Chapter 597 - With the assistance of her husband, Her Majesty will be successful in every endeavor!

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Chapter 597: With the assistance of her husband, Her Majesty will be successful in every endeavor!

In Lin Xuan’s eyes, whether it was the Black Dragon continent or the nine Heavens immortal domain, they were both worlds of high martial arts.

The most important thing for countless humans here was to cultivate and seek immortality, and many things were solved by martial arts.

As a result, they were able to build all kinds of magnificent buildings.

However, they were not good at more detailed construction.

For example, the craftsman Saint Cao wuyong was known as the number one architect in the nine Heavens immortal realm.

However, the suggestion he had just made was a huge waste and would destroy the original Feng Shui of the Imperial mausoleum. He did not get the approval of donghuang Ziyou at all.

However, to Lin Xuan, this so-called difficult problem was a piece of cake.

With the extreme Saint book, he could find a way to solve this problem in minutes.

Cao wuyong saw Lin Xuan’s confident expression and quickly handed over the blueprint of the Imperial mausoleum. Quot;

“Then, Di Fu, please give me some pointers!”

As he said this, all the nobles and ministers present revealed a look of anticipation.

“It seems like Di Fu is the key to solving the problem of the Imperial mausoleum!”

Even though Lin Xuan had yet to speak, everyone felt that he would definitely be able to solve the problem.

It was as if his every word and action had a naturally strong persuasive power.

People would not have a trace of doubt at all. Instead, they would feel approval and trust from the bottom of their hearts.

Donghuang Ziyou’s Phoenix eyes flickered, and a bright light flashed in them, as if urging Lin Xuan to speak.

Lin Xuan looked at the Imperial mausoleum’s architectural map and smiled calmly. Quot;

“It’s very simple. Just build the canal underground!”

On the planet Lin Xuan had lived on in his previous life, every city had a corresponding underground drainage system, and it was a common sight.

According to the records in the extreme Saint book.

The best way to drain water from a certain place without destroying the structure on the surface was to build an underground drainage system.

Furthermore, the Gokudo Saint book had also recorded the images of the underground drainage system of all terrains. Lin Xuan could use any one of them on the Imperial mausoleum and solve the problem of drainage instantly.

The moment Lin Xuan’s words fell, it instantly caused the entire place to exclaim like thunder.

Even the craftsman Saint Cao wuyong had never thought that it was possible to build an underground water channel.

Lin Xuan’s simple words were like a deity holding the top of the head, enlightening everyone and jolting them awake.

Cao Wu Yong clapped his hands and praised, ”

by building the canal underground, not only can we avoid damaging the Fengshui on the surface, but we can also use the rich underground water channels to carry out drainage, greatly reducing unnecessary expenses and waste. Quot;

this is killing three birds with one stone. It’s really wonderful! Quot;

Wang Shuo and the other nobles and ministers were also full of admiration.

“Di Fu, you’re really creative. You’ve solved the problem with a single sentence. I’m really impressed!”

with the help of her husband, Her Majesty will be successful in every endeavor. This is the Fortune of our heavenly cave! Quot;

Donghuang Ziyou’s long and beautiful eyes were filled with joy when she saw everyone praising Lin Xuan.

Her eyes shifted and landed on Lin Xuan’s extremely handsome side profile.

quick-witted and clear-minded, able to go against ordinary people’s thoughts and open up a strange path. What a rare talent! Quot;

now, it seems that the heavens have given him a perfect body and an extraordinarily smart head. He has been well-treated! Quot;

Donghuang Ziyou could not help but think that Lin Xuan’s thoughts were so extraordinary. If he were to bring him along to handle government affairs …

“Isn’t that what I’m doing now?”

Donghuang Ziyou was overjoyed to find that Lin Xuan was by her side more and more frequently helping her with government affairs.

This was a good thing to her, a great thing!

even if he can’t have the cultivation to destroy the world, if he can truly display his talent and become a genius in ruling the world, then it won’t be in vain that we were fated to meet! Quot;

The more donghuang Ziyou thought about it, the happier she became.

“Minister Wang, let’s follow your husband’s suggestion and build an underground canal for the Imperial mausoleum!”

“Yes, sir!” Wang Shuo bowed.

“Minister Zhao!” Donghuang Ziyou continued.

Zhao Si stepped forward and bowed.

“Compile the idea of constructing the underground canal into a book immediately and send it to North Mystic’s Ministry of heavenly works!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!” Zhao Si nodded.

When the nobles and ministers saw donghuang Ziyou issue two edicts in a row, they could not help but look impressed.

Her Majesty is really Swift and decisive. She immediately promoted a good method in both worlds. Such efficiency is really amazing! Quot;

no wonder His Majesty managed North Mystic sky so well at such a young age. From the way she handled things today, I can tell that her success was not by chance! Quot;

Just as the officials were sighing, a deep and clear voice came from the entrance of the hall.

“The eastern sage king pays his respects to Your Majesty! I pay my respects to Di Fu!”

“I was unable to arrive in time. Please forgive me, Your Majesty and Di Fu!”

The eastern sage king, ning Deye, was dressed in a four-toed Python robe with gold embellishments. His hair and beard were all white, and he had a rather majestic aura.

As the head of the three Grand Princes of the heavenly abode, he had the right to not attend court. This was known to everyone.

However, due to Lin Xuan and donghuang Ziyou’s extraordinary abilities, he still politely apologized to them as a sign of respect.

“There’s no need for such formalities, Eastern sage king!” Donghuang Ziyou nodded.

“Thank you, Your Majesty!” After ning Deye bowed, he said jubilantly, ” “Today, I heard that Your Majesty and your husband are here to handle government affairs, so I didn’t dare to disturb you.”

but I heard that the matter has been resolved, so I came to invite you to attend my daughter’s wedding as a witness and give her a lifetime of happiness! Quot;

Donghuang Ziyou was in a good mood after settling the matter in the Imperial mausoleum. She smiled and said, ”

Ning Deye smiled and immediately reached out his hand. “Then, Your Majesty, Di Fu, please!”

Sect Master Chen Huicheng returned to the sect’s main hall with a smile on his face. He immediately saw his son, Chen Yulin, standing in the middle of the main hall.

Today, Chen Yulin had already put on a xuanduan gown and a Jue di on his head.

He looked dignified and talented.

Chen Huicheng excitedly stepped forward and patted Chen Yulin’s shoulder. the eastern sage king has personally gone to Tianyuan Palace to invite the Empress and her husband. I believe that he will be able to invite them to your wedding banquet! Quot;

“That’s great!” Chen Yulin was overjoyed.

He did not need to think too much to know that Lin Xuan and donghuang Ziyou would be his witnesses at the wedding.

Everyone in the world knew what it meant to have the great Empress Xuan Bing and the North Mystic heaven’s husband as witnesses.

Chen Yulin felt that he was finally going to take a step up to the top!

From then on, who in the entire heavenly abode would dare to not give him, Chen Yulin, some face?

let’s go! Chen Huicheng urged. since you’re ready, let’s go. Don’t let His Majesty and Di Fu feel like we’re being slow! Quot;

Chen Yulin puffed out his chest, his face full of high spirits.

Chen Huicheng then led him out of the main hall. After meeting up with du rongming and the others, they prepared to head to the eastern sage king mansion together.

As the eastern sage King’s position was extremely high, even though the wedding was a man and a woman, everything was held in the eastern sage King’s residence.

However, both Chen Huicheng and Chen Yulin didn’t think it was a big problem.

To be able to climb up to the high branch of the eastern sage king was something that countless people dreamed of.

Even if she felt a little wronged, it was nothing!

Just as they were about to leave the fire cloud clan, Chen Huicheng glanced at the crowd and asked, ”

“Strange, why don’t I see Xiu-er?”

“Xiu-er said yesterday that she had a sudden enlightenment in cultivation, so she went out alone to gain experience!” Chen Yulin said without changing his expression.

Chen Huicheng frowned.

“It shouldn’t be! This child doesn’t seem like an unreasonable person. He clearly knows that you are getting married today and still wants to go out!”

“Besides, it’s not safe for a girl like her to be out alone!”

Chen yuchan said, ” forget it. She’s grown up. She has her own thoughts. We can’t force her! Quot;

“En!” Chen Huicheng nodded.

He thought to himself, I’ve been busy with Chen Yulin’s wedding recently and haven’t been in the sect much, so I’ve neglected yang Lingxiu.

Seeing that the time was almost up, he didn’t think too much about it. He then led Chen Yulin and the others towards the eastern sage king Manor.