Chapter 593 - Father is really too talented!

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Chapter 593: Father is really too talented!

After manzhu and the others finished eating the after-meal spirit fruits, Tong shuzhu also finished arranging the flowers in the Crystal Palace.

Seeing that she was leaving, si Xi had an idea and said,

“Big Sisters, Little Sisters, why don’t we take aunt Tong’s Dragon carriage to the mystic Ice Palace to play with mother?”

Hearing her words, Chi Zhu and the others all looked excited.

Seeing that their mother hadn’t come to the Crystal Palace for two days, the little girls really wanted to go to the mystic Ice Palace to play with their mother.

Lin Xuan saw how anxious his little babies were and hugged them lovingly. Quot;

“Then father will take you to see mother!”

The four little babies raised their little hands high.

Soon, Lin Xuan brought his daughters to the mystic Ice Palace.

However, when they arrived at qianxin Palace, they realized that donghuang Ziyou was not there.

mother must have gone out to do something. Let’s walk around and wait for her to come back! Yan Zhu blinked her big eyes.

Si Xi, si Jing and Mo you all nodded.

The maidservants had initially come looking for donghuang Ziyou excitedly, but now that she was not around, they wanted to see her even more.

As a demon who doted on his daughter.

Lin Xuan saw through his daughters “thoughts, so he accompanied them around the mystic Ice Palace without saying anything.

Soon, Lin Xuan and Yan Zhu arrived in front of a Palace.

This Palace was called the Peace Palace, and it was the main hall of the mystic Ice Palace that was used to host Foreign Affairs banquets and banquets.

At this moment, a few Palace maids dressed in light and luxurious clothes were squatting in front of the gate of the palace of peace. In front of them was a large pile of colored paper, painting paper, and bamboo branches.

Lin Xuan saw them deftly make the bamboo branches into a skeleton, then paste colored paper and drawing paper on the skeleton one after another, and soon they made the appearance of a lantern.

Naozhu blinked her big black eyes and asked, ” “Father, are the aunties making lanterns?”

“Yes,” Lin Xuan nodded.

As far as he knew, the palace maids who could enter the Mystic Ice Palace and the Crystal Palace were all very talented.

Moreover, they were definitely experts in their respective palaces.

For example, these Palace maids in charge of the palace of Ninghe.

They were all very skilled at making lanterns. From the colored paper, drawing paper, to the skeleton, and then to the finished product, everything was done by them.

Lin Xuan had long heard that this was donghuang Ziyou’s way of getting the best of both worlds to prevent unnecessary waste and to allow the palace maids to learn more skills.

After all, some Palace maids who were at the marriageable age and wanted to go home could receive a large sum of money from the mystic Ice Palace.

Moreover, he could also bring along a body full of skills to make a good plan for his future life.

What donghuang Ziyou did was to take responsibility for these Palace maids. She did not let them waste even an inch of their time in the mystic Ice Palace.

Hearing Lin Xuan and Yan Zhu’s conversation, the group of Palace maids quickly stood up and bowed. Quot;

Lin Xuan raised his hand gently. there’s no need for formalities. You guys can continue! Quot;

The palace maids turned around and continued to seriously make the lanterns.

Han Zhu and the others ran to them and squatted down to look at them curiously.

Seeing the skillful hands of the palace maids, si Zhu, si Xi and Si Jing all wanted to do it together.

“Auntie, can we help make lanterns?” Manzhu asked politely.

One of the palace maids leading the group was called Xun Zhen. She nodded and smiled, ”

of course you can. All princesses just have to be careful not to get stabbed by the bamboo branches! Quot;

Hearing this, Yan Zhu and the others laughed happily, ” “Don’t worry, we won’t hurt ourselves!”

After that, si Zhu, si Xi and Si Jing followed Xun Zhen to learn how to make lanterns.

Mouyou played with the nine-headed sky Python for a while and felt that manzhu and the others were having a great time. He stuffed the nine-headed sky Python into his arms and joined his three sisters in making lanterns.

Soon, the little servant girls finished making a big red Lantern.

Xun Zhen and The Other Palace maids all revealed looks of admiration.

“The princesses are so smart to have learned how to make lanterns so quickly!”

yes, when I first entered the palace, master taught me for three whole days before I learned it. The princesses really learn quickly and well. They’re very amazing! Quot;

Hearing Xun Zhen and the others ‘sincere praise, Zhi Zhu and the others all smiled like little flowers.

The little girls raised their lanterns together and asked Lin Xuan, ” “Father, is this lantern well made?”

“Very good!” Lin Xuan was certain.

When the little girls heard this, they were even happier.

To be able to make the most amazing boy in the world praise her father, this showed that she was indeed very amazing!

“Princesses, since it’s done, let this servant hang it up for you!” Xun Zhen stepped forward and said.

This batch of lanterns had been made to replace the old ones, and the naizhu team had made them very well. Xun Zhen felt that they could be hung up and used directly.

thank you, Auntie. manzhu shook her head. we can hang up on our own! Quot;

The little girls had all reached the mysterious realm. With this cultivation, it was not a problem for them to ride the wind and fly up a few hundred feet.

“Yes!” Xun Zhen knew that Chi Zhu and the others had a certain level of cultivation, so he immediately retreated.

Then, the centipede picked up the lantern, jumped up, and hung it high under the roof.

The maidservants raised their heads to look at the flickering candlelight in the lanterns, all of them with satisfied expressions.

After a while, si Xi suddenly had an idea and asked,

“Do you guys think that lanterns can fly into the sky and shine like the stars?”

Manzhu, Lao Ai, and manyou all shook their heads.

How could there be a lantern that could fly in this world?

“Aunty, you’ve made so many lanterns, have you seen any that can fly?” si Xi asked Xun Zhen.

Xun Zhen shook his head. Princess, although the lantern is light, it can’t be compared to a bird. Moreover, it doesn’t have wings. Naturally, it can’t fly. Quot;

my master is the best lantern craftsman in our North Mystic heaven. She used the thinnest cicada wing paper and floating cloud willow branches, but she couldn’t make a flying lantern. So, it’s impossible for this kind of lantern to exist in this world! Quot;

“That’s not the case.” Lin Xuan walked forward with a smile. as long as we change the method, it’s easy to make the lanterns fly. Quot;

To the people of this world, other than using cultivation techniques, making lanterns fly was absolutely an unimaginable thing.

However, to Lin Xuan, this matter could not be any simpler!

Since his daughters had such questions, he naturally had to satisfy them and let them gain some knowledge.

When Xun Zhen heard this, he immediately bowed, ” “This servant was shallow, please don’t blame me, Di Fu!”

“It’s fine,” Lin Xuan raised his hand nonchalantly and then looked at Yan Zhu and the rest, ” daddy will teach you to make a flying lantern, okay? ”

The little girls were instantly overjoyed when they heard this.

Since father said so, he would definitely be able to make a flying lantern!

Xun Zhen and The Other Palace maids were also surprised, thinking that Di Fu’s lantern must be very novel and interesting.

Lin Xuan taught xuanzhu and the others how to seal the top of the lantern.

Then, he tied a bamboo ring with four thin ropes and hung it below. He then fixed a candle on the bamboo ring.

it’s done, ” Lin Xuan said with a smile. as long as the candle is lit, the lantern will fly into the sky. Quot;

Hearing this, Yan Zhu and the others ‘eyes lit up, ”

wow! Then hurry up and light the candles! Quot;

After the candle was lit, they saw the lantern fly up quickly. In the blink of an eye, it was more than 30 meters high.

This scene really made the little girls extremely excited, and they were so happy that they couldn’t stop dancing.

“So the lanterns can really fly!”

“Daddy is so amazing!”

Xun Zhen and The Other Palace maids were so shocked that they covered their mouths and looked up in shock at the lantern flying higher and higher.

“Heavens, so there really are flying lanterns in this world!”

Lin Xuan rubbed the little girls ‘heads lovingly. Quot;

my babies, this lantern is called kong ming lantern. If you want to play with it in the future, just do the same thing as just now! Quot;

“Oh, oh, oh, we’ll remember that!”

Zhi Zhu and the others all gave Lin Xuan a thumbs up. Father even knew how to make sky lanterns, he was really too talented!

At that moment, the system’s mechanical voice suddenly sounded in Lin Xuan’s mind.

“Your creativity is limitless, you have taught your daughters how to make Kong Ming lanterns. The Grand Supreme seer spell!”