playing with the power of law.

Just as the primal ancient sword was falling, he flicked his wrist extremely quickly and instantly gathered the power of a million DAOs of nomological laws on the blade.

When the primeval ancient sword hit Feng qincang’s restriction, the terrifying immortal sword Qi mixed with the power of law tore it apart.

A pure white sword light fell and reached Feng qincang in the blink of an eye.

Feng qincang’s pupils constricted when he felt the terrifying sword Qi released by the primal ancient sword. He immediately turned into a shadow and retreated more than ten steps.

Seeing that the restriction he had reinforced was broken by Lin Xuan with a single strike, the Miao family’s ancestor and the others could no longer suppress the excitement in their hearts, and they all roared.

the North Mystic heavenly Emperor’s sword is already extremely fast, but he’s still able to condense the power of nomological laws in the process of falling. This speed is truly shocking! Quot;

speed is still secondary. He can use the power of laws so skillfully. This is the most shocking part! Quot;

that’s right. After seeing him today, I finally know what kind of monster he is! Quot;

Lin Xuan’s sword immediately restored the morale of the Miao family’s ancestor and the others to 100%.

They were all excited to think that Lin Xuan might be the Savior of the 11 families.

His appearance could possibly pull the 11 families back from the brink of extinction.

To be reborn after death!

Feng qincang’s eyes were bloodshot when he saw how happy the patriarch of the Miao family was.

With a wave of his hand, he gathered the power of law and formed a huge white sword with immortal light.

as expected of the Xuan Bing Empress’s man. He’s really something! Quot;

“Since that’s the case, I’ll grant you a proper death!”

Even though Lin Xuan had broken his defense, Feng qincang was still full of arrogance.

“Chaos origin tyrannical sky sword!”

When his sword struck down, the space within a hundred thousand li *(500m per li) was shattered.

The entire main hall of the Miao family collapsed under the invisible and terrifying pressure.

Every brick and tile shattered into fine powder, floating in the air like gas.

The patriarch of the Miao family and the others swallowed their saliva in fear.

the power of this sword has already reached the level of obliterating Dao laws. It’s truly worthy of the name primordial chaos! Quot;

I thought Feng qincang’s palm technique was a peak technique, but this sword technique is a hundred times more powerful than the palm technique. It’s definitely a celestial level sword technique! Quot;

“This sword alone is enough to kill all of us family heads! Before, we thought that we could rely on the Tianxia River to leave the Feng family, but now it seems that we were just dreaming!”

Facing Feng qincang’s overbearing sword, Miao feifeng and the others felt a deep fear.

At the same time, they could not help but look at Lin Xuan.

They wanted to see how this young genius would face Feng qincang’s almost invincible sword.

However, it was beyond his expectations!

“He actually didn’t Dodge!”

When they saw Lin Xuan standing still, the eyes of the Miao family’s ancestor and the rest almost popped out.