Chapter 592 - My mother told me that I should be a man of martial virtue!

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Chapter 592: My mother told me that I should be a man of martial virtue!

As the sun set in the West, the Golden sunlight fell on the thin spiritual mist above the Crystal Palace, reflecting several rays of colorful light.

“I have a little donkey that I never ride …”

The four cuties squatted beside the flowers, humming the children’s song that Lin Xuan taught them while watering the flowers.

According to Yingying, helping the flowers grow was like helping her own sister grow up. It made her very happy!

“Eh? There are insects!”

The little girls had been doing well.

Suddenly, a green insect with a round head climbed onto the petals and raised its front half, staring at the little girls with its big black eyes.

“It’s a one-eyed Caterpillar!” Yan Zhu frowned.

“I heard that one-eyed caterpillars love flower petals the most. No wonder one of the flower petals was broken!” Said si Xi in surprise.

“Hmph!” Xuan you said angrily. The one-eyed Caterpillar was too annoying! How can it eat such pretty petals?”

As she spoke, the little girl stretched out her chubby little hand and flicked the one-eyed Caterpillar away with her finger.

Then, the little girl stood up, clapped her hands, and raised her chin proudly. Quot;

“This big sister here has great strength, teaching you little bugs a lesson is as easy as flipping my hand!”

Han Zhu, si Xi and Jian Jia all clapped her hands lovingly,”Little sister is so amazing!”

They thought that mouyou was indeed a little witch. From the big Nine-headed sky Python to the small one-eyed Caterpillar, she had bullied all of them.

“Hehe!” Mouyou shook his head proudly.

The long braid on the top of her head swayed from side to side with her head, making her look especially cute.

“Eh? Why is there another one-eyed Caterpillar?”

Before Chi You could finish his gloating, Chi Zhu and the others saw another one-eyed Caterpillar emerge from the flowers.

“Not just one, but many!” After Gong Jie parted the flowers, he saw one-eyed caterpillars crawling all over the ground.

Yan Zhu’s brows furrowed even deeper. the one-eyed caterpillars give birth very quickly. If they stay in the flowers, there will be countless little caterpillars that will eat the flowers! Quot;

The servants of the Crystal Palace would clean the garden regularly to ensure that there were no poisonous or harmful insects.

However, the one-eyed caterpillars were light and could use the wind to fly and land in the flowers.

Furthermore, they were born to feed on flower petals, and they reproduced extremely quickly.

Xuan Zhu, the primary school tyrant, knew the characteristics of the one-eyed Caterpillar, so she was particularly worried.

“Sisters, let’s catch the bugs together and throw away the one-eyed caterpillars!” Si Xi suggested immediately.

Si Zhu, si Xi and Mo you all agreed.

After that, the little girls were all full of fighting spirit. They bent over and squatted in the flowers to catch one-eyed caterpillars.

After a while, mouyou took out the nine-headed sky Python,

little Jiu, you have nine heads. You must be very good at catching bugs. Come and help me! Quot;

The nine-headed sky Python was surprised.

Sister, I’m a snake, not a frog. I don’t know how to catch bugs!

“What?” Chi You frowned. You’re not willing to?”

The nine-headed Python saw that the little demoness was about to get angry, so it quickly stuck out its tongue like the Tengu beast. It called out three times.

“Oh, so you’re willing. You’re my good little brother!” Mouyou laughed.

After he finished speaking, he placed the nine-headed Python in the soil and let it bite the one-eyed Caterpillar.

It was a pity that the nine-headed Python, a powerful demon beast at the level of a quasi-demon ancestor, was actually biting and catching insects with tears in its eyes under the pressure of mouyou.

However, it had to be said that the nine-headed sky Python was still very agile. Its nine heads kept shaking and soon caught many one-eyed caterpillars.

“Little Jiu, you’re so obedient!” Mouyou nodded with satisfaction.

With a glance, she saw the heavenly dog lying in the distance.

At this moment, the heavenly Hound was basking in the sun with its Four Paws facing the sky, a look of enjoyment on its face.

“It’s already evening and you’re still basking in the sun. The heavenly dog is too lazy!” Mouyou’s face was full of disdain.

Zhizhu nodded. that’s right. It’s been in the sun since this morning. It’s not afraid of drying itself! Quot;

“I have a way to make it move!” Si Xi grinned evilly.

Manzhu, Yingying, and manyou all looked surprised, ” “What is it?”

“You’ll know soon enough!” Si Xi grinned, then said to the heavenly Hound, heavenly Hound, come and compete with little 9th in catching bugs. If you win, I’ll give you bones to eat! Quot;

It quickly got up from the ground and ran to manzhu and the others, wagging its tail happily.

Mouyou grabbed the heavenly Hound and threw it into the flowers,”From now on, you have to work hard for the competition!”

The heavenly Hound barked happily. Thinking that there would be bones to eat, it immediately went to catch the bugs.

With its four legs and mouth, the heavenly Hound was doing a good job.

However, the nine-headed sky Python was a pre-Saint with nine heads, so it was much faster than it.

The Tengu beast panicked when it realized that it was still no match for the nine-headed sky Python.

It quickly rushed to the front of the nine-headed Python and used a doggy-style to dig, continuously spraying mud at the nine-headed Python.

This way, a large wave of soil indeed blocked the nine-headed sky Python, making it unable to focus on catching the bugs.

But at the same time.

The flying dirt fell on the four little babies, making them explode.

“This, this, this … Heavenly dog, how could you do this?”

the heavenly Hound can’t win against little nine, but it’s still acting shamelessly. It’s really too hateful! Quot;

“Yeah, what dirty mud!”

wow, wow, wow! I feel like I’m about to burst into flames! Quot;

The four babies quickly got up and patted the dirt off their bodies.

After that, mouyou angrily rushed forward and picked up the heavenly dog,

“Mother told me that one must have martial virtue. Even if you’re a heavenly dog, you must have dog virtue!”

“You’re blocking little Jiu’s way with the mud, and you’ve also made us dirty. You’re really a dog with no virtue at all!”

“Hmph, you’re really too hateful!”

As she spoke, the little girl lifted her foot and kicked the heavenly dog away.

As she was too excited, the little girl sneezed at her shoes again! He was sent flying with a kick.

At this moment, Tong shuzhu was bending down to arrange flowers in the garden, and her shoe happened to land on her butt.|| A clear shoe print was left on his forehead.

Tong Zhu, Tong Xi, Tong Tong: wow~ O

The little girls were all stunned. This was too much of a coincidence!

“Aunt Tong, I’m sorry!”

Mouyou hurriedly ran up to Tong shuzhu and used his small hands to Pat her butt.|| Vroom.

Tong shuzhu stood up and rubbed her little head with a gentle smile on her face,””It’s okay, Auntie won’t blame you!”

As he spoke, he released a stream of spiritual energy to clean the mud shoe print on his back.

Yan Zhu and the others walked over, looking at the heavenly Hound with anger, ”

the heavenly dog beast is really infuriating. It actually did such a thing just to win! Quot;

Mouyou was also extremely angry, and he wanted to kick the heavenly Hound again.

Lin Xuan carried a basin of after-meal spirit fruits to the garden and chuckled as he looked at the angry little babies. Quot;

my babies, the heavenly Hound doesn’t know the rules of the competition. You just have to teach it more in the future! Quot;

“Come, let’s eat some fruit!”

The little girls quickly came to Lin Xuan’s side. After washing their hands, they happily grabbed the spiritual fruits and stuffed them into their mouths.

Mouyou’s mouth was bulging from the food as he asked Lin Xuan,

“Father, how do you think we should educate the heavenly Hound so that it won’t act so recklessly in the future?”

Lin Xuan patted her head lovingly. Quot;

just tell it to remember that in future competitions like this, friendship comes first and competition comes second. I believe it won’t mess around again! Quot;

In fact, the heavenly dog beast was not stupid, nor was it stupid.

After being taught a harsh lesson by mouyou, it would definitely remember.

However, since his precious daughter had asked, Lin Xuan had to teach them something new.

As expected, the little girls ‘eyes lit up when they heard this.

friendship first, competition second. So there’s such a saying! Quot;

“That’s right, father’s words are really amazing!”

yes, yes, yes. I believe that the heavenly Hound will be even more ashamed after hearing this! Quot;

Tong shuzhu and the servants standing at the side couldn’t help but let out looks of admiration.

“Di Fu’s words are so novel and full of wisdom. I can only have the chance to listen to such a stunning sentence when I’m with him!”