Chapter 590 - I'm going to wreak havoc here, let's see what you can do to me!

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Chapter 590: I’m going to wreak havoc here, let’s see what you can do to me!

Previously, in order to disguise himself, Sima Chuan had specially collected over a hundred beautiful women from the nine cauldron heavens and married them as concubines.

It could be said that before he met donghuang Ziyou, he had seen all the beauties in the world and had seen all the enchanting charms.

Donghuang Ziyou’s appearance had made him realize that his hundred concubines were nothing but a bunch of ordinary women.

To exaggerate a little, all of them added together could not even compare to a single strand of donghuang Ziyou’s hair.

Combined with the fact that donghuang Ziyou was known as the most beautiful woman in the nine Heavens.

Sima You had even guessed her identity in an instant.

“So she is the Xuan Bing Empress!”

When they heard Sima Chuan’s words, Duke Jiang and the others were also shocked.

Donghuang Ziyou’s beauty was beyond imagination.

Her boundless elegance and domineering aura were also unforgettable!

Donghuang Ziyou looked down at Sima Chuan, her tone extremely cold, ”

“The enmity between the donghuang clan and the Sima clan is as deep as the ocean. My father’s death will be repaid with the blood of the entire clan!”

“You?” Sima Chuan’s expression turned cold.

Donghuang Ziyou took out the ice Phoenix sword. The spirit Qi around him was like a tide, causing everything within ten thousand miles to tremble.

“A person who is hiding in ten layers of turtle shell to cultivate, where did you get the confidence to ask me this?”

Sima Chuan was furious when he heard this.

The ten layers of turtle shells that donghuang Ziyou mentioned were naturally referring to the ten great defensive formations that the person behind Sima Chuan had set up for him.

Donghuang Ziyou had said this to show her disdain for these formations and to show her dominance and to suppress him in terms of aura.

not only is this woman’s martial arts superb, but she’s also good at governing the country. She’s also sharp-tongued and her words are extremely sharp. She’s really a tough and ruthless character! Quot;

With just a few words, it made Sima You feel more fearful of donghuang Ziyou.

At the side, Duke Jiang saw the killing intent between donghuang Ziyou and Sima Chuan. He raised his hand without hesitation and ordered, ”

Empress Xuan Bing insulted His Highness. She is unforgivable. Shoot her! Quot;

The hundreds of people standing behind him took out a bow that was covered in green flames. Circulating their strongest true energy, they aimed their bows at donghuang Ziyou.

“Netherfire bow!” Donghuang Ziyou’s eyes turned cold.

The Army was made up of a hundred great emperors, all of whom were peerless geniuses of the nine Cauldrons heavenly crossbow.

The crossbows and arrows in their hands were all upper-grade connate numinous treasures, which were extremely lethal.

Not only did they have profound cultivation bases, but they also had great teamwork and the speed at which they fired their arrows was also extremely fast.

In an instant, the dark fire in the sky burst out like a shooting star, forming a huge, mysterious killing formation that charged toward donghuang Ziyou.

Donghuang Ziyou’s expression was still cold and calm as he felt the piercing pain from the dark Fire.

“Immortal Demon Heart intent sword!”

She waved her Jade-like hands and used the ice Phoenix sword to draw a heaven-defying graceful arc in the air, fiercely hacking at man man’s Dark Fire crossbow arrow.

Then, bang! There was a loud explosion, and countless ice crystals shot out from the ground in all directions.

the Xuan Bing Empress broke our ‘Dark Fire godly crossbow killing formation’ with one strike, and the remaining sword Qi can still kill people. She must have reached the level of a sword immortal! Quot;

“Hiss! Sword immortal! No wonder he’s so strong!”

“This woman is too ruthless!”

Compared to her, he was just cannon fodder! They were just ants!

At this moment, a heaven-defying immortal light burst out, illuminating the night sky within a radius of a million miles.

Sima Chuan held the quasi-celestial grade inherited heaven sword in his hand and rushed into the sky, covering ten miles with one step.

I have the bloodline of the nine Cauldrons heavenly royal family. The entire world thinks I’m the king. How can you, the Xuan Bing Empress, behave atrociously here? ”

He gathered the spiritual Qi of heaven and earth into the inherited heaven sword and struck down with the power to destroy the world.

“Heaven demon seven extinction swords, die!”

The space exploded for a hundred thousand miles, and countless fine cracks appeared under the boundless sword Qi.

Duke Jiang and the others narrowed their eyes.”What a powerful sword technique! Your Highness’s sword has the power to split the heavens!”

It welcomed Sima Chuan’s sword Qi that covered the sky.

Donghuang Ziyou’s Asura demonic body was fully unleashed. Boundless demonic power and the protective demonic Lotus bloomed to her heart’s content, making her look like a god of War who was at the peak of both attack and defense!

“I’m going to wreak havoc in this place. Let’s see what you can do to me!”

Donghuang Ziyou’s Phoenix eyes were cold and the spiritual Qi around her was like the sea.

The Azure sword light that covered the sky collided with Sima Chuan’s sword Qi without any hesitation.

A million miles of space suddenly trembled.

Duke Jiang and the others felt a sharp pain in their eardrums and a buzzing sound in their heads. They were so shocked that their eyes turned black and they fell to the ground.

When they recovered, they saw countless folds appearing in the space between donghuang Ziyou and Sima Chuan.

The huge space seemed to have been compressed by donghuang Ziyou, and it followed her sword Qi as it charged towards Sima Chuan.

Sima You let out a roar of shock and unwillingness.

As the space pressed down on him, he felt that not only was his sword Qi being crushed, but there was also an extremely sharp and majestic sword Qi charging at him.

Sima Chuan couldn’t help but take half a step back.

The hearts of Duke Jiang and the others shrank when they saw this. His Highness was forced to take half a step back by the Xuan Bing Empress! Quot;

In their eyes, a mere half step was already a world of difference.

One must know that donghuang Ziyou and Sima You were both powerful cultivators at the peak of the Supreme Saint realm. The outcome of a battle of this level was usually decided by a hair’s breadth.

On the other hand, donghuang Ziyou had broken through Sima Chuan’s heaven-defying sword technique with a single strike and forced him to take half a step back.

This scene was already terrifying enough!

Empress Xuan Bing is really strong! Quot;

At this moment, even though they were standing opposite the enemy, Duke Jiang and the others could not help but sigh.

A ray of golden light illuminated the entire sky.

Seeing this, Duke Jiang and the others turned from worry to joy.

His Highness’s sword power is weaker than the Xuan Bing Empress’, but he is strong in defense! Quot;

Donghuang Ziyou’s swordsmanship was extremely powerful, but in Sima You’s eyes, defense was the most powerful Dao.

Donghuang Ziyou’s beautiful eyes narrowed slightly as she met Sima Chuan’s mocking gaze.

Sima You smiled smugly, ”

“That’s right! I heard that when you fought against my brother, you couldn’t kill him even after you fought to the end.”

Donghuang Ziyou shook her head slightly, her face filled with disdain, ”

you’ve been in hiding for many years. You do have a certain level of shrewdness and shrewdness. But just from your words, I’m certain that you won’t be able to achieve great things! Quot;

“Shut up!” Sima Chuan was furious when he heard this. you’re just a little girl, how dare you evaluate me like that? ”

Donghuang Ziyou’s face was filled with disdain. you’re looking at the problem too rigidly. This is a fatal mistake! Quot;

“Have you never thought that I would be able to find the cauldron’s weakness in that exchange?”

Sima Chuan was speechless.

Just as he was in a daze, donghuang Ziyou had already made her move.

However, before he could react, the fiery Phoenix’s scorching waves of fire engulfed his entire body.

Following that, a fiery light exploded and the spell formation was shattered in an instant!