Chapter 589 - It's you, Xuan Bing Empress!

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Nine Cauldrons heaven.

Thirty thousand li outside of the heaven stabilizing king’s palace.

Under the bright moonlight.

A ray of purple light flashed, complementing the silver moonlight. It was particularly beautiful and charming.

Donghuang Ziyou was dressed in a long purple dress. She stood quietly in the dark sky, looking down at the heaven stabilizing King’s residence in the distance.

A faint fluctuation could be seen rippling in the void.

Ancient mysterious runes were spinning and dancing around.

ruoying’s information is indeed correct. Just from the appearance of these formations, they are definitely rare and powerful. Quot;

and these formations look exactly the same. It seems that the person who set up the formation is extremely powerful. Quot;

“If we don’t dig out such an opponent as soon as possible, we’ll definitely have endless trouble in the future!”

Donghuang Ziyou pondered for a moment before lifting her Jade-like hand and conjuring a mysterious snowflake-shaped purple demonic art. She then threw it into the fluctuations in front of her.

The purple seal instantly pierced through the wave and flew forward. It then pierced through the second wave, the third wave …

After reaching the tenth layer, it was as if he had entered a layer of elastic film. He flew forward about three meters and was instantly crushed into gas.

Seeing this, donghuang Ziyou’s gaze turned cold. Quot;

“However, how can you stop me?”

With a wave of her Jade-like hand, the first nine layers of the array that had just been penetrated by the profound dissolving Demon Flower disappeared in an instant.

Then, she clasped her hands together and her body glowed with purple light. A huge Purple Lotus appeared on the tenth formation.

In the blink of an eye, the unparalleled demonic Lotus split into ten billion petals and attached themselves tightly to the last array.

Donghuang Ziyou waved her hands and controlled the devil lotuses to spin rapidly.

When all of the devil lotuses were connected into purple rays of light, donghuang Ziyou’s eyes lit up.

The technique she used was the ” heavenly devilish technique ” that she had created by combining countless formation-breaking devilish techniques.

It could ignore the attribute of the opponent’s formation and break it with a single technique.

The profound dissolving Demon Flower was the most direct method of breaking this formation.

Once it passed through a certain formation, it could make it disappear without a trace with a wave of its hand.

And if the profound dissolving Demon Flower can’t break it.

Donghuang Ziyou would immediately raise this skill to its peak and release the 10 billion demonic lotuses to deduce the formation eyes and flaws of the formation.

Now, after hundreds of millions of deductions, she had successfully found the last array core!

heavenly cycle harmony rate, three hundred and sixty numbers, universe nine and kun six! Quot;

A deafening explosion.

The tyrannical defensive formation that shrouded the heaven-pacifying King’s residence was instantly shattered.

King dingtian’s mansion.

In front of the door to the secret chamber in the backyard, hundreds of people stood still in place, looking at the door in awe.

He held his breath as if he was nervously waiting for the secret room to open.

Finally, the door made of Black Gold stone and reinforced with hundreds of arrays finally opened.

As a white light shot out through the crack in the door, everyone felt a terrifying spiritual pressure surge out.

The leading white-haired old man in green knelt down on one knee and shouted,”

“We welcome Your Highness!”

The hundred people behind him quickly knelt down on one knee and said in a loud voice, ”

Amidst their excited shouts, the black gold stone gate finally opened, and a vast white light enveloped the area within a radius of ten miles.

A tall, middle-aged man wearing a four-toed Python robe with gold embellishments walked out of the white light.

Under his sword-like eyebrows, his eyes, which were as bright as stars, proudly swept over the hundred people kneeling on the ground.

“Rise, all of you!” Sima Chuan’s tone was full of dignity.

The old man leading the group was called Jiang gongzi, and he quickly led the hundred people behind him to stand up.

As Sima You’s most trusted aide, Duke Jiang quickly sized him up.

Duke Jiang’s pupils shrank and he exclaimed, ” “Your Highness, you’ve already achieved great success in your conjured physique!”

He noticed that Sima long was naked.|| The exposed skin, including his neck and the back of his hands, were covered in golden ancient inscriptions.

The runes were connected by thin golden lines.

They were all connected to each other, forming pieces of exquisitely carved armor that fused into Sima Chuan’s skin.

This was the manifestation of a conjured physique.

The so-called conjured physique was a brand-new body that was formed by the perfect fusion of the Dharma and the physical body.

This kind of body took into account all the functions of the Dharma and the physical body, and could stimulate the potential of the two to the maximum, achieving the effect of one plus one greater than two.

Sima Chuan’s gaze was filled with boundless dominance as he nodded and said, ”

Speaking of which, it’s all thanks to my Royal brother absorbing the Tianmu cauldron that I was able to take this shortcut and achieve higher achievements than him! Quot;

As the younger blood brother of the great emperor Nine Cauldrons, Sima You also had Supreme talent from the Sima clan.

Due to Sima Wuying’s governance.

He had been using the excuse of indulging in debauchery to hide his ambition to usurp power, in order to prevent Sima Wuxiang from being suspicious and hostile when he revealed his abilities.

In the process of lying dormant, he had used the power behind him to cultivate a bloodline resonance spell technique.

This spell allowed him to secretly steal part of the results of Sima Wuxiang’s cultivation and use it for himself.

The greatest use of this bloodline resonance spell technique was that it was extremely powerful.

Lord Jiang’s eyes trembled as he said, ”

“With this physique, Your Highness will be invincible in the world and will be able to ignore all injuries!”

“Hahaha, you’re right!” Sima Chuan laughed wildly when he heard this. He clenched his fist and had a ferocious expression on his face. from now on, the nine Cauldrons heaven will be in my hands! Quot;

yes! Duke Jiang nodded and said, ” with your strength, you will be able to destroy King Huai, King Yan, and other opponents as soon as you come out of your seclusion. You will become the ruler as soon as possible! Quot;

Sima Chuan revealed a disdainful expression, ” “King Huai, King Yan, those good-for-nothings are no longer worthy of my attention!”

“What this King is most concerned about right now is the person who killed my Royal brother!”

“Yes.” Sima Chuan nodded slightly, his eyes full of confidence.

Even if it was the meteor celestial phenomenon that shocked the entire Nine Cauldrons heaven a few days ago, he was not afraid at all!

“That’s right, is there any result from the investigation regarding the shooting star celestial phenomenon?” Sima Chuan asked.

“Not at the moment!” Lord Jiang shook his head, ” no matter who did it, he is very well hidden and very powerful. It is difficult to track him. Quot;

“Actually, we just need to see who the biggest enemy of the nine cauldron heavens is and follow this lead to investigate.” Sima Chuan thought for a moment.

of course! Lord Jiang’s eyes lit up. the biggest enemy is, of course, the Xuan Bing Empress! Quot;

back then, Nine Cauldrons great emperor joined forces with great emperor Dong Yuan to deal with Xuan Bing’s father, donghuang junyang, which directly led to the death of donghuang junyang. With Xuan Bing great Empress’s personality, she will not rest until she is dead! Quot;

I don’t care if it’s Empress Xuan Bing or not. Sima Chuan said coldly, ” after I take care of Prince Huai and the other good-for-nothings, the first person I’ll deal with will be North mysterious sky! Quot;

my brother and Empress Xuan Bing are enemies. That means our Sima clan is enemies with the donghuang clan. I will not allow such an enemy to exist in front of me! Quot;

“With your strength, you can easily defeat Empress Xuan Bing!” Duke Jiang cupped his hands.

Sima Chuan nodded and continued to look up at the huge array that enveloped the outer perimeter of King dingtian’s residence.

with banner Lord’s protection, I will be able to rule the nine Cauldrons heavens and trample the North Mystic heavens! Quot;

Under Sima Chuan’s gaze, the 10 billion demonic lotuses connected into a line and spun rapidly in the array.

Then, purple light exploded and the entire formation was destroyed.

“The formation has been broken!”

Sima Chuan’s gaze trembled. To be able to break the great array set up by the banner Lord, the person who did it must be extraordinary!

A purple light flashed.

Donghuang Ziyou stood proudly in the night sky in her purple dress. Her beautiful figure was like a fairy from the nine Heavens, dazzling everyone’s eyes.

After taking a closer look, Sima Chuan’s gaze turned cold,””It’s you, Xuan Bing Empress!”