Chapter 588 - It turns out that cousin-in-law is so scary when he's angry!

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Chapter 588: It turns out that cousin-in-law is so scary when he’s angry!

A series of kneecaps hitting the ground sounded.

All the guards of the Feng family kneeled on the ground with weak legs.

They raised their heads to look at Lin Xuan’s white figure, and their eyes were filled with pleading. Quot;

“Please, Lord Di Fu, show mercy and spare our lives!”

we’re only following our master … No, Feng qincang because of His Majesty. Even if we’ve done something wrong, we were forced to do it! Quot;

They were truly scared out of their wits by Lin Xuan.

Even if Lin Xuan’s heaven-defying sword light was not targeted at them, it still made them feel endless despair and fear.

If they could beg Lin Xuan to let them go, they would even be willing to call Lin Xuan ancestor, let alone kneel!

Miao feifeng and the others couldn’t help but sigh when they saw the guards begging so humbly.

This group of guards usually followed Feng qingcang around and acted like tyrants, not to mention how arrogant they were.

Even in front of a group of clan heads like them, he still had an arrogant and domineering expression.

It could be said that they had played the role of a dog relying on its master to the extreme.

But now, they were like stray dogs in front of Lin Xuan, extremely humble and lowly.

Miao feifeng and the others wouldn’t have even dared to imagine this scene if it had happened half an incense stick ago.

in the end, Di Fu is just too powerful. He’s not angry, but he’s imposing. It’s really a huge pressure to stand against him! Quot;

Everyone silently thought of this.

Lin Xuan looked at the guards indifferently. “Get lost,” he said.

With the Feng family’s style of doing things, it was obvious that they had made many enemies.

These guards had been following Feng qincang around, so they must have been tyrannical and offended many people.

Now that Feng qincang had been killed, even if they managed to get out of here, they would have a hard time.

Lin Xuan was too lazy to deal with this bunch of minions. Someone would take care of them anyway.

Seeing that the Feng family’s guards were running away like stray dogs, the Miao family’s ancestor, Miao feifeng, and the others quickly bowed and said, ”

“Many thanks, Di Fu!”

“If it wasn’t for the emperor’s husband, we would have lost our lives!”

thank you. Lin Xuan looked at them indifferently. I didn’t come for you, so there’s no need to thank me. Quot;

After saying that, he turned into a white light and disappeared.

The patriarch of the Miao family and Miao feifeng looked at each other and shook their heads with bitter smiles.

“He came like a tiger and left like a dragon!” as expected of the genius of a generation, ” the old ancestor of the Miao family said. this kind of bearing is truly unparalleled in the nine Heavens. I have never seen it in my life! Quot;

that’s right, ” Miao feifeng said. just now, we insisted on trying to establish a relationship with him. We were suspected of blaspheming him! Quot;

“With Di Fu’s strength, it’s normal for him to look down on us,” han Tianli sighed.

even so, we can’t forget his kindness. When the Tianxia River is mined, we’ll find a chance to thank Di Fu with spirit stones! Quot;

Miao feifeng and the other family heads nodded without hesitation.”Good!”

Heaven-grade upper-grade spirit stones were extremely precious and couldn’t be exchanged for even a thousand gold.

However, it was precisely because it was so precious that Miao feifeng and the others felt that they should thank Lin Xuan with spirit stones.

After all, he was so powerful and his status was so prominent.

Only by using the most valuable treasure could he show his respect.

In the fields far away from the main hall of the Miao family.

A sword light exploded and dissipated with dense spiritual Qi.

Feeling mu youqing’s sharp and powerful sword momentum, Feng Jingyu could not help but smile. Quot;

“What a powerful sword technique!”

he’s become a Sword Saint at the quasi-Saint realm at such a young age. He’s worthy of being a member of the North Mystic heavenly royal family! Quot;

Seeing that Lin Xuan had yet to return, Feng Jingyu was even more convinced that Lin Xuan was no match for his father.

Therefore, he was not in a hurry to defeat mu youqing in one move.

However, he still admired mu youqing’s strength.

Moreover, mu youqing’s celestial-like beauty also moved him a little.

“Young lady, if you agree to be this young master’s Dao companion, I can spare your life!”

besides, our Feng family is as powerful as your North Mystic heavenly royal family. I won’t mistreat you! Quot;

Mu youqing’s eyes turned cold, and he said disdainfully, ”

“My cousin-in-law wants to deal with your Feng family. You’re about to kneel and beg for mercy, but you still dare to speak so rudely!”

She thought that since the Feng family was Lin Xuan’s mortal enemy, they were her mortal enemy.

Therefore, he let go of his hand and raised his Zhen Yuan to the peak, attacking with all his might.

The sword Qi traveled a hundred thousand miles and landed on Feng Jingyu with boundless killing intent.

“You’re so stubborn!” Feng Jingyu frowned. you’re lacking a lesson! Quot;

He flipped his palm, and boundless spiritual energy turned into a hurricane that swept across the area.

“Heavenly Sun Saint shadow palm!”

The palm turned into a huge Dragon and crushed mu youqing’s sword Qi. It hit her hard and knocked her to the ground.

Mu youqing gritted his teeth in pain and looked at Feng Jingyu with hatred.

She could feel that Feng Jingyu was a great saint, and he had held back in his palm just now. Otherwise, he would have seriously injured her.

Feng Jingyu looked down at mu youqing, who was on the ground, and said proudly, ”

“You want to fight with this young master?”

since you don’t know what’s good for you, I’ll capture you and bring you to North mysterious heavenly Emperor’s husband. I’ll let you see with your own eyes how he’ll grovel at my father’s feet! Quot;

Then, he waved his hand and ordered a group of guards to catch mu youqing and Chi Zhu.

An indescribable and terrifying pressure suddenly fell, imprisoning all the guards of the Feng family in place.

“Hiss, what a terrifying pressure!”

I’ve never seen this kind of Majesty before. It’s really too strong! Quot;

All the guards felt that they could barely move under this pressure, and their bodies were filled with a mysterious power.

As soon as they finished speaking, everyone’s internal organs and meridians were shattered by the dark force.

Feng Jingyu could not help but gulp as an extremely ominous feeling rose in his heart.

Then, a white light flashed.

Lin Xuan was already standing in front of Feng Jingyu. His face was cold and his eyes were filled with killing intent.

“You think you can touch my daughter?”

Lin Xuan grabbed Feng Jingyu’s neck and lifted him up like a little chick.

Feng Jingyu’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets, and his eyes were full of shock and fear.

Combined with what mu youqing had just said, Feng Jingyu was very sure that Lin Xuan was there to deal with his father, Feng qingcang.

However, Lin Xuan had returned so quickly, which meant that he had already killed Feng qingcang.

To Feng Jingyu, this was like a bolt of lightning on a clear day, completely subverting his three views!

Lin Xuan raised his hand and pulled mu youqing, Chi Zhu, and the others to his side with a wave of spirit Qi.

“Take me to your Feng family!” He said coldly.

He thought that killing Feng qincang would put an end to the feud between him and the Feng family.

The death of Feng qingcang meant that the Feng family would soon be swallowed up by the other families, and Lin Xuan would not have to waste his energy dealing with the rest of the Feng family.

However, Feng Jingyu had dared to attack his daughter, and Lin Xuan could not stand it.

He was going to take Feng Jingyu to the Feng family and send them to eternal damnation!

Mu youqing could not help but secretly stick out his tongue when he felt Lin Xuan’s violent anger.

it turns out that cousin-in-law is so scary when he’s angry. It really makes one’s heart tremble when they see it! Quot;

this crazy demon who protects his daughters really lives up to his name. He will go crazy if anyone wants to bully Yan Zhu and the others even a little bit! Quot;

In the face of Lin Xuan’s terrifying aura, Feng Jingyu naturally did not dare to disobey and immediately nodded in agreement.

After that, Lin Xuan brought mu youqing and the children to the Feng family’s house with his right hand on Feng Jingyu’s neck.

He looked down at the huge city Palace.

As Lin Xuan was using too much force, Feng Jingyu’s flying speed was extremely fast.

It drew a long line of fire in the sky and fiercely crashed into the Feng family’s Palace.

A beam of fiery light shot up into the sky, and a terrifying shock wave shook the area with a radius of eight million miles.

The entire Feng family was shaking as if it had been hit by a huge earthquake.

The magnificent building soon shattered into pieces, and collapsed into ruins amid the shocked and terrified screams of countless Feng family members.

my God! Which powerful being was so angry that he destroyed the entire Feng family? ”

“Amazing! It’s really amazing!”

if it’s the North Mystic heavenly Emperor’s husband, then I can understand why there’s such a huge commotion! Quot;

that’s right. It is said that Xuan Bing Empress is extremely domineering. As her man, the North mysterious heavenly Emperor’s husband must be more powerful than her! Quot;

“That’s reasonable! The man who can make the Xuan Bing Empress submit to him must be as powerful as a Tiger or a Wolf!”